Friday, 10 July 2009

Can they not make up their tiny minds?

The idiots at JABS appear unable to make up their minds about anything. First of all they complain that HPV anti-cervical cancer vaccinations have been inadequately tested;

"As Canada, in large part due to aggressive behind the scenes lobbying, rolls out the not-comprehensively-tested Merck HPV vaccine for girls as young as nine"

Then Rosemary posts a story from, written by one Christina England*, which claims;

We have always suspected it and now they admit it,GSK are using young girls (as young as 9 in some areas) as human Guinea Pigs in HPV vaccine Cervarix trials.

Phase III Trials Phase III studies are underway in 37 countries with more than 39,000 subjects planned.

So, final tests, on actual people are being done, on far too many people, which means that not enough tests have been done. I see. Sigh.

*Note that Christina England's handy biog states that;

Currently I am exploring vaccines and the adverse reactions that they can and do cause, particularly Autism, ADHD and other neurological and physical disorders.

So not exactly likely to be a well balanced piece then - especially given the headline

Girls used as Guinea Pigs in HPV Trials Admits GSK

and the story being illustrated by a picture of an actual guinea pig…

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