Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The most ludicrous forum name ever?

"Informed" has posted this;

*link to perfectly reasonable article about Crohn's disease*

Increase of 8 percent per year in children diagnosed with Crohn's
disease/Ulcerative colitis between 1994-2005.

Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis have been linked to measles
in research in The Royal Free Hospital London 1995( Lancet Medical Journal)

Irish Colitis & Crohn's Support
& Irish Vaccine Informed Parents.

Is Mr/Mrs/Miss "Informed" unaware of the fact that almost all of the authors of that paper have disowned it? Or that the lead on it, one Dr Wakefield, was paid to find those results and has been shown to have MADE UP the results after getting NONSENSE from his testing lab? Oh - and is fairly likely to be STRUCK OFF, after causing a scare that may well have KILLED AND MAIMED HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN?

"Informed"? Hardly, arsehole.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Evidence! Jenny has evidence!

Jennyr has posted this - this could be positively earth-shattering!

I have direct evidence that state-funded experts and their lackies will lie in order to avoid negligence claims.

Go on then jennyr, where is it? As the phrase goes; "Evidence, or Shut The Fuck Up". I'm expecting some serious investigative journalism.

While no-one will be terribly surprised, claiming that you have evidence isn't the same as actually having it. So, jennyr, let loose the fluffy bunnies in your head, and show us this evidence.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Religion and Anti-Vax-Nuttery

While I'm not usually one to quote "Worldwide Religious News" as a source, as it's Christmas, I'm going to:

Measles kills children of anti-vaccination sect.

Mind you, they're quoting this article in The Scotsman - and a search for the Joseph Marange Apostolic Church throws up all these results.

Once more, anti vax quackery kills children. Are you reading this, John "Cock" Stone, Jackie Fletcher, Clifford Miller, Meryl "Whoop Whoop Wheeeeeee" Dorey et al?

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Anti Vax march a massive success

As you can see from this photo, the anti-vaccination march in Edinburgh today has been a massive success.

If you can't spot it, the protest is behind the bloke in the brown jacket.

(Thanks to @endless_psych for the photo)

Edit: Mr Psych has written about the protest.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Home education, the JABS way

There's a thread on the JABS forum (I say "thread", but until today it's just been one person posting) about home education. Perfectly reasonable really, Janet has been reposting stories about home education and autism / Aspergers. No mention of vaccines, and interesting.

Today, a fairly new poster ("lordboult")posted this:

We had to remove emily from special needs pt of school after spending a year encouraging her,autism via mmr.have home ed for 9 years she has improved in a fantastic way,but,LA hve been rude sarcastic and downright intrusive when each state ment is due,we have had to engage a specialist lawyer as emily is sixteen the la are having a final push!As for badman he is being monitered also he has a vague past and is connected to microsoft,the plot thickens! mike.

While I have no strong opinions on the benefits of home schooling of autistic children, I really hope this bloke is employing tutors… Hardly the way to gain support for home schooling, is it?

Edit: A quick search through the forum reveals some interesting conspiracy nuttery posted by lordboult:

the ghouls are at work again! they obviously have not replicated it correctly! do not move to porton down! In the 60' a man ran into the woods and died of bubonnic plague,shucks another failure.

Flouride has interesting history,I believe developed by farben and co
in germany in the thirties used to 'calm' prisoners etc in experiments(nothing about teeth!)but of course check foryourself,mike.

(I love that mis-spelling of "fluoride" - it seems to act as a flag for advanced frothing)

Monday, 7 December 2009

John Stone and friends lying again

While we're on the subject of mendacious bastards, there's a fairly recent post over at John Stone and Clifford Miller's ludicrous "Timecube" inspired blog "ChildHealthSafety". It's simply propagating a vaccine myth that was recently punted round the internet.

See the story [video just below] of previously healthy Desiree Jennings horrifically crippled only days ago by the flu vaccine and just 10 days after getting the shot. Desiree was a cheerleader and led an active life until now.

They then embed the "Desiree Jennings staggers around" video and cite it as clear evidence that the 'flu vaccine causes irreversible neurological damage. Under the title "Flu Vaccine Cripples Healthy US Cheerleader for Life".

Every neurologist asked about this case, and major dystonia charities have come to the conclusion that this is not dystonia, and that the symptoms are psychological, and as John Stone and Clifford Miller like to position themselves as the educated and rational face of anti-vax lunacy, you'd have thought that they'd at least have the decency to issue an apology saying "we were taken in too - sorry", or at the very least, to quietly remove the post. But no, they're keeping it there as "evidence".

John, Clifford - why not read this?

Fortunately, and frankly unsurprisingly, Desiree Jennings has now been "cured" of her condition by a quack. So that's all right then.

C'mon John - I'll accept it's an oversight - apologise, feel a bit ashamed and remove the post, or at least remove the insinuation that this poor girl's condition was caused by a vaccine.

Age of Autism / Generation Rescue come clean

I figured that while the JABS forum is a bit quiet, I could turn my hand to a couple of other moronic anti-vaccination / pro-lethal disease organisation, and possibly the most active of them is "Age Of Autism" (AoA).

AoA styles itself as a support forum for parents of autistic kids - when actually it's a vocal anti-vax and pro quack therapy lobby group.

It's also heavily linked with Generation Rescue, that organisation fronted by ex-porn star (that's not ad-hom, that's a matter of record) Jenny McCarthy, who these days spends her days campaigning to "Green Our Vaccines".

Now, as anyone with even a passing familiarity with English grammar knows, "green" is not a verb. Still, we'll let that go for the moment.

McCarthy / Generation Rescue's claim is not that they want vaccines banned (although that's clearly their ultimate aim), but they want to "green" them. They want unspecified "toxins" removed. At no point will they ever tell you exactly what changes would make them happy, but it makes them sound less rabid. Or at least, they think it does. Remember that - they don't want to get rid of vaccines, just make them less "toxic".

AoAs claim not to be linked to Generation Rescue, however, their legal editor, Kent Heckenlively has recently been pushing an initiative - "Green Our Vaccines". Now, unless Mr H and the loons at GR are remarkably in tune with each other when it comes to non-comprehension of the English Language, and mysteriously came up with the same nonsensical slogan at around the same time, I'd say there was quite likely a link.

Mr Heckenlively posts today his response to a few criticisms of the "Green Our Vaccines" initiative, including this spectacular own goal:

The Green Vaccines Initiative doesn’t go far enough – I read with great interest an open letter to me from the Natural Solutions Foundation which made the assertion that there is no such thing as a “safe vaccine.” I find myself in sympathy with such a view and am certainly acting as if there is currently no such thing as a safe vaccine by not getting any myself or having them given to my children. I might eventually take such a position. However, it seems to me that to move things forward we need to change public perception from the belief that vaccines are universally safe, to one that they have troublesome components which render them potentially unsafe to a certain subset of the population, as a prelude to a full and objective look at the safety of the entire vaccination program.

He then goes on to post a link to Generation Rescue's donation page.

So, the point of the program is to establish that no vaccines are safe one step at a time.

It's quite clear then, Age Of Autism is linked to Generation Rescue (as made clear by their legal editor), and their joint programme is intended to get rid of all vaccines. (Which, as we all know, will lead to the re-establishment of epidemic diseases and the deaths of thousands, if not millions of children worldwide.)


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Oh, just shut the fuck up

How fucking stupid are these people?

Edit: Now I've got a little more time, I should point out that the post referred to contains the suggestion that "fear of dogs" is a side effect of MMR vaccination.

Friday, 27 November 2009

JABS poster in "Fuckwitted Ignorance" shock

Seonaid has posted this gem:

I'd think long and hard before going for the swine flu shot if I were you. This vaccine has been rushed through production without proper testing - it contains thimerosal [50% mercury] and a toxic adjuvant called squalene - use of which is supposed to be illegal in this country.

How many ways can you be wrong?

The swine 'flu vaccine has not been "rushed through", and it's been tested at least as thoroughly as seasonal 'flu vaccine. Squalene is not toxic - it's produced naturally in the body - and it's not illegal. I've ignored the thimerosal non-sequiteur, as it's been shown time and time again to not be dangerous at the levels found in vaccines.

Fucking idiot.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


JABS and other anti-vax nuttery sites keep repeating the lie that the Swine Flu virus is more dangerous than Swine Flu itself.

So far in England there have been 142 fatalities from Swine Flu. There have been none from the vaccine.

Do the maths yourself.

H1N1 jab better than expected!

Someone* at JABS tells us:

One person has died after being given the Government’s new swine flu vaccination.

Apparently, seven million doses of the vaccine have been given out, and since then, only one person has died! It seems that Swine Flu vaccine is the answer to eternal life!

