Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year…

Hi all - it's New Year's Eve, and I'm in at home, watching TV while the tiny person is sleeping. Happy New Year to all who've read this stuff over the last few months.

I've been meaning to do an "Admin" post for a while, so this seems to be the ideal opportunity.

I've noticed that, since I started writing this blog, JABS posters have become a little less keen on posting the utterly mental alt-med and anti-vax stuff that they were writing about when I was still a member there. There's less of the "AIDS is caused by Polio vaccine / It's all teh munki virii" kind of mentalism that was there a while ago. This can only be a good thing. I suspect that Jackie may have had a word with some of those on the lunatic fringe (Gus The Fuss springs immediately to mind), as she'd desperately like to have JABS seen as an "alternative view" group. Rather than the bunch of fucking nutters that they actually are.

What they do seem to be doing now is simply posting links to loon alt-med sites (naturalnews etc) or anti-science sites (mercola, whatdoctorsdonttellyou etc) - or quoting the shit that those people write. That makes life a bit tricky at JABSLoonies HQ - do I lose focus, and start having a go at all the anti-vax sites out there? Or do I stick with pointing out how evil JABS is?

Well, over the last few months, the regulars on the JABS forum have acquired a new target. Children who have been beaten or shaken to death. Now, this is currently a very hot topic - as Cybertiger never stops pointing out, there have been several high profile convictions overturned due to dodgy evidence given by the likes of Roy Meadow. He's quite right - poor quality evidence, poor quality statistical claims etc should be shot down in flames. Maybe Cybertiger should read Ben Goldacre's "Bad Science" book, rather than simply calling him names. They actually agree (broadly) on this point. Where Cybertiger goes wrong is when he starts defending every child killer. He's defending Alan Yurko - whose baby son was found to have massive injuries, and several fractured ribs. Not even Andrew Wakefield has ever claimed that MMR causes broken ribs… Remember that this man (Cybertiger) is a GP. If you live in Flitwick, he may be your GP. He denies that HIV causes AIDS and spends his time arguing on the internet that MMR causes autism, and that vaccines in general are evil. While advertising on his website for pensioners to come and have their 'flu jabs. What a cunt. An utter, utter cunt.

Another study showing conclusively that MMR and autism / bowel disease are NOT linked came out this year. That cock John Stone tried to spin it as though it actually supported his view - that MMR causes autism. His feeble bleatings on every discussion board, trying to argue this point were shot down in flames, every time. John Stone is a cock. He has an autistic child, but spends no time caring for him - he spends all his time looking for someone to blame, and trying to big up the MMR Vaccine / Autism "controversy" - when there is no controversy. No-one, apart from John Stone, Jackie Fletcher and Gus the Fucking Fuss believe in any kind of connection - and even they don't actually believe it any more. The trouble is (for them) that if they turn around, and say "actually, there's no connection", they'll lose face. That's what this is all about. They keep on banging on about MMR/Autism when they know it's not true - they just can't stand to lose face.

Cybertiger of course, just says anything the Jabbophobes will like to hear, in order to promote his anti-Roy-Meadow cause. Cunt.

I'm hoping that the lack of original thought on JABS over the last few months is a good sign. The number of posts has gone down, and those that are there are simply links or reposts to mental sites. I'll keep watching JABS, and watching for utter stupidity, but I'll probably not be posting daily - as I've not been doing over the last month and a half or so.

I may start posting some stuff from other nutter sites - if anyone wants to alert me to this sort of shite, please feel free to do so on becky.fisseux[at]

Happy New Year all,

Kind regards,


Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Cybertiger supporting the beating to death of little children

Cybertiger's at it again - as a response to a fairly reasonable question about vaccinating premature babies, he kicks off in a completely different direction, blaming the death of baby Yurko on vaccines.

Alan Yurko vaxxed his premature son at 2 months and look what happened to him

Yes Dr Struthers. He was beaten to death by his father. You can hardly blame that on MMR. But you'd love to, wouldn't you? You're evil.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Vegetarian vaccines

Minority View has upgraded herself to "utter arsehole" status - advising a new sock puppet poster on JABS that:

Melanie its certainly not a vegeterian or vegan vaccine.

