Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cybertiger - it's a family thing

One of Cybertiger's personal bugbears is a chap by the name of Professor David Southall, a paediatrician who found notoriety in the Sally Clark case. That's often the reason Cybertiger states for his loathing of the man - but actually, he's not telling the whole truth.

To give you a flavour of Cybertiger's fury whenever the name is mentioned, here are a few quotes:

"They CANNOT be SERIOUS!!! The man is dangerous and a menace to society."

"But Southall doesn't do apology, never, ever - the arrogant bas**rd!"

"I hear Southall (aka spotty Leopard) is now saving children's lives in Africa. Pity the Africans!"

In 2000, a report of an investigation into Professor Southall's work (unrelated to the Sally Clark case) was published; this report (the Griffiths Report) was scathing of Professor Southall, his methods and ethical practices. (Guardian report)

However, the Griffiths report was itself heavily criticised; "We believe that almost every statement made about the design, conduct, and reporting of the neonatal continuous negative extrathoracic pressure (CNEP) trial in the Griffiths report was ill informed, misguided, or factually wrong. " (More from The Guardian here)

Pretty damning stuff - the Government came under pressure to withdraw the report.

What does this have to do with Cybertiger - Dr Mark Struthers? Well… one of the members of the panel that drew up that discredited Griffiths report was one Joyce Struthers - little Mark's mum. Is Mark simply going after Southall at every opportunity because Mum asked him to? Or because she didn't manage to "get" him, is he attempting to right a perceived slight on the family name? Does Dr Mark still live with Mum?

I'd like to state now that I am not expressing any opinion of the ethical rights and wrongs of any aspect of Professor Southall's behaviour - merely pointing out Dr Mark's, um, "conflict of interest", and why he brings him into every possible thread on JABS, even when he has nothing to do with vaccination…


millipede said...

Is anybody surprised that Dr. Tigger is pursuing some kind of personal vendetta against Southall?

strummer said...

Good piece of work Becky!

strummer said...

Further thought: Tigger has mentioned his teenage/grown-up daughters before. Could Joyce be his wife? and are you sure that there is a connection and not just a coincidence?

Becky said...

Oh, quite sure - I found this in the JABS archive:


I'd never bothered reading up what he was talking about before.


Becky said...

I've just found this link, courtesy of a similar piece in NHS - Behind The Headlines (nhsexposedblog.blogspot.com):


John The Geophysicist said...

I find it incredibly difficult to believe that the tigger who posted such inane drivel on here is the same person who wrote (on the BMJ site Becky mentions above) that:

"""Fraud at any level in clinical research is scandalous. In the conduct of research, 'honesty and integrity' cannot be left aside if it is to have any validity.

However well designed the trial, how can there be confidence in the outcome if these values are absent.?"""""""

Are you sure his name is Struthers and not Jekyll ?

And what did you do with him - take him out to the car park and shoot him ?

I cannot help but think that if Southall saw me applying CNEP to one of my daughters on his unethical magicam I would be behind bars.

millipede said...

Good lord, what a tangled web.

I have no idea whether Dr.
Southall deserves the criticism he has received, but obviously the vindictive petty Dr. Tigger is upset about the criticism of the report prepared by his mother.

Also interesting how the Jabs crew conclude it must have been about the vaccinations.

John The Geophysicist said...

Maybe Jekyll does the professional medico bit on the BMJ site and Hyde swallows the nostrum and goes ballistic on other sites.

After all it would be a bit daft to use the BMJ site the way he has used this one.

It is indeed a tangled web oh multi-limbed one.

I find it hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the Southall/Meadows struck off/struck on lambasted/excused debacle.

I do find Meadows a bit suspect with his "one death is a tragedy, two is suspicious and three is absolute evidence of murder". I would have thought any doctor would look for a possible external causal factor (genetics, environment etc)rather than just assume murder.

Jekyll is probably correct about these doctors but hardly does his position any credit with his ramblings and abuse. I doubt if this is the only site he rants on under his pseudonym.


I bet it is possible to plant a jabbophobic story which is clinically impossible and have it taken up by the anecdotists. Something like evidence of jabs screwing people up prior to the invention of vaccination (i.e the smallpox vaccine given in 1851 caused a huge outbreak of genetic aids from the contaminatated monkey virus in it - and the anti freeze).

Nobody would check it out. They would just cut and paste it into their pet site and it will develop legs of its own.

It would be fun - especially if it had a veneer of plausibility in the first place.

John The Geophysicist said...

I finally plucked up the courage to dip my toes into the murky waters that constitute the nest of vipers that is the JABS site (bit of a metaphor problem there I think).

I can see why Becky is less than enthusiastic about cross-referencing it from her own site.

I needed 200C of arsenicum, St Johns wort, Bach Flower Remedy and twelve crystals just to calm my nerves down.

If hokum merchants can do remote sensing then I can do remote diagnosis and my long distance diagnosis is that Gus really is a nutter. And a very rude one as well.

Even more remote diagnostics lead me to believe that Janine Roberts is a quack and a charlatan who is only interested in selling books on mumbo-jumbo playing to parental fears.

(eerrrrr mind you, having said that, Ben Goldacre sent me an email telling me to buy his book so maybe I shouldn't be too quick to criticise. I guess we could argue there is a difference though).

I wanted to make a comment on there to OCCAM48 who is doing a sterling one man job in defending common sense against the barbarian onslaught but I was not too keen on registering on the JABS site (presumably I would then count as another jabbophobe).

So if he ever reads this site - well done oh Razory One.

That drivel will forever be logged in my mind as Jaundice And BullSHit.

Becky said...


Occam, Thomas and a couple of others do a great job in pointing out a lot of the rubbish there - they deserve medals for perseverence.

If you're polite, and don't calmly point out to John Stone what an unpleasant, arrogant moron he is, it's possible to avoid being banned for quite a while.

Looking back, I think that was my mistake - I upset the Pope of Jabs.

(If however you're an insane, abusive ranter like Gus, or just a cock, like CT, you can stay as long as you like, provided you toe the party line)

strummer said...

Interesting that in the BMJ Rapid Responses Tigger doesn't declare any conflict of interest. Honesty and integrity my arse!

No wonder he thinks his drivel is witty and smart. He and his mum have probably been fawning over each other for years.

Becky said...

I think I'm going to be sick...

John The Geophysicist said...


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