* That fucking credulous moron Rosemary

Monday, 16 November 2009

Vaccine Lies / AIDS denial

Funny how these things so often go hand in hand, isn't it? Prime nutcases Gus The Fuss and John "Pigfucker" Scudamore are just two among the crowd at JABS who regularly put forward loony "alternative" HIV/AIDS ideas - or "dangerous lies" as I prefer to call them.

Well, it seems that this phenomenon isn't confined to the UK. Head of the Australian Vaccination Network, Meryl Dorey also appears to jumped on the AIDS denial bandwagon, judging from a posting on the organisations Yahoo Group:

Actually Katherine, nobody has ever 'seen' the HIV virus


the court is definitely out on both the existence of an HIV virus and the connection between what is seen under the electron microscope (whatever that may be) with the symptoms we've come to call AIDS:

No Meryl, the court (or, more commonly, "the jury") is most definitely not still out. Your pathetic lies were shown to be just that years ago, and linking to bonkers denial sites does not make anything you say true.

If anyone would like to do some sensible reading on AIDS myths, try That's advice Meryl Dorey could usefully follow.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Oh look - spread fear through lies.

Jacquia has posted a link, which she describes as:

A miscarriage website with comments from women who miscarried after the Swine flu vaccine.

Following the link, it's a page with comments from women who miscarried after being diagnosed with Swine Flu (H1N1). And the JABS loons are always telling us how it's better to have the disease than the vaccine. Rrrrriiight…

Evil bitch.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

JABS and AoA in "Quoting any old shit" shocker

Both the JABS Forum and that USA-based hotbed of stupendous idiocy "Age of Autism" have reproduced a press release, via Reuters (which they clearly hope will give it a sheen of legitimacy), regarding chelation, and how it's been shown to be of benefit for autism. Chelation - a potentially dangerous procedure used to remove heavy metals from the body in cases of heavy metal poisoning.

This is a prime example of advocacy groups ignoring good evidence that chelation does no good for autistic kids, that autism is not the same as heavy metal poisoning and that chelation can potentially be lethal - until, eventually, a study comes out supporting their favourite quack therapy. Then they're all over it.

So, who conducted and published this amazing research? Was it conducted by a respected centre of learning? Well, let's see.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Two studies published by theSouthwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

Hold on a minute? A college of naturopathic medicine?!

Let's have a look at their website shall we?

Naturopathic medicine blends centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in the study of health and human systems, covering all aspects of family health from prenatal to geriatric care.

Really? What does that actually mean then? Well, apparently, it means this;

Naturopathic doctors diagnose disease and treat patients by using natural modalities such as physical manipulation, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, counseling, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy, among others. They choose treatment based on the individual patient, not based on the generality of symptoms. This approach has proven successful in treating both chronic and acute conditions.

Ah - quackery. Magic water and back cracking. And AoA and JABS want us to take this bollocks seriously? A study put out by woos and weirdos that contradicts every previous study on the subject? Just so they can carry on making money from their favourite dangerous, useless quack remedy?

Mendacious bastards.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

How do these people make the connection?

Another new poster on JABS ("Sher") has said:

One year on from receiving her first MMR jab at aged 7, my child has displayed symptoms of severe psychosis, pre-onset of puberty and regressive autism.

Can anyone explain how, if this is true, she has made the connection that it was the vaccine wot dunnit, and not any of the other thousands of experiences her child has had in the last twelve months?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Amusingly, Seonaid tells the truth

Yes - it's true! That arch-arsehole Seonaid has finally - although accidentally - posted something true!

The greatest lie ever told..........


Yes, that is indeed a lie. How Jackie Fletcher let this one through her moderation net is beyond me.

Admittedly, I may be quoting out of context, as the post also contains a link to an anti-vax YouTube video presented by an utter wanker with personality of a pelvic floor exercise device and the reasoning skills of a head of lettuce…

Monday, 26 October 2009

Please read this

Peter Bowditch, of fame has a page on his site showing highlights from his ten year battle for sanity with the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). The AVN are the Australian ("NO! I Don't believe it!" I hear you cry, sarcastically) equivalent of JABS ("Now I really don't believe it!!" you scream), but possibly more mental ("Becky, you're making this up!!").

Well - see for yourself - please read this:
Peter Bowditch v AVN.

Warning for the squeamish: Peter has posted some pictures of the results of vaccine-preventable diseases. They're not pretty. Personally, I'm tempted to send them to every anti-vaxer I can think of, with a big red label, saying "Look what you want to happen." Now, where's Fletcher's email address..?

Peter Bowditch deserves a knighthood.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

JABS spam

Amusingly, while the JABS forum is moderated these days, in order to keep rational discussion to a minimum, it seems Jackie Fletcher is quite happy to let the forum be spammed to the furthest reaches of fuck with dodgy meds advertising. This makes me laugh more than is probably strictly necessary.

(Click the image for a slightly larger version)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Excellent vaccine article

Thanks to Wired magazine:

This is the sort of thing that the worried well should be reading - not the shit that comes out of JABS.

MMR given by mistake? I think not.

A new poster (*cough* SOCKPUPPET *cough*) has posted the following on JABS today:

My beautiful little 3 year old girl has just been given the MMR vaccine instead of the pneumococcal and she's already had the 3 x single jabs for MMR which we've travelled many hours back and fourth and paid out a lot of money to have them singly.

I'm devistated. We chose not to have the MMR and the surgery are well aware of our decision and have on numerous occasions talked to us about it.

Not only has the decision we made now been taken away from us, but our little girl now has the MMR inside her and I can't understand how a mistake like this has happened!

I'm at a low.

I don't know what to do next - any ideas?

First of all, this sounds very unlikely.

Let's see - a doctor gets the wrong vaccine to give a child? Without thinking he just sticks the closest needle to hand into your a three year old? I think not.

To me this stinks of sock puppet, a scare designed to drum up fear in parents.

However, Mr "DelMonte" - presumably you said "yes" to the injection? - if this is actually a true story, I'd suggest you calm down, watch your little girl grow up healthy, in fifteen years wave her off to University, safe in the knowledge that she's safe from nasty diseases that could be passed onto her in that hall of residence she's living in, from her next door neighbour whose parents were so moronic that they didn't get her vaccinated.

Now then - life's a bit better now, isn't it?

(Oh - I'm guessing this is Truth Seeker, given the abysmal spelling…)

Edit: Tellingly, the first reply is from… Truth Seeker. Funny that. His reply? Well it's much the same as mine, but costs more money and sounds like it's coming from the mouth of a brainless arsehole.

If it were me i would buy the MMR nosode from either Helios or Ainsworths homeopathic pharmacy. 200C potency and give 1 tablet a day for at least a week.

So - do nothing.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Admin post: Twitter

I've finally bitten the bullet and signed up for a Twitter account, so anyone who's interested should be able to find me in their Twitter client of choice by searching for "fisseux".

Kind regards,


Friday, 2 October 2009

The tragic case of Natalie Morton

This just shows up the morons at JABS for the evil bloodsuckers they are.

In case you're not aware, Natalie Morton was a UK teenager who died several hours after receiving her Cervarix vaccine. Naturally the anti-vaccination lobby on the web and in the press leapt on this, and assumed correlation meant causation - that the vaccine caused her death. "Look at us" they gloated, "we told you all along that vaccines were dangerous!"

Quite properly, a post mortem examination was carried out, which showed that Natalie had a previously undiagnosed, large, malignant tumour on her heart and lungs, which could have killed her at any point. Any connection to the vaccine has been ruled out.

This, of course, isn't good enough for the JABS crew.

Suba quotes the school's chaplain:

"I have seen Natalie's file and there is nothing on it to suggest that she had any underlying health problems."

There are a couple of problems with this. First of all, the man's the school chaplain. Not actually any kind of health professional. Suba will no doubt be quoting the lollipop lady outside the school next. Or the bloke who runs the sweetshop down the road. Both are equally well placed to give a professional opinion on health as a bloody vicar. (And what's he doing looking at health records any way??)

Assuming that the chaplain did actually say this (and I've seen it quoted in a couple of papers), it seems Suba is unaware of the meaning of the word "undiagnosed". So here's a little lesson for you Suba. "Undiagnosed" means that no-one was previously aware of it. So the health records wouldn't have shown an underlying health problem, because no-one knew about it.

"Jacquia" chimes in, linking to that well known organ of truth and level headedness, the Daily Mail, pointing out that Natalie had

"a rare and grave underlying health problem"

and then dives in with this gem:

I am sick of all our Government's lies, and propaganda!

Ah - conspiracy theories… Just what's needed at this point.

