Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Handy get-out clause

That dribbling fool Truth Seeker has posted, in response to a question about how long it takes for adverse effects to show after a measles jab.

Hi, there are no time limits for how long it can take for adverse reactions to show up from vaccinations, it can be immediate or can take years or anything in between.

Which is just a handy way of saying "Any illness that befalls you for the rest of your life I'm going to blame on vaccines."

That's because the arguments at JABS aren't based on any scientific evidence - just blind faith. Anti-vax is a religion to a lot of these idiots.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pigfucker talks crap again

John "Pigfucker" Scudamore has posted yet more of his shite:

If they gave a rat's a** about viruses they would be using IV vitamin C which has been proven to cure all so called viral diseases

John - please post any kind of evidence you have (as opposed to your usual trick of swamping any discussion with links to Whale.to - hence invoking Scopie's Law - that simply quote a load of half witted senile old fuckwits spouting the same evidence free cobblers.

Any worried JABS readers - no. Intravenous Vitamin C does not cure viral illnesses. There is no evidence to even suggest that it might. It's as likely to cure them as rubbing your face in sheepshit then stabbing yourself in the back of the hand with a 2H Pencil. (I wouldn't be surprised if that crops up on Whale.to as a cure for syphillis in the next week or so, given Pigfucker's propensity for picking up any old made-up toss from the internet)

Edit: Aww, how sweet. Pigfucker has linked to me! :-)
www.whale.to/vaccine/propaganda3.html, www.whale.to/a/jabs1.html

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cybertiger loses appeal - drinks all round!!

Steve has beaten me to spotting this one:Cybertiger loses appeal.

Good, frankly. Dr Mark Struthers was a doctor (actually, I suppose he's still a doctor, just one who's signing on) who was an AIDS denier:

"And are you going to toss in anything relevant into the mythology of HIV causing AIDS…"

a doctor who does down 'flu jabs

"I have never had a flu-jab and don't intend to start having one now. Like the statin drugs, flu vaccinations are a load of cobblers"

while they're being advertised on the front page of the surgery at which he works, supports convicted child killers,

"Imagine your baby dying and the struggle to save him. Imagine being arrested for shaking him to death. Imagine going to prison for life without possibility of parole for a murder you did not commit, for a crime that hadn't happened. Remember Alan Yurko? That nightmare happened to him."

preferring to believe that children beaten so badly that they had several broken ribs were in fact injured by vaccines

"Alan Yurko was forced to admit manslaughter to secure release for a crime he didn't do - and to let vaccines off the hook for killing a baby"

He's a raging anti-semite,

"Look at the young people of Israel who laugh as the bombs rain down on Gaza"

bitter as hell that others have achieved more than he has, bitter that his mother's main claim to fame was shown up as utter incompetence, and is frankly a pointless buffoon and moron (see JABSLoonies passim).

He's now unemployed, and with any luck, he'll stay that way. We all expect doctors to be honest, trustworthy, ethical and professional. Dr Mark "Cybertiger" Struthers was none of those, but is a very nasty piece of work and for all those reasons we should celebrate his dismissal.

Monday, 20 July 2009

John Scudamore talks shit again

John "Pigfucker" Scudamore is spreading his usual lies around, worrying the new inhabitants of the JABS world.

They haven't proven Hep B is associated with a virus

Unfortunately, Pigfucker, yes "they" have. There's a pretty detailed - yet easy to understand - description, with copious references here at Wikipedia. Spreading this kind of dangerous misinformation should be a crime.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More morons

It seems that JABS has quietened down once more, and is simply the refuge of the feeble minded and the easily led sheep. No Gus the Fuss spouting his incomprehensible nonsense, John Stone's more interested in his unholy matromony with loony anti-vax lawyer Clifford Miller on their "ChildHealthSafety" site, and of course no Cybertiger, who's lying very low since he was sacked from his GP job. (Was I the only one to look up when the news that "Bedfordshire GP dies of Swine 'Flu" came through?)

However, there are still morons floating around (as well as Suba and Rosemary - who's still posting any mental "research" she can find - I don't know what she's trying to prove).

MissParker writes:

I was in the same boat during my pregnancy. Then I started reading. And I read some more. And I am still reading and searching for information, even though I have already decided never to vaccinate my son.

So, MissParker, you decided not to vaccinate, then you do some reading. And no matter what reading you do, nothing's going to change your mind. Not even if you get pointed towards sensible sources of information, rather than JABS, NaturalNews, Mercola and AgeOfAutism. Because you've already made up your mind.

You see, really open-minded people also read. They read everything they can, looking for things that challenge their viewpoint, not (and this is crucial) things that support their predetermined viewpoint. They look for holes in research, they look for bias, they look for problems in all the research and news. They don't do what John "Cock" Stone does, and look for holes in reports that don't support him, while unthinkingly embracing and accepting any piece of shit that does support him.

MissParker and lou3 (who came up with a similar post) - please constantly rethink your position (as really open-minded people do all the time) - don't simply decide on a position, then look for information which props that position up. Think from a genuinely open-minded position - not that of an easily led half-witted sheep.

(If it helps, remember - most alternative medicine sites are trying to sell you something.)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Reality / Fiction

They've lost it over at JABS. "Karen" posted the following over the weekend;

Did anyone see Torchwood last night...about the government lying about jabs?Very interesting

Karen - I hate to break it to you, but Torchwood is not a "fly on the wall" documentary series… ;-)

Friday, 10 July 2009

Can they not make up their tiny minds?

The idiots at JABS appear unable to make up their minds about anything. First of all they complain that HPV anti-cervical cancer vaccinations have been inadequately tested;

"As Canada, in large part due to aggressive behind the scenes lobbying, rolls out the not-comprehensively-tested Merck HPV vaccine for girls as young as nine"

Then Rosemary posts a story from AmericanChronicle.com, written by one Christina England*, which claims;

We have always suspected it and now they admit it,GSK are using young girls (as young as 9 in some areas) as human Guinea Pigs in HPV vaccine Cervarix trials.

Phase III Trials Phase III studies are underway in 37 countries with more than 39,000 subjects planned.

So, final tests, on actual people are being done, on far too many people, which means that not enough tests have been done. I see. Sigh.

*Note that Christina England's handy biog states that;

Currently I am exploring vaccines and the adverse reactions that they can and do cause, particularly Autism, ADHD and other neurological and physical disorders.

So not exactly likely to be a well balanced piece then - especially given the headline

Girls used as Guinea Pigs in HPV Trials Admits GSK

and the story being illustrated by a picture of an actual guinea pig…

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's not rocket science - oh, wait…

Some of the real lunacy at JABS at the moment is based on anecdotes about supposed bad reactions to Gardasil and Cervarax - the anti-cervical cancer vaccinations. Obviously a lot of it is "I'm not giving this to my daughter, it's not been tested properly", "It's just a big money maker for Glaxo" etc nonsense, but this piece from Suba (who else?) is inspired stupidity.

Aluminium is common to Cervarix and Gardasil. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening here although it would help. Aluminium is used as a fuel to send rockets into space…

Ashley mentioned explosions going on in her blood vessels. Hmmmmmm what could that be I wonder

Apparently aluminium in vaccines (for which there's no evidence that this causes any kind of harm, incidentally) can actually cause your blood to explode!!!

AAAAARGH!! Presumably because it can be used in saucepans, it's also turning your blood into a nice tomato and basil sauce, ideal for pouring over pasta.