Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Callous Disregard

That's the "oh so humourous" title of Andrew Wakefield's book. A book about how he was victimised by the medical establishment, etc etc blah blah blah.

He's been reduced to giving it away at signings.

I'm not prepared to pay for a copy - but if you've got a copy and would like to sell it to me, I'll pay one penny, plus postage. (2p if it's signed, and 3p if it's dedicated)

4p if it's dedicated to John "Cock" Stone.

(Actually, if you can get a copy, dedicated and signed by Andrew Wakefield (or to give him his full medical title; "Andrew Wakefield") that reads "John Stone is a cock", I'll give you thirty quid.)

What a cunt, turning a comment about his "callous disregard" for the health of children made by the GMC into the title of a self-loving book...

What. A. Cunt.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Evil bastards on JABS forum - no shock then

A new poster (mric) has cropped up on the JABS forum, who's made a couple of points pointing out the idiocy of the attitude of a couple of posters when it comes to "natural" diseases. He / she has also made a comment about a close relative who is dying from skin cancer.

In a spectactularly crass and stupid reply, Topaz says;

I am so sorry about your close relative with skin cancer. The doctors always give the most pessimistic take on the outlook and offer up patented cures with uncomfortable and undignified side effects.
There is of course a natural cure used by a doctor who was struck off for being too successful at curing patients the apparent norm these days in Orwellian scientific medicine. It is effective and cheap and cannot be patented.

Topaz then manages to almost trump this vileness by summoning up Scopie's Law as "proof";


So, suggesting to a new poster that it's their relative's own fault that they're dying because they didn't turn to quackery (those two sites mentioned are pushing maple syrup and bicarbonate of soda as foolproof cures for all cancers, for fuck's sake) is seen as acceptable on JABS now is it? Peddling the conspiracy theory beloved of all alt-med wingnuts (that big pharma can cure cancer easily, it just doesn't want to because it can't make any money from it) to a grieving relative is OK is it?

She's evil - but will she get barred from JABS? Will she fuck.

(In the same post, Topaz is pushing a brew of kitchen herbs as a preventative against bubonic plague… - how fucking far does her wingnuttery go?)