Fortunately, there's a voice of sanity at JABS - "Phoenix", who points out the tumour, and a quote from Natalie's parents:

"We now know that Natalie's death was the result of a serious underlying medical condition"

This, however, isn't good enough for Suba, who is by now trying to assume a rôle as some kind of medical professional:

Nonsense, she would have been in real pain and discomfort if it affected both her chest and lung


Everyone is saying that she had a smile from ear to ear and that she had a smile all the time. Not someone you would associate with late stage lung and heart tumour

Oh really Suba? Do you have evidence to back up this assertion of yours?

She (or is Suba a he?) drags the chaplain back into it, and then plays the trick beloved of all anti-vaxers, asking for "independent" verification:

The chaplain of the blue coat school said there was no underlying health conditions. We need a totally independant inquiry from another pathologist.

How is the original pathologist not independent? What you mean, by "independent", Suba, is "someone who agrees with ME!" And obviously, that's just what Natalie's parents would want, isn't it?

(At this point, Truth Seeker chimes in, and uses the opportunity to plug his favourite "I'm not allowing my children to have vaccines unless you accept full responsibility" form - no point in letting a good opportunity for self promotion get away.)

Now it's jennyr's turn - remember jennyr? The one with fluffy bunnies working her brain - it's the only explanation, no-one can really be as vacant as she manages.

She too decides that since it's been demonstrated that there was an underlying cause for Natalie's death, it must be a cover-up.

Be interesting to get a little more information on the pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination. What is his background, how independent is he from government influences. Will the results be verified by a second/third opinion?

One thing's for certain jennyr - he's not a school chaplain.

Perhaps our health officials should listen to someone who knows what they are talking about for a change

Again, Jenny dear, why not say what you mean? You want them to listen to you.

While this has been a terribly sad incident, it has been investigated quickly and efficiently, and despite the scaremongering of the idiots at the Daily Mail and at JABS, it's been resolved. Stop trying to score points, and let Natalie's parents mourn their daughter in peace.

Orac has blogged about this, as ever, far, far more eloquently than I ever could. As you probably know, he's a cancer specialist, and has this to say:

Cancer doctors know that it's amazing how large tumors can sometimes grow without causing much, if anything, in the way of symptoms. In sudden death cases like this, moreover, quite frequently in retrospect it is noted that there were symptoms before the death, often for weeks or months beforehand, symptoms such as easy fatigue, vague aches and pains, or other relatively nonspecific symptoms. (Pancreatic cancer is notorious for growing to a deadly extent while producing few, if any, symptoms.) While it is true that many advanced tumors do cause a slow wasting away, there are a number of complications from tumors in the chest that can cause rapid death. The most obvious example that comes to mind is for the tumor to erode into a major blood vessel, resulting in massive internal bleeding. Another mechanical effect that can result in cardiac failure and sudden death is pericardial tamponade, which is what occurs when the sack surrounding the heart fills with fluid and compresses the heart. This fluid can be serum (from a reaction due to the tumor) or blood (from a bleed). Because the pericardial sac is fairly stretchable, a tamponade can develop slowly but then, once the capacity of the pericardium to stretch is exceeded, quite rapidly result in critical right heart failure leading to death. Then there's the fact that the blood in cancer patients often clots too easily; i.e., it's hypercoagulable, due to factors secreted by the tumors That means cancer patients are prone to deep venous thromboses and, worse, to pulmonary embolus, large ones of which can quite easily cause sudden death.

Monday, 28 September 2009

I thought JABS posters were mental...

...and then I read this.

Please tell me that this is just a load of wind-up merchants winding each other up…

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Spin this, you twat

John Stone, who, as all regular readers know ("hi" to you both) is a cock, has banged on for ages about getting a study done to count autistic adults. He claims that if the MMR jab does not cause autism, the numbers of autistic adults should match those of autistic children. "HAHA!" he gleefully dribbles - "where are your thousands of autistic adults? You can't account for them by diagnostic substitution, can you?"

Um, yes, you can.

So, Stone, you cock, will you now accept that you've been wrong all these years?

(Somehow, I doubt it…)

Annoyingly, the BBC is still linking to JABS…

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Spin something negative...

...for your campaign, into something that supports your cause.

Rosemary, that inveterate cut-and-paster with the son who in the past has suffered from every syndrome under the sun, has posted this:

GPs to be paid £100m for giving swine flu jabs to high-risk groups

Family doctors will be paid more than £100 million to give swine flu vaccines this winter after a deal was brokered with the Government worth £5.25 for every dose.

She fails to point out that most years, doctors are paid around seven pounds per patient for seasonal 'flu vaccines. So, they're actually getting paid less than usual. (Oh - and there's nothing like implying that doctors are going to be claiming up to £100 million each, is there..?)

You evil bitch - making out that teh nasteh doktorz are making evil ££££ by giving teh nasti vaxxines (probably contaminated with teh munki virusez) - when actually, they're taking a pay cut to protect the population from a virus which may still end up killing thousands.

Evil, evil fucking cow. Or maybe just blinded by fucking ignorance. You decide.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

"I don't believe it..."

Following on from yesterday, as if on cue, "Do Not Vaccinate" has made another post which perfectly illustrates my point about anti-vaxers not being prepared to listen to any information that shows their misguided point of view to be wrong.

Do you have any vaccine damage figures? If you could obtain any figures, they wouldn't be accurate as Drs refuse to admit that the problems are caused by these injections.

Any thoughts on how to get through to people like this? Or are the hardcore nutters best left alone while good information campaigns are targeted at the rest of the population?

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Fear and ignorance

The ambiguously named "Do Not Vaccinate" (DNV) has posted something rather telling on JABS today.

I don't have much contact with other children and the only people I know of who've had measles and whooping cough are myself and friends the same age who all made a full recovery. I am concerned about the childhood illnesses, but the vaccines frighten the hell out of me and I would not let my daughter have them under any circumstances.

While it's a bit obvious to say that DNV is unlikely to have much contact with people who didn't make a full recovery from measles, because they're, um, dead, the telling bit is the last sentence. "Vaccines frighten the hell out of me and I would not let my daughter have them under any circumstances."

The reason DNV, and I'm sure a lot more people are frightened, is two-fold. Firstly, having an vaccination is a medical procedure. I'm not, and I'm sure DNV isn't a doctor - we don't instinctively know everything about the human body, and there's always going to be that element of worry with any medical procedure, whether it's having a wisdom tooth removed, heart and lung transplants, or having a vaccination.

The second reason is linked to the first - the fear of vaccines is fermented by morons and agenda pushers like John Stone and Jackie Fletcher (with the help of the Daily Mail and idiot broadcasters like Jeni Barnett). They succeed in their campaign to persuade parents not to vaccinate by deliberately spreading misinformation and lies. It's in human nature to mistrust authority, and lying to parents inflates this mistrust. Positive vaccination stories ("Lots vaccinated, nobody ill!") don't sell papers, while positive and accurate information is rubbished as the voice of the authorities, and not to be trusted. Anyone supporting vaccines is rubbished as a "Big Pharma stooge" - and what's an easier target for vitriol than "Big Business"?

So - parents like DNV aren't vaccinating their children to potentially save their lives because of a lack of good information from what are seen to be "unbiased" sources (don't forget, the likes of Stone and Pigfucker can spin the World Health Organisation as the instrument of Satan and the Bavarian Illuminati), through fear born of ignorance, and because of the mendacity of the JABS regulars and the likes of Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

An excellent post about H1N1 vaccination issues

Not from JABS this one, funnily enough, but I thought I should post a link to is, given that it's an informed, balanced piece about the relative dangers of Guillain-Barré Syndrome which you might've read a lot about lately, and is used by the nutters at JABS as some kind of catch all evil these days.

The real dangers of h1N1 vaccine, by an actual proper doctor, not a JABS fuckwit.

Please read it.

General update - and Pigfucker

It's been depressingly quiet at JABS HQ lately. The usual probable sock puppet new posters, bleating on; "I've decided not to vaccinate, please use this as a reason to bang on about your personal reasons why you're anti-vaccine", the odd new regular poster (and in the case of one incoherent ranter, the ambiguously named "do not vaccinate", "odd" is the right word. Along with "stupid", "ill-informed", and usually "frothing"), and that arsehole of all arseholes, John "Pigfucker" Scudamore.

Pigfucker is quite clearly seeing a decline in the number of hits to his temple of idiocy, "", and so is back even more regularly, trying to scare the shit out of the new posters and regulars alike with his half-baked theories, quotes from discredited senile ex-intellectuals and lies.

One recent post provides the following crop of shit, all in 300 or so words.

