Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cybertiger loses appeal - drinks all round!!

Steve has beaten me to spotting this one:Cybertiger loses appeal.

Good, frankly. Dr Mark Struthers was a doctor (actually, I suppose he's still a doctor, just one who's signing on) who was an AIDS denier:

"And are you going to toss in anything relevant into the mythology of HIV causing AIDS…"

a doctor who does down 'flu jabs

"I have never had a flu-jab and don't intend to start having one now. Like the statin drugs, flu vaccinations are a load of cobblers"

while they're being advertised on the front page of the surgery at which he works, supports convicted child killers,

"Imagine your baby dying and the struggle to save him. Imagine being arrested for shaking him to death. Imagine going to prison for life without possibility of parole for a murder you did not commit, for a crime that hadn't happened. Remember Alan Yurko? That nightmare happened to him."

preferring to believe that children beaten so badly that they had several broken ribs were in fact injured by vaccines

"Alan Yurko was forced to admit manslaughter to secure release for a crime he didn't do - and to let vaccines off the hook for killing a baby"

He's a raging anti-semite,

"Look at the young people of Israel who laugh as the bombs rain down on Gaza"

bitter as hell that others have achieved more than he has, bitter that his mother's main claim to fame was shown up as utter incompetence, and is frankly a pointless buffoon and moron (see JABSLoonies passim).

He's now unemployed, and with any luck, he'll stay that way. We all expect doctors to be honest, trustworthy, ethical and professional. Dr Mark "Cybertiger" Struthers was none of those, but is a very nasty piece of work and for all those reasons we should celebrate his dismissal.


Unknown said...

Nothing but crickets at Jabberwock central.
I thought by now they would have started a reinstate Cybertiger campaign

John H said...

Hooray - make mine a treble.

Best news I have had since I got pinged by isthatcherdeadyet.com and crossed my fingers. Alas, it was not to be.

A welcome addition to the dole queue.