So, you'd rather abandon your child's health on the basis that a vaccine isn't vegetarian??? (Or rather, you'd use the fact that Melanie's husband is vegetarian as a way of pushing your own twisted, murderous agenda) On the grounds that you/she/he have/has some misguided notion that vegetarianism makes you a better person? You, with your middle-class whimsy; "oh, I don't consume anything made from dead animals"? You're prepared to put your child in danger because of that? You ought to be force-fed with lard. I hope you get trampled to death while protesting at an abattoir.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Gus gets more mental by the minute

Regarding the Robert Napper conviction for the brutal murder of Rachel Nickell in 1982, given that Napper has been diagnosed with Aspergers, Gus The Fuss comes out with this gem:

Aspergers case not properly cared for AGAIN!

He's not actually come out and said that Napper's Asperger's was caused by vaccines (although I'm sure he will), but spinning a murder as being down to poor care of an Asperger's Syndrome sufferer is just appalling. Let's not forget that Napper is a paranoid schizophrenic, already confined to Broadmoor for the rest of his life for crimes of violence - or can that be caused by vaccines now too? You're a vile, vile man, Gus.

I predicted this to myself

As soon as I heard that Suzanne Holdsworth has been cleared of murdering Kyle Fisher, I though to myself "The JABS bunch will be all over this like vultures over a corpse". Sure enough, with no evidence whatsoever, Gus The Fuss (possibly the most unhinged of the lot of 'em) comes up with this:

No sign of what caused the epilepsy??not vaccines of course?

There's no evidence to suggest this. None at all, yet this stupid, evil bastard wants, like the rest of the JABS forum regulars, to put the blame for this child's tragic death on vaccines.

I'm sure that in their own minds they've absolved Theoneste Bagosora of mass murder in Rwanda - after all, 800,000 dead in 100 days can only be put down to vaccines. They'll be campaigning in the street for his release soon, I'm sure.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Like buses…

…idiot comments on JABS seem to come in threes. "Squib" has posted this:

When to suspect child maltreatment: guideline consultation

Nice is holding a consultation about this guideline (16 December 2008 – 10 February 2009).

Although it mentions bruises and subdural hematomas, I notice also that there appears no mention of vaccine induced problems.

This is simply another JABS member promoting their current favourite group hypothesis that child abuse simply doesn't exist - it's the vaccines. My loathing for these people knows no bounds.

John Stone - a man with no concept of irony

That cockend John Stone has just posted this gem on JABS:

The political and medical authorities demonstrated their lack of objectivity by subjecting anyone who disagreed to harassment and abuse, while the children themselves were condemned to medical neglect. Every time they stuff their ears they just prove the point.

Does he not realise that this is what he spends his entire miserable life doing - subjecting those who thoughtfully point out that actually, there's no evidence for a vaccine / autism link to harrassment and abuse, while he neglects the most important thing he should be doing - caring for his autistic child? John - no-one blames you for your child's autism, so there's no need for you to be desperately trying to find someone to shift that blame onto. There is no blame. We're not blaming you. Please, I realise that admitting "actually, I was wrong" will involve a massive loss of face, but at the moment, you're just digging yourself deeper.

Just idiocy

Fortunately, people don't generally end up at JABS if they're looking for cancer treatment - although those who've bought into the MMR lie may well end up taking everything they read there seriously.

Suba has posted one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen - it's a repost from "Natural News", a hotbed of quackery and alt-med crap. Here are some highlights:

A Proven Cure and Prevention for Cancer the Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You to Know (Part I)

This article is about how you can prevent and cure cancer with a bottle of flax oil and a carton of cottage cheese. As incredible as this may seem, it is a truth that has been well proven and documented.

[if you're diagnosed with cancer] you really can afford to take the time to relax and regain your composure, and then decide on a rational approach based on alternatives that do offer you the potential for complete cure. Whether you have a lot of money or not, and even if you have no health insurance, you really can make a complete recovery from cancer.

There are thousands of documented cases of recovery from cancer using the Budwig protocol. For her research and practice, Johanna [Budwig] was nominated for seven Nobel Prizes, but was kept from receiving any of them by the German pharmaceutical and medical industries that subjected her to endless vilification and harassment and blocked the publication of her writings and clinical studies.