Doctors and nurses are part of Allopathy, and the main med of allopathy is vaccination, so you would expect them to believe in and push vaccination. They don't want to wake up and find out they are the main instigators of autism, and all child disease.

Hmm. So, when you finally suffer from that aneurism, Pigfucker, you will naturally eschew all forms of medical treatment from said doctors and nurses? (Believe me, I hope you have the courage of your convictions and send them away if you survive more than three seconds.)

Let's rephrase that, shall we? "Doctors and nurses believe in science based medicine, rather than ludicrous quackery such as 'zappers' for cancer and vitamin C injections, which you believe can cure all viral illnesses. They train for years to give the best, evidence based care, and while not infallible are your best chance of recovering from serious illness, or preventing said illness in the first place."

Pigfucker has, as ever, omitted any actual evidence for his autism claim, and indeed for any of his other stupidity in this one post. (Yes, this is all one post.)

if they have to admit to vaccine autism it could open Pandora's box--there are 500,000 people in the UK with ASD, just for starters. In my opinion pharma medicine is 98% a hoax, that causes most of the disease on the planet today directly and indirectly.

Ah - now we're getting somewhere. "In my opinion"; The cry of the moron incapable of critical thinking - but blessed with an overactive imagination and a brain like a sponge, who's read far too many wingnut theories on the internet. Pigfucker - provide proper evidence for your ludicrous claims or shut the fuck up and stop trying to scare impressionable teenagers and nervous new parents. If you had all the arcane knowledge you claim to have, you'd be a doctor yourself, feted by your contemporaries, and probably the winner of several Nobel prizes. As it is, you're a pig farmer. What's your next mental hypothesis?

If he said it [Cervarix] was useless he would be out of a job pretty quick, not to mention his income would plummet. See what happened to Wakefield when he said use single jabs instead of triple.

Yes. He was exposed as a fraud and a liar, who fabricated his results, while being paid to produce a specific result, and all the while holding lucrative patents on single vaccines. He was run out of the country like the quack that he is, and will shortly be struck off by the GMC.

You see, Pigfucker? Your feeble claims are shot down at every turn. You're an evil, know-nothing cunt, and I hope you rot in hell.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Handy get-out clause

That dribbling fool Truth Seeker has posted, in response to a question about how long it takes for adverse effects to show after a measles jab.

Hi, there are no time limits for how long it can take for adverse reactions to show up from vaccinations, it can be immediate or can take years or anything in between.

Which is just a handy way of saying "Any illness that befalls you for the rest of your life I'm going to blame on vaccines."

That's because the arguments at JABS aren't based on any scientific evidence - just blind faith. Anti-vax is a religion to a lot of these idiots.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pigfucker talks crap again

John "Pigfucker" Scudamore has posted yet more of his shite:

If they gave a rat's a** about viruses they would be using IV vitamin C which has been proven to cure all so called viral diseases

John - please post any kind of evidence you have (as opposed to your usual trick of swamping any discussion with links to - hence invoking Scopie's Law - that simply quote a load of half witted senile old fuckwits spouting the same evidence free cobblers.

Any worried JABS readers - no. Intravenous Vitamin C does not cure viral illnesses. There is no evidence to even suggest that it might. It's as likely to cure them as rubbing your face in sheepshit then stabbing yourself in the back of the hand with a 2H Pencil. (I wouldn't be surprised if that crops up on as a cure for syphillis in the next week or so, given Pigfucker's propensity for picking up any old made-up toss from the internet)

Edit: Aww, how sweet. Pigfucker has linked to me! :-),

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Cybertiger loses appeal - drinks all round!!

Steve has beaten me to spotting this one:Cybertiger loses appeal.

Good, frankly. Dr Mark Struthers was a doctor (actually, I suppose he's still a doctor, just one who's signing on) who was an AIDS denier:

"And are you going to toss in anything relevant into the mythology of HIV causing AIDS…"

a doctor who does down 'flu jabs

"I have never had a flu-jab and don't intend to start having one now. Like the statin drugs, flu vaccinations are a load of cobblers"

while they're being advertised on the front page of the surgery at which he works, supports convicted child killers,

"Imagine your baby dying and the struggle to save him. Imagine being arrested for shaking him to death. Imagine going to prison for life without possibility of parole for a murder you did not commit, for a crime that hadn't happened. Remember Alan Yurko? That nightmare happened to him."

preferring to believe that children beaten so badly that they had several broken ribs were in fact injured by vaccines

"Alan Yurko was forced to admit manslaughter to secure release for a crime he didn't do - and to let vaccines off the hook for killing a baby"

He's a raging anti-semite,

"Look at the young people of Israel who laugh as the bombs rain down on Gaza"

bitter as hell that others have achieved more than he has, bitter that his mother's main claim to fame was shown up as utter incompetence, and is frankly a pointless buffoon and moron (see JABSLoonies passim).

He's now unemployed, and with any luck, he'll stay that way. We all expect doctors to be honest, trustworthy, ethical and professional. Dr Mark "Cybertiger" Struthers was none of those, but is a very nasty piece of work and for all those reasons we should celebrate his dismissal.

Monday, 20 July 2009

John Scudamore talks shit again

John "Pigfucker" Scudamore is spreading his usual lies around, worrying the new inhabitants of the JABS world.

They haven't proven Hep B is associated with a virus

Unfortunately, Pigfucker, yes "they" have. There's a pretty detailed - yet easy to understand - description, with copious references here at Wikipedia. Spreading this kind of dangerous misinformation should be a crime.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More morons

It seems that JABS has quietened down once more, and is simply the refuge of the feeble minded and the easily led sheep. No Gus the Fuss spouting his incomprehensible nonsense, John Stone's more interested in his unholy matromony with loony anti-vax lawyer Clifford Miller on their "ChildHealthSafety" site, and of course no Cybertiger, who's lying very low since he was sacked from his GP job. (Was I the only one to look up when the news that "Bedfordshire GP dies of Swine 'Flu" came through?)

However, there are still morons floating around (as well as Suba and Rosemary - who's still posting any mental "research" she can find - I don't know what she's trying to prove).

MissParker writes:

I was in the same boat during my pregnancy. Then I started reading. And I read some more. And I am still reading and searching for information, even though I have already decided never to vaccinate my son.

So, MissParker, you decided not to vaccinate, then you do some reading. And no matter what reading you do, nothing's going to change your mind. Not even if you get pointed towards sensible sources of information, rather than JABS, NaturalNews, Mercola and AgeOfAutism. Because you've already made up your mind.

You see, really open-minded people also read. They read everything they can, looking for things that challenge their viewpoint, not (and this is crucial) things that support their predetermined viewpoint. They look for holes in research, they look for bias, they look for problems in all the research and news. They don't do what John "Cock" Stone does, and look for holes in reports that don't support him, while unthinkingly embracing and accepting any piece of shit that does support him.

MissParker and lou3 (who came up with a similar post) - please constantly rethink your position (as really open-minded people do all the time) - don't simply decide on a position, then look for information which props that position up. Think from a genuinely open-minded position - not that of an easily led half-witted sheep.

(If it helps, remember - most alternative medicine sites are trying to sell you something.)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Reality / Fiction

They've lost it over at JABS. "Karen" posted the following over the weekend;

Did anyone see Torchwood last night...about the government lying about jabs?Very interesting

Karen - I hate to break it to you, but Torchwood is not a "fly on the wall" documentary series… ;-)

Friday, 10 July 2009

Can they not make up their tiny minds?

The idiots at JABS appear unable to make up their minds about anything. First of all they complain that HPV anti-cervical cancer vaccinations have been inadequately tested;

"As Canada, in large part due to aggressive behind the scenes lobbying, rolls out the not-comprehensively-tested Merck HPV vaccine for girls as young as nine"

Then Rosemary posts a story from, written by one Christina England*, which claims;

We have always suspected it and now they admit it,GSK are using young girls (as young as 9 in some areas) as human Guinea Pigs in HPV vaccine Cervarix trials.

Phase III Trials Phase III studies are underway in 37 countries with more than 39,000 subjects planned.

So, final tests, on actual people are being done, on far too many people, which means that not enough tests have been done. I see. Sigh.

*Note that Christina England's handy biog states that;

Currently I am exploring vaccines and the adverse reactions that they can and do cause, particularly Autism, ADHD and other neurological and physical disorders.

So not exactly likely to be a well balanced piece then - especially given the headline

Girls used as Guinea Pigs in HPV Trials Admits GSK

and the story being illustrated by a picture of an actual guinea pig…

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

It's not rocket science - oh, wait…

Some of the real lunacy at JABS at the moment is based on anecdotes about supposed bad reactions to Gardasil and Cervarax - the anti-cervical cancer vaccinations. Obviously a lot of it is "I'm not giving this to my daughter, it's not been tested properly", "It's just a big money maker for Glaxo" etc nonsense, but this piece from Suba (who else?) is inspired stupidity.

