Friday, 19 December 2008

I predicted this to myself

As soon as I heard that Suzanne Holdsworth has been cleared of murdering Kyle Fisher, I though to myself "The JABS bunch will be all over this like vultures over a corpse". Sure enough, with no evidence whatsoever, Gus The Fuss (possibly the most unhinged of the lot of 'em) comes up with this:

No sign of what caused the epilepsy??not vaccines of course?

There's no evidence to suggest this. None at all, yet this stupid, evil bastard wants, like the rest of the JABS forum regulars, to put the blame for this child's tragic death on vaccines.

I'm sure that in their own minds they've absolved Theoneste Bagosora of mass murder in Rwanda - after all, 800,000 dead in 100 days can only be put down to vaccines. They'll be campaigning in the street for his release soon, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

As somebody who has far more insight than JABS into this case can I just stipulate for the record, Kyle was born with an abnormal brain, it's genetic, his mother suffers from an underlying genetic disorder.

The abnormalities are CONGENITAL, that, along with the eye socket injury and a bang to the head the day before he died bought on a seizure that killed him, this has sweet FA to do with vaccines, he was two and a half, I wish that JABS would stop hijacking all these cases, they detract from the real causes of death in some of these children which, can only be detrimental to current scientific thinking. More information on this case can be found here.

Becky said...

Thank you Penny for bringing some sanity to the world.