Let's see - conspiracy? Yep. References? Nope. Evidence? Nope. Outright lies? Yes (well proven and documented? No - it's not.) Dangerous medical advice? The Nobel Prize nomination claim is extremely suspect too - The official Nobel Prize website has no record of her nomination for medicine or physiology before 1955 - and more recent nominations are not made public. (Nominations are not made public for 50 years.)

This is the kind of crap that leads to the deaths listed here.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Just as you think it's all calming down…

JABS has been fairly quiet recently. Well - I say quiet; I mean that its posters have limited themselves to reposting rubbish from ridiculous alternative medicine sites such as Dr Mercola, Cybertiger posting abusive and meaningless digs at Anthony Cox, and republishing crap from the Daily Mail's anti-vaccine crusade. The kind of stuff that, were I still allowed to post there, I'd be politely pointing out the holes in the arguments in, but not actual crass stupidity from the JABS posters themselves - the kind of thing that I try and point out here. That's why I've been quiet for the last few days.

However, today, a story has been reposted from a site called "", which concerns the tragic death of an infant in India.

Let me tell you what the story says:

An infant in Bangalore, who had a pre-existing cardiac disorder, died during a clinical trial for an advanced pneumonia vaccine. And India’s rules prohibit testing on human subjects with such conditions without prior approval of the Drugs Controller General of India

Let me make one thing clear: The death of a child is a tragic occurance, in any situation. However, JABS (and the journalist behind Pharmalot) are obviously trying to spin this as a "BIG PHARMA KILLED MY BABY WITH VACCINES!!!" story, so let's look at the first line.

An infant, with a pre-existing cardiac condition has died during a trial. Shall we remove the hysteria and spin? "Child with heart condition dies". The story, as posted, provides no evidence that the vaccine trial and the death are linked. Neither is there any evidence that the cardiac abnormality was known about before the trial started. It's the evil bastards at JABS who want to scare you, me and every worried new mum.

It turns out that this trial was trialling a vaccine against the current standard, a vaccine called Prevnar. The child who died had been given Prevnar. Minority View has a bit of a thing about Prevnar, so has decided to spin this fact thus:

so, let us get this straight.

in the regular world, Prevnar can be injected into any baby, heart condition or no heart condition.

once Prevnar is being used in a drug trial as the "placebo" against the new version of Prevnar it can only be injected into healthy babies.

does this make sense to anyone?

Yes, MV. It makes perfect sense. If a drug is to be trialled on healthy individuals, obviously your control group has to be healthy too. But you know that - you mendacious bastard. You try and put the fear of God into people with spin like this, just to satisfy your own twisted agenda.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Evidence free sock puppets

There seems to be a rash (sorry!) of new posters on JABS, all of whom come on asking questions that ara tailor-made for a standard JABS answer. "Pro single-vaccine choice", "Yes - MMR is dangerous" etc. I strongly suspect several of these of being "sock puppets" - designed to give the forum perhaps a little more credibility. However, one or two of them come on initially as "I don't know much about MMR…" but fairly quickly seem to develop some quite detailed "knowledge" about specific vaccine related topics…

They're also fairly easily recognisible as sock puppets due to moronic statements like this from "CathyB":

My son had the single measles vac at 10 months. Three weeks later his temp shot up and he went into convulsions. Of course the doctors all say it's not the vac's fault, but I beg to differ.

Have you considered the number of factors that could have affected your son's health in three weeks? No - of course not, you just blindly decide it's the vaccine. Is there any evidence that it was the vaccine? No. Do you have any kind of second opinion from someone with a medical background? No. You just decide, unilaterally, that it must've been the vaccine. Idiot.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

More Vile Posturings

The JABS crew have been bleating over the George Fisher verdict. For those of you not immediately aware of the case, George Fisher was an 18 month old child, who tragically died - for no immediately apparent reason. Dreadful though this is, it happens. Toddlers drop dead - adults drop dead. They just die. It's dreadful, but it happens.

In George Fisher's case though, Jackie Fletcher, of JABS, and that evil bastard John Stone, have persuaded Mr and Mrs Fisher that the MMR vaccine that George had, ten days before his death, was to blame.

Lets think about that for a moment. Mr and Mrs Fisher have just lost a child - the worst thing that could happen to any parents. Then Fletcher and Stone turn up, and say "Your child was killed by SOMETHING YOU DID!!! YOU KILLED YOUR CHILD BY VACCINATING HIM!!!"