Aluminium is common to Cervarix and Gardasil. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening here although it would help. Aluminium is used as a fuel to send rockets into space…

Ashley mentioned explosions going on in her blood vessels. Hmmmmmm what could that be I wonder

Apparently aluminium in vaccines (for which there's no evidence that this causes any kind of harm, incidentally) can actually cause your blood to explode!!!

AAAAARGH!! Presumably because it can be used in saucepans, it's also turning your blood into a nice tomato and basil sauce, ideal for pouring over pasta.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Let's kill people!!

It's tempting to change the URL of this site to "" - especially after this, regarding H1N1 swine 'flu:

Why are we not promoting flu parties?

Because people might die? The same reason that no-one in their right fucking mind organises measles parties any more?

I know, let's have a smallpox party!! And then a syphillis party!!! And an AIDS party. YOU FUCKING MORON!!!


Phew. Thanks.

Oh my god - other morons have had the same idea (BBC News).

Edit again
The Daily Mash has a great take on this: ALL CHILDRENS PARTIES A BAD IDEA, SAY DOCS

…He added: "From what we have been able to determine so far, it does seem to be the same sort of people who believe that MMR jabs will turn their kids into Rain Man.

"You know, arseholes."

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Foam, froth...

Suba has posted this cracking link - a foaming conspiracy rant by a Dr Leonard Horowitz about Swine Flu. Suba clearly believes any piece of shit she sees on the internet, provided it's evidence free, and ideally almost as mad as David Icke.

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Horowitz has previous form in being a FUCKING MENTAL PARANOID IMBECILE:
Some interesting extracts from his Wikipedia biography:

Among Dr. Horowitz's better-known titles are Deadly Innocence: Solving the Greatest Murder Mystery in the History of American Medicine (1994), in which he claims that Kimberly Bergalis' dentist, David J. Acer was a pedophile and a serial killer who used HIV as his murder weapon; and Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1996), which advances the theory that AIDS and Ebola were engineered by the U.S. government with biological warfare and genocide in mind.


Dr. Horowitz works closely with some Web-based vendors of Holistic Health remedies of various kinds, occasionally setting up their websites for them. In the immediate wake of the 2003 SARS outbreak, he and some associates promoted what they claimed was "effective treatment" for the disease, a spectrum of naturopathic products all using the name "Urbani"; Dr. Carlo Urbani, then recently deceased of SARS, had first reported the disease to the World Health Organization (WHO). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Fair Trade Commission (FTC) warned Dr. Horowitz about the products' clear regulatory infringements, but it appears he has never permanently stopped marketing the claimed SARS remedies. As an apparent adjunct to his other health-related businesses, Dr. Horowitz has also attempted to operate a spa in Hawaii, called Steam Vent Inn. It has apparently been shut down by the County of Hawai'i Planning Department since 2006.

So, Horowitz is a scaremongering, lying quack who is trying to flog products on the back of it.

And Suba is a credulous fucking moron - which is about par for the course at JABS.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Can these people not be sued?

Jackie Fletcher has repeated an evidenceless claim found elsewhere on the web, designed purely to create panic about the MMR jab.

In June of 2000, the Center for Disease Control, the World Wealth Organization, the FDA, "leading" scientists and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry got together for a secret meeting.

Their focus was the growing public and scientific awareness that mercury used as a preservative in vaccines for children had unleashed an epidemic of autism.

The participants came to three conclusions:

1. They acknowledged the autism/mercury connection was true (or at least highly plausible)

2. They conspired to create a statistical smokescreen to obscure the science

3. They agreed not to disclose anything that took place at the meeting

This is a completely groundless claim, designed purely to stir up panic and stoke the fires of Fletcher's personal anti-vaccine agenda. It is presented with no evidence, nor any documentation to show that there may be any grain of truth to it.

It is, in short, an outright lie, repeated by Fletcher (who does her level best to come across as the reasonable face of anti-vax frothing). But she (and others) know that they can make and repeat this kind of mental conspiracy theory bollocks until the cows come home, and there's nothing that anyone can do about it.

She's an evil witch and wants locking up.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Simple, pointless lying

Suba, idiot that she is, has penned a rant full of some of the most common crap that the JABS crew throw at worried mothers.

I would not waste my money on single vaccines.

She starts with something we agree on, but, I suspect, not for the same reasons.

There is enough measles being pumped into those children getting the MMR to go around.

This is the "Selfish" gambit, beloved of the evil bastards at JABS - if everyone else is vaccinated, it provides enough herd immunity for their children to be at very little risk. The trouble is, their campaigning has helped lower the levels of MMR cover so that herd immunity is unlikely to protect those genuinely at risk.

Your child/children most likely have antibodies already and you may not even have noticed their exposure to measles.

Bullshit. If your child had measles, you'd've known it. Measles, even if it doesn't leave long lasting damage, is a very unpleasant condition for a child.

Some people known as carriers will carry the measles without ridding their body from it infecting others, there is nothing vaccines can do about that only making it worse.

Um - again, bullshit.

Autistic children have been found to have measles in their gut post vaccination.

No, they haven't. Dr Andrew Wakefield claimed to have found it - no-one unconnected to Wakefield has ever replicated these findings, Wakefield's co-authors retracted the paper, and Wakefields methods were found to be seriously flawed, and in several cases his results were found to be fabricated.

Many children are referred to a doctor if they have measles but they do not get the obvious result from blood tests. Only if their immune system is compromised and they cannot mount a normal response to this benign disease does measles get blamed, included in statistics and heralded to the public in a rather alarmist manner.

I have no clue what she's trying to say here, other than "measles is a benign disease". Measles is not a benign disease - measles is a potential killer, it hospitalises a large proportion of kids who get it, and may leave your child damaged for life.

If your child is over one year old he/she and not under nourished and healthy then their is nothing to worry about because their vitamin C and iodine resources should be adequate.

Suba is a fully paid up member of the "Vitamin C cures everything" brigade, as peddled by John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore. A lack of Vitamin C will cause scurvy, and will leave the body less strong than it should be, but it's not an indicator for Measles.

Why people believe this evidence free crap that they pick up from alt-med or "natural health" websites is beyond me.

Actually, it's not beyond me. It's symptomatic of morons who pick a conclusion, then ignore the evidence against it, but lap up made up shit that supports their chosen point of view. Most mothers, and mothers to be are, I hope, brighter than this.

(Frankly, pigshit is brighter than this...)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Symptomatic of the stupidity that infests our world

A new poster on JABS who, again, may well be a sock puppet asks:

Hi, this is my first post and already i'm wanting something! Basically I would far rather take advice from the wealth of experience that ordinary people can offer than the biased party line stuff you get from the medical profession.

This attitude, while wholly stupid, is, unfortunately rather widespread in this country. It's propagated by the morons at JABS and other alt-med / natural health / scaremonger forums, it's propagated by the Daily Vile and other tabloid rags, it's propagated by CAM practitioners, and all too often it's propagated by the "man in the pub".

*sigh* It's as though the enlightenment never happened. I guess one upside to this attitude may be that the terminally idiotic may rely entirely on homeopathy and acupuncture for their health care, and as a result remove themselves permanently from society. The problem is is that they want to take their children with them - I'd argue that this kind of attitude to health care for children is criminal behaviour (reckless endangerment or something) and should be prosecuted - preferably resulting in jail.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

JABS still attracting morons. :-(

I had hoped that JABS had ceased having any influence. Jackie "I want children to die" Fletcher has imposed a moderation system, Mark "Cybertiger" Struthers has been sacked from his GP position, and most of the rest of the loons there have been reduced to reposting shit from NaturalNews or Mercola.

However, every now and again, a new member (who may or may not be a sockpuppet) comes along, and has the same question answered…

That question is always "Should I vaccinate?"

That's exactly the question Jackie Fletcher and John "Cock" Stone want asking, so they can provide their stock answer - "No" - and can then repeat their stock arguments, stock canards, stock lies, and stock stupidity. Of course these posters are sockpuppets, but every now and again, some other moron (more moronic than Jackie Fletcher, which, frankly, takes some doing) chimes in.

If you are really worried about measles, I would suggest that you contact a good homeopath and speak to them about boosting your child's immune system and how to treat measles if they catch it. I have an 8 month old son and he is full of allergies and has severe eczema. There is no way that I am getting him vaccinated with the MMR or any other vaccines.

OK. Let's take this apart in the usual way.

