Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pigfucker talks crap again

John "Pigfucker" Scudamore has posted yet more of his shite:

If they gave a rat's a** about viruses they would be using IV vitamin C which has been proven to cure all so called viral diseases

John - please post any kind of evidence you have (as opposed to your usual trick of swamping any discussion with links to - hence invoking Scopie's Law - that simply quote a load of half witted senile old fuckwits spouting the same evidence free cobblers.

Any worried JABS readers - no. Intravenous Vitamin C does not cure viral illnesses. There is no evidence to even suggest that it might. It's as likely to cure them as rubbing your face in sheepshit then stabbing yourself in the back of the hand with a 2H Pencil. (I wouldn't be surprised if that crops up on as a cure for syphillis in the next week or so, given Pigfucker's propensity for picking up any old made-up toss from the internet)

Edit: Aww, how sweet. Pigfucker has linked to me! :-),


Lab Rat said...

intravenous vitamin C cures all virus infections?

Isn't it actually illegal to say you have a cure for AIDs or am I thinking of cancer...

Becky said...

Sadly it's not illegal to spout your own personal wingnuttery - only to sell something on such fraudulent claims. (As far as I know - I'm not a lawyer!)

Kind regards,


Becky said...

Oh - and Welcome! :-)