Tuesday, 14 July 2009

An excellent article

At Discover magazine.

Why does the vaccine / autism controversy live on?


John H said...

The simple answer to why the controversy lives on is because a large proportion of the population are (in scientific terms) "fucking stupid".

The referenced article is a very good summary of years of stupidity, crassness and unnecessary illness, brain damage and death.

It refers to """some outspoken scientists . . . . . . calling those against vaccines “scientifically illiterate” or junk scientists and charlatans”"""

This is absolutely true. They are.

On the one hand the jabbophobes consist of an unholy alliance of quacks and charlatans milking the public for money (grasping lawyers, money hungry quacks and their ludicrous cures, "autism institutes" and so on and on and on ad nauseum). (This includes the power crazed evil bastards at JABS and their moronic pig ignorant followers).

And on the other hand there are a whole bunch of rational, sane medical researchers and doctors with no axe to grind and no cash to extort from the gullible. People who are simply interested in discovering the "truth" (and sometimes even at very real danger to themselves).

So the controversy continues because the "fucking stupid" are too dim to understand simple stuff like the difference between correlation and coral necklaces.

No jabbophobe ever managed to explain how the autism rate kept increasing in Japan after they stopped the MMR vaccine.

At least we now know who Orca on Respectful Insolence is !

Becky said...

* applause *

Are you sure you're not me in a different hat, John? :-)

Kind regards,


adverse said...

perhaps in japan the fact that MMR was replace with consecutive single jabs could hold a clue.

of course you could be right I,m sure if you drunk 3 separate vodkas it would not have the same effect as a triple ,, as they are not in the same glass .