A "good homeopath". How is a "good" homeopath any better than any other kind of homeopath? A homeopath will give you water, or sugar pills. Water, or sugar pills will not cure anything. Neither will homeopathic nosodes (homeopathic term for homeopathic vaccines) protect you from anything, because, get this, homeopathic nosodes are… water. Or sugar tablets. They're not going to protect you, or your children from anything. The homeopath that tells you that they will will be going to whatever hell they believe in, because they're charging you money for water. Or sugar pills. That they say will protect your child, but don't. Homeopathic nosodes, homeopathic vaccines are just water (or sugar pills) and they will not provide any kind of protection for your children. In effect, homeopaths are taking your money, and laughing as your children are left open to deadly diseases. But they don't care.

Could I make it any clearer?

Eczema and allergies in small children are conditions that can be treated (in severe cases), or more commonly, they'll be grown out of. You don't need a quack selling you water or sugar pills to assist that "growing out of".

More importantly, if you think that giving your child water or sugar pills is going to protect him/her from measles, pertussis, mumps or anything else, you're fucking deluded, and have clearly been lied to so many times by these quacks that you believe it. If you take their advice, your child could become seriously ill or die.

Measles can kill your child. Do you want your child to be protected against it by water? No. Unless you're a fucking moron.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cybertiger vanishes

Cybertiger appears to have disappeared. Dr Mark Struthers is no longer listed as working at the Flitwick Surgery… I know he used to read this regularly, so, Dr Struthers - would you like to tell us the story? Have you been sacked, or struck off?

Edit: Many, many thanks to Steve on this one. It appears that Cybertiger / Dr Struthers has indeed been sacked for gross misconduct. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

How is it possible to be so stupid?

Suba wins the prize for "Moron Of The Month", by making one post, to which it's possible to reply "No, that's not true" to every single point.

If you have vaccinated your child with the routine vaccines leading up to the MMR your child is at greater risk from suffering seizure if exposed to measles by way of nature or vaccine induced. This is due to the aluminium content of vaccines leading up to the MMR in a child with raised body temperature.

That is why Calpol although an abhorrent pharmaceutical product recommended for fever reduction has not been withdrawn off the market for fever management.

Nature wants children to fever to kill virus and clear toxins through skin exantham.
The big pharma cartel want fever managed pharmaceutically and all there corrupt lackeys want to get away with putting aluminium in vaccines and prevent children from dying by using toxic sedation to artificially control body temperature. For the most part children survive but at what cost in the long term ....diabetes, MS, Chronic fatigue, obesity, reproductive disfunction and of course cancer. When they do fever the aluminium can damage the brain causing autism. Who benefits from all these ailments; big pharma, charities, doctors and lawyers can all feed at the trough of our damaged children.

The MMR has been testified to cause Autism although the vaccine itself has no aluminium content. Children who fever with the MMR and had all their pre MMR vaccine shots are at increased risk of vaccine damage due to aluminium loading in their small bodies from previous vaccinations.

There is less aluminium in a vaccine than in your daily intake of food - unless you eat saucepans for breakfast.

Aluminium has never been shown to cause diabetes, MS, "chronic fatigue", obesity, reproductive disfunction or cancer. Neither has any vaccine.

Suba is utterly, utterly paranoid, sucked into the "big pharma / big charity" conspiracy theories she clearly reads every night before bed.

MMR may have been "testified" to cause autism (ie, someone has claimed it is, with no evidence), but it has never been *shown* to cause autism. Anecdote is not data.

"Aluminium loading" seems to be the latest thing for the anti-vaccine mob since everything else has been systematically shown to not be harmful. Evil morons. If any worried parents, or parents to be are reading this - no. Aluminium in the miniscule amounts present in vaccines is not harmful.

The problem is that the loons at JABS can make ludicrous claims like these, without any kind of comeback. Someone, somewhere will believe them. It should be possible to have them sued, locked up, or shot in the face.

Friday, 22 May 2009

It's all about ME!

Truth Seeker gets viler by the day.

Taking a risk with a vaccine in order to protect third parties is an issue i find personally repugnant and a wonderful sales method.
I take full responsibility for my own health and would never ever ask a third party to risk a vaccine for my benefit or my childrens as i think it morally stinks.

Hmm - yes, asking someone to take a risk that you're not prepared to take, simply to help you is a very selfish way of behaving. However, it's exactly what Truth Seeker and the rest of the non-jabbers are doing. They're relying on herd immunity to protect their children, even though there's no good reason for their children not to be vaccinated.

Unfortunately, due to their crass stupidity and selfishness, that herd immunity can no longer be relied on.

Truth Seeker's argument also falls down when you consider the effect of the MMR vaccine. It protects the recipient directly. It's not a case of "take this to help others" - it's a case of "take this to help yourself"; herd immunity is the natural long term outcome.

Herd immunity protects the weaker members of society - the very young, and those with medical conditions which prevent them being able to take the MMR vaccine themselves. For anyone to state that they're not willing to have that as a side effect of a vaccine that helps them is just vile - the attitude of someone who'd not call 999 for an ambulance for a road accident victim, due to worries about running their credit down.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

There is no autism epidemic

While JABS is a little short on lunacy at the moment - maybe that moderation is having an effect - I thought I'd post this link.

It's something I've argued for a long time (in person, not on this blog, so don't bother looking for it) - that the "autism epidemic" is mainly due to children who were diagnosed (or dismissed) in the 1970s and 1980s as being "slow", "retarded", or "special" are these days referred to as "autistic". It really is a difference in diagnostic criteria.

When I was at school, there were three boys in my classes who (and please - I'm not a physician, clinician, or any other kind of medical professional - this is an opinion) today would more than likely have been diagnosed as "autistic". Then, they were "difficult", "retarded", or just "weird". The descriptions that follow are purely from memory, from primary (2) and secondary (1) school. They're not intended to be insulting, nor are they intended to be clinical diagnoses.

One boy sat rocking in his chair all day, dribbling, hardly able to speak in coherent sentences, while being able to finish maths tests quicker than anyone else in the school.

Another boy was also able to perform the hardest maths problems set him (at age 9), but was unable to write a simple word (say "cat", or "and"), and had a terrible fear of water. Consequently he came to school stinking, but would not be washed by his mother or by teachers - when they tried, he would get extremely violent, attacking teacher with whatever came to hand; scissors, chairs, tables etc.

A third boy had to be (at secondary school) led from class to class by a friend, otherwise he screamed the house down - but he scored good grades in all subjects except English, right the way through school. He just had no social skills - I once sat across the aisle from him in an exam, and watched him spend the whole exam feeding a long, sticky trail of snot from his nose directly into his mouth with the end of a fountain pen. For three hours. He never wrote a word.

Those are children who today would no doubt be labelled "autistic" - and would receive the help they needed and deserved. They'd also become statistics. The statistics that Jackie "Measles" Fletcher and John "Cock" Stone happily quote to show an autism "epidemic". It's not an epidemic - it's a change in diagnosis. It's symptomatic of a society that is far more keen to give someone a proper label, a society that is far less likely to simply discard children like those I've described above, a medical profession which now realises that labelling children as "retards" or "cretins" isn't acceptable.

However, that medical profession that is doing its best to atone for the sins of the past and is trying to help is now vilified by the anti-vaxers like Stone and Fletcher, and accused of all kinds of ills by the alt-med loons (Truthseeker, jennyr, Gus The Fuss) and conspiracy merchants (Minority View, Gus The Fuss (again)).

You all know you're wrong, that there is no "autism epidemic", that the intoduction of MMR hasn't pushed up autism rates, but you've invested so much of your life in pushing your point that you can't admit you're wrong.

I'm still offering an amnesty. Just be big enough to admit you're wrong, and spend your time looking after your children rather than putting all your efforts into apportioning blame (Gus, John and Jackie) - and I'll buy you a drink and shake your hand. How about it?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I hope they take their own advice

That prime arsehole, Truthseeker, has this gem of advice for anyone suffering from 'flu.

They [Tamiflu] do have some nasty side effects and are nowhere near as effective as they are made out to be.
Check out elderberry extract or tincture or make your own at home from dried elderberries and vodka, Safer and lot more more effective.
It can often just abort the Flu in 2 or 3 days.

If you get swine 'flu, please let me come round your house and watch you try and shift it with a spoonful of elderberry jam and a couple of bottles of Smirnoff.

Edit: Gus the Fuss and jennyr are suggesting now would be a good time to book a holiday to Mexico, as Swine 'Flu doesn't exist, and you can probably get cheap tickets right now. Oh please, pleeeeease… I'm tempted to offer to pay for their tickets, provided they take John "Cock" Stone with them.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mr Whale on Spanish 'flu

John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore has, predictably, chimed in on Swine 'Flu and Spanish 'Flu.