However, if you then take anyone in sight to court, claiming it was THEIR (Big Pharma, Ben Goldacre) FAULT, you can assuage that guilt.

The trouble is, the inquest that Fletcher and Stone have pushed the parents into has turned round and said "Er, no. Vaccines had nothing to do with this child's death."

John Stone is still bleating on, as are several other posters on the JABS forum, making out that there's some kind of cover up. Let's see what kind of shit they're coming out with, shall we?

Gus the Fuss: The pharma cartel lies about the vaccines given when the baby is born and then lies yet again when the baby dies evil filthy liars

Allison: Another point I'd like to make that has since bowled me over;

The Coroner, Alan Crickmore with the sole decision into the findings of the death of Georgie Fisher is "a divorce lawyer".

He cited death by natural causes.

Was he really a suitable choice to be allocated such an important medical based decision? I think not.

Aasa: I don't know about the UK, but here in Ontario, coroners need to be practising physicians. One would think that that should be at least a minimum requirement to be a coroner.

Now, it's interesting that the choice of coroner wasn't cited as a problem before the verdict was announced.

It's impossible to please these evil bastards who are, when it comes down to it, dead set on trying to kill your (of if not your, someone else's) children.

They want to ban vaccines, and they want to do this by having a scientist tell the world that they're likely to kill children, or cause autism. To this end, they find any dead child they can, badger their grieving parents by lying to them about vaccines (as we've seen), and then wait for the outcome of a pointless enquiry. They know full well that the enquiry will say "No, vaccines weren't involved", but they put the parents through the horrible experience anyway.

They just hope that one day they'll get a judge / coroner / whoever who's suffering from early onset Alzheimers who'll give them the result that they want. However, they keep getting reasonable human beings, who keep following the evidence and saying "No, nothing to do with vaccines."

In the meantime, they'll push as many parents through this whole (as John Stone puts it) "sorry farago", destroying their already shredded lives even further.

John Stone, Jackie Fletcher et al, I hope you rot in hell.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Yup - I was right about Stone

Yes - John Stone has broken cover and is now trying to spin the George Fisher inquest as a partial victory, implying that it's the final nail in the coffin for the government. Not quite sure how he works that one out.

The most disgusting part of his weaselly-worded post though is the first sentence.

I feel terribly sorry for Chris and Sarah being dragged through this disreputable farago, but I do not think the way they have been treated - or the way the BBC popped up when it was all over - will lead to greater trust in the authorities. By now the public have sense of weariness and disillusionment with everything government does, and this is going to look scarcely more credible than the jury at the Menezes inquest being instructed not bring back a verdict of unlawful killing. I believe they overplayed their hand.

Who dragged them through this "disreputable farago" John? JABS did, with your encouragement. When two grieving parents should have been receiving support after a terrible loss, what happens? JABS dives in to grab their grief for its own cause, telling them that yes, there *is* a reason, and it's VACCINES!!! When, after pushing them through the legal hoops required to get this inquest, not allowing them to come to terms with their loss, the JABS story is shown to be a pack of lies, their world collapses once more. I hope you're all proud of yourselves for the extra suffering you've heaped on these two distraught people.

This isn't a final nail in the coffin of government, but with any luck it'll be the final nail in the coffin of JABS.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

John Stone's paranoia

The JABbers have been whining on recently that the NHS is pushing MMR in the wake of news that the number of measles infections is the highest it's been in a decade. Seems logical to me - if measles is spreading, let's push a pre-emptive procedure that will stop it.

John Stone, predictably, sees it a little differently:

Surely this just being timed to coincide to block out the Georgie Fisher inquest along with the stupid programme with David Elliman.

His bleating gets more feeble by the day - which can only be a good thing.

Stone might be interested to see this - the George Fisher inquest verdict. Natural causes. No doubt the JABS crowd will hail this as some kind of victory and proof of conspiracy, when the facts are that a sickly child (whose parents had cancelled MMR appointments previously because he was ill) tragically died ten days after having his MMR jab - with no evidence to suggest one fact is related to the other. His parents, no doubt egged on by the likes of Stone, "believe the vaccine was "implicated" in their son's death."

Well - there you go. It wasn't. My thoughts go out to the family, obviously, but the sight of the likes of Stone and Jackie Fletcher grabbing this case for publicity for their discredited cause has been utterly vile.