The only serious so called viral attack, Spanish Flu, was a mass vaccine poisoning. The only way they can get you is if you are unwise enough to take a vaccines, but they have to be careful not to make the vaccine look like the cause.

For anyone who's even considering taking some sort of advice from the JABS forum, this must surely be the final nail in its credibility. Given that the Spanish 'Flu virus has been identified, photographed and recreated - and that there's not a shred of evidence to connect all the dead with a common vaccine, "Pig Fucker" has well and truly shot himself in the foot this time.

Unsurprisingly, he has a page on about Swine 'Flu, including the usual conspiracy theories and lies.

Woopee, just like the AIDS virus, a so called 'deadly combination or 3 viruses' that turned out to be harmless, assuming it, HIV, even exists! Just a ploy to get people onto deadly AIDS drugs, and stop the proper treatment of the usual African diseases.


Avoid all vaccines, they started the fake AIDS epidemic with a Hepatitis B vaccine. If they cared about viral attack they would be using Vitamin C, Zapper and Ozone, three decades old cures (over no drug cures). But you can't create a panic if no one fears viruses, or sell vaccines and Tamiflu

I hope he gets hit by a bus.

Monday, 27 April 2009


Since the news that Meningitis cases have fallen massively in the last few years, due to vaccination programmes (BBC News), only one thread has started on JABS on this subject. And it only has two posts, both of which have been today.
( )
Both the posts have been by "Jackie" - this may be Jackie Fletcher, although she tends to post as "admin" - and both are simple reposts of the BBC story I've just linked to, and a story in the Independent, both of which are overwhelmingly pro-vaccination.

Shall we start a sweepstake to see how long it takes before there are extra posts from the usual JABS morons, pointing out that this simply proves that the vaccinations aren't required, due to naturally falling levels of meningitis.

I reckon someone - John "Cock" Stone, Gus The Fuss, Truth Seeker or John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore - will try and spin it as an anti-vaccine story.
Truth Seeker, possibly that most ironically named moron, has come up with this splendid untruth:

When it comes to drugs and vaccines i disagree with all sentiment. a sentiment is nothing but a thought, view, or attitude, especially one based mainly on emotion instead of reason.

When the only argument against vaccination is based on appeals to emotion ("Won't somebody think of the babies?!", "There's COW FOETUS in your vaccines", "You'd agree if it was YOUR child!", "YOU HAVEN'T GOT A VACCINE DAMAGED CHILD, YOU EVIL BASTARD, HENCE YOU CAN HAVE NO OPINION!" etc etc) with no scientific basis, this is deliciously ironic.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Um - Just Say "Twat"

justsayno has made a rather remarkable assertion when it comes to measles:

I was born in 64 and am pretty sure I did't get any vacinnes until I was at least 12 months old. They weren't vaccinating for measles then - my brother (2 years older) caught it and had a complication - it may have slightly impaired his hearing on one side - but he is a professional musician so it wasn't significant.

So, a hearing impairment isn't significant? Especially not for a professional musician?

I have relatives who are professional musicians. I think they'd take exception to that. Obviously in justsayno's world, "musician" isn't a real occupation, and a permanent hearing defect, one that these days could be avoided, isn't a problem.


There was just hope left at the bottom…

"Emerald" asks:

I have heard that some surgeries have asked for written withdrawal of consent for the child to have a vaccine/vaccines. Has anyone been asked for this and did you provide it?

I hope so. I really do. I hope my surgery asks for written consent, I hope your surgery asks for written consent to not vaccinate children. I hope surgeries take the lists of those who refuse vaccination to the local paper. I hope the local paper print those lists with the headline "THESE PEOPLE WANT CHILDREN TO DIE!". With pictures. I hope the local schools refuse to deal with them. I hope they get run over by other stupid people in 4x4s. I hope their children get taken into care - where they might get some love and proper healthcare, rather than being abused by neglect by their natural parents and used as some kind of trophy to 'prove' their parents' mental anti-science views. They might have a happy, healthy childhood that way, rather than be subjected to fifty year old "healthcare" (be deliberately introduced to carriers of potentially fatal diseases - hey, it's good for them!) , and suffer (and possibly die, get encephalitis, or be made sterile) by/from measles or mumps.

I don't want unnecessarily unvaccinated children at my daughter's school when she starts in September. I want the parents to be outed, shamed, and put in the stocks for public ridicule and humiliation. I want my daughter, and all other children to be safe and healthy, not put at risk by the likes of "Emerald", Jackie Fletcher, John "Cock" Stone or Gus The Fucking Fuss.


Monday, 13 April 2009


Back in the 1980s, there was a popular rôle playing game, called "Tunnels and Trolls". It had a spin off wargame, called "Monsters! Monsters!", which was apparently named from the cries of rôle players when swarms of, um, monsters turned up.

Hence the title of this blog post.

I cry it, every time I read the shit that's posted at JABS, or Childhealthsafety, or AgeOfAutism, or, frankly, anywhere…

The JABSers are crowing over the über-brainless-twat Jenny McCarthy's appearance on the Larry King Show (which I believe is quite popular in the US of A).

The JABS crew are claiming some kind of twisted victory:

See for yourself this remarkable US TV coverage of this issue in full - five parts - many more videos too.

Unfortunately for the likes of Clifford "Big Red Cockend" Miller, John "Cock" Stone, Jackie "I want to kill children" Fletcher and the rest of the JABS crew, McCarthy and her cock-end of a boyfriend Jim Carrey managed to make a complete arse of themselves.

Here's a pretty good deconstruction of what was actually said.

Fletcher, Stone, Miller - you can just fuck right off - your USA poster girl has made you all look really, REALLY stupid.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Open and closed mindedness

I've gone on at length about the JABS crowd's use of the phrase "open-minded" and "closed-minded" - here's an excellent YouTube Video (Via the ever-excellent Orac), which everyone at JABS should see.

(My only quibble with it is its repeated use of the phrase "close-minded". "Closed-minded", surely?)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

John Scudamore - what a fucking arsehole

JABS has recently become a moderated forum - ie, all posts have to be approved by some kind of "referee", before they appear on the site. Presumably Jackie "I'm happy for kids to die" Fletcher has taken this step to stop the kind of racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, anti-science, conspiracy-driven shit that is symptomatic of the the frothing loons who inhabit the JABS forum.

Good plan.

However, this isn't the case, as can be seen from this post from John "Whale.To" Scudamore;

DDT was behind the polio epdemics, and polio was the label they used to hide that fact. They were spraying it from planes, and up alleyways as they thought it was spread by flies. It got into the milk supply as well.

When they brought out the vaccine they kid the cases under aseptic meningitis, mostly, but there about 20 different terms they hid it under eg

Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic syndrome, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, epidemic cholera, cholera morbus, spinal meningitis, spinal apoplexy, inhibitory palsy, intermittent fever, famine fever, worm fever, bilious remittent fever, ergotism, ME, post-polio syndrome, acute flaccid paralysis.

I was wondering what the fallout from the DDT spraying would be.

If they cared about malaria they would be using Jim Humbles cheap cure. Just like they would use Vitamin C to cure 'infections' such as polio, meningitis etc. Meningits looks to be a poiosn disease anyway

Shall we take this to pieces one step at a time boys and girls? Good. Then we'll begin.

DDT is an insecticide, used to keep down the mosquito population. Wikipedia has quite a good article on it. Polio (or, more accurately, "Poliomyelitis") is a viral infectious disease. A virus. Passed from person to person.

While DDT is nasty stuff, it's not a virus. It's a synthetic chemical. It cannot cause polio, because (are you keeping up here Scudamore?) IT'S NOT A FUCKING VIRUS.

Let's move on. Meningitis is inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Again, Wikipedia has a good, not-too-scientific layman's piece on it. It's not polio, and wouldn't be confused with it. Also - it's a condition, not a specific disease. It has several causes. It's not just poisoning.

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by protozoan parasites, transmitted by insects - mosquitoes usually. Those same mosquitoes that DDT is used to control.

These are three completely separate diseases / conditions. Vitamin C will not cure any of them. They are not similar (other than all being potentially lethal).

However, morons like Scudamore (and others on the JABS forum) prefer to believe that all three are different names for the same thing, and has been spread deliberately by governments, the Elders of Zion, or the Bavarian Illuminati.

You can laugh at Scudamore for being an insane whackjob, but his ideas on vaccination are as bad as Stone, Fletcher, MV and Hilary "Liar" Butler. They will, if taken to their logical conclusion, lead to children dying. That, in my book, is attempted murder, and they all want locking up.

Please, read this

This isn't about JABS. This is a link to a post on ScienceBlogs by "Orac".

It just brings together so many anti-vax lies, and then points and laughs at them.

They're American, but those arguments happen at JABS. Jackie Fletcher, John Stone et al, please read this, then explain here why the article doesn't blow your article out of the water. You murderous bastards.

Monday, 30 March 2009

There's a fairly new poster on JABS, who goes by the name of "Spambuster". He or she has made an interesting point:

As the average age of diagnosis of childhood autism is 3-4 [depending on which sources you use] and for Aspergers it is around 8 years old, this means that half the children of those average ages will not yet have been diagnosed.

If this is the case, how come anti-vaxers claim that parents can identify the very moment their child started regressing into autism? And that moment is always shortly after vaccination? Or do they write the moment on a calendar, then wait between two and seven years before taking any concerns to a doctor?

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Minority View gets more of an arse every time she posts on JABS.

"Advice3" has made some comment,

The position often stated in this forum is that the decline of measles etc was due to better sanitation and hygiene, and not vaccination.

This is true. The JABS position has always been that measles deaths have been on the decline, and so measles would have died out without vaccination. The truth is somewhat different, as I outlined in my last post.

Minority View now agrees with me.

You dudes really cannot get things straight, can you?

Decline in measles, no. Decline in measles deaths, yes.

Just look at the rate of measles deaths in U.S. in 50s and compare to rate of measles deaths in Africa. Were all the children vaxed against measles in the U.S. in 1950? No. Did they die by the 100s of thousands? No.

But this may be too subtle a concept.

No, MV. It's not "too subtle a concept" - we understand that. Measles mortality has dropped dramatically, mainly due to, as you say, improved hygiene, better medical care, antibiotics etc. Measles incidence has dropped dramatically due to vaccination.

What may be too subtle a concept for you, is what's mind-fuckingly obvious to the rest of us;

If death from measles has dropped to such a low level - say, one in 10,000 - then if thanks to vaccination the actual number of children infected is in single, or the low double figures, then the number of deaths will be zero. Or maybe one in ten years.

If, however, you don't vaccinate, and every child gets measles, at that such low level, we'll have ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred deaths a year. And that's deaths. Kids are left permanently disabled due to measles and mumps. Yes, they may well be kids with reduced immune function - but if you vaccinated all the kids around them, they wouldn't be exposed to measles in the first place. YOU MORON! But you don't actually care, do you? You, Stone, Fletcher - you don't care about real children, dead children, do you? No. You care about proving your vile pseudo-science point. You've been shown to be wrong again and again - but you can't let it lie. And children will die because of you. You evil witch.

Now - how difficult is that?

Minority View, and all those who support her witterings, WANT CHILDREN TO DIE.

Anti-vaccinators should be retitled as "advocates of lethal diseases".

Friday, 20 March 2009

Lies, misrepresentation, and abuse

With the absence of any good news for the anti-vaccinators, the JABS crowd have gone back to their favourite hobbies: being abusive, misrepresenting data and doling out dangerous medical advice and misinformation.

First of all comes a new poster by the name of "catrin-m", who posts a link to the comments on a BBC piece about vaccines (not the piece itself, just the comments), and asks what the JABS regulars think about it. Sounds like a sock puppet to me, designed to give the ranters something to shout about. Sure enough, the king of incoherence, Gus the Fuss pipes up with a link to Clifford Miller and John Stone's blog, Childhealthsafety (oh, the irony). He then quotes from the site;

This is the data the drug industry do not want you to see. Here 2 centuries of UK, USA and Australian official death statistics show conclusively and scientifically modern medicine is not responsible for and played little part in substantially improved life expectancy and survival from disease in western economies.

All this is is the tired old graphs about mortality rates, the graphs that purport to show that measles would have died out without vaccines. Which is bollocks. Over the last hundred years or so - the period that Miller's graphs cover - standards of nutrition have gone up, hygiene has improved, and the standard of medical care has improved massively. Of course mortality rates were on the way down. Miller extends the rather vague "best fit" line to "demonstrate" that measles would have died out anyway. The trouble is, he doesn't show the incidence rate. This is perhaps a little more informative:

Measles incidence, showing quite clearly where the vaccine has (or had, until the anti-vax lobby decided to start trying to kill children) pretty much wiped measles out.

No-one is arguing that in "Western" countries, the consequences of catching measles aren't as dire as they once were - better health care, better nourished (generally) kids means a far lower percentage of kids actually die from the disease - but without the vaccine, the number of kids catching the disease would be so much higher, and hence the number of deaths proportionately highter.

Why Gus the Fuss, Clifford "Twat" Miller and John "Cock" Stone can't see that is beyond me. It's basic maths. (Actually, it's not beyond me. The reason's perfectly clear - between them they don't have the intelligence to win a battle of wits with a dandelion.)

John Scudamore (owner of Whale.To, pig farmer, and self-confessed receiver of arse burns through sitting on a ley line) then chimes in with pretty much the same argument, but, as is his style, endlessly quoting his own website and assorted discredited "Experts", especially the late Robert Mendelsohn. He cites conspiracy;

usual BBC propaganda, like the Times, along with most of the comments, never managed to get anyting onto BBC comment section yet.

(Yes John, that's because you're fucking mental)

In a subsequent post, Scudamore cites that proven liar Hilary Butler:

"Take the 1991 measles epidemic. They calculated that this epidemic costs the country 8 million dollars to treat the 9,000 plus cases. I'm not sure about that figure, but the FACT that over 60% of those children were appropriately vaccinated was never taken into consideration in that calculation."

Hilary Butler's another one with a poor grasp of maths - or a good grasp of maths, but uses it to misrepresent statistics in order to back up her argument that vaccines don't work.

If you have a population of (say) one million, 95% of whom are vaccinated with a vaccine that prevents infection 95% of the time, and lets say that a disease will infect 50% of non-vaccinated people, if the whole population are exposed to the disease, then:

50,000 non vaccinated people - 25,000 will get the disease.
950,000 vaccinated people - 47,500 will get the disease.

So, yes, in this simple example, 65% of those who got the disease were vaccinated.

If no-one had been vaccinated, around half a million would have caught the disease. You're an evil witch (and a liar) Butler.

Finally, John Stone weighs in:

I think Finn's piece was offensively patronising. A miscalculation which shows a shoddy intellect.

All I have to say about that is "Pot, kettle, cunt."

Monday, 16 March 2009

Andrew Wakefield tries to fend off the fact that he's a liar

The anti-vax-o-sphere has been awash over the last couple of days with the news that "Saint" Andrew Wakefield has made acomplaint to the Press Complaints Commission about the article in the Sunday Times (note to overseas readers: It's the "Sunday Times", not the "Sunday Times Of London". Just the "Sunday Times") that alleged that Dr Wakefield FALSIFIED THE DATA that lead to the 1998 study. That's the study that was published in "The Lancet", and subsequently retracted by nearly all its co-authors. Basically, the allegation was that DR ANDREW WAKEFIELD LIED. Given the potentially massive financial gains he stood to make if MMR was discredited, I can believe that.

Of course, as soon as the Sunday Times published this, the usual cock-end suspects leapt from the woodwork to discredit Mr Deer's reporting. John "Cock" Stone, Age of Fucking Autism (AoFA), JABS, fucking everyone. Interestingly, they didn't focus on the important point (that Wakefield HAD MADE IT ALL UP and had FALSIFIED HIS RESULTS for FINANCIAL GAIN; rather, they bleated on about the fact that Brian Deer had found this out by having access to documents that they claimed he shouldn't've had. Despite the fact that they'd been brought into the open in the GMC hearing against Wakefield.

So, faced with these career-destroying allegations, what does Wakefield do?

Well, it seems that he's spent a month or so writing A 58 page complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. The PCC, who can give a paper a slap on the wrists for unethical behaviour.

Interestingly, he hasn't instructed solicitors to go after the Sunday Times with the full force of England's not insubstantial libel laws - if someone printed untrue allegations about me that would destroy my career, that's what I'd do. But no. He contacts the PCC, and then… get this… issues a fucking press release about it.

So, you can see the thoughts going on in the mind of this fraud. Press release about complaint gets splashed all over the internet and (hopefully) supportive and gullable print media, complaint gets laughed out by PCC, silence. It then appears that he wins. It costs him nothing to complain to the PCC, avoids actual real allegations, and makes him look like the "maverick doctor, fighting for truth" that he wants to be.

When actually he's a fraud, a liar (he also repeats the untrue allegation that Brian Deer is the original complainant to the GMC) and a quack.

There's stuff on this at JABS but I can't even be bothered to quote the shit there any more.