Wednesday, 2 September 2009

"I don't believe it..."

Following on from yesterday, as if on cue, "Do Not Vaccinate" has made another post which perfectly illustrates my point about anti-vaxers not being prepared to listen to any information that shows their misguided point of view to be wrong.

Do you have any vaccine damage figures? If you could obtain any figures, they wouldn't be accurate as Drs refuse to admit that the problems are caused by these injections.

Any thoughts on how to get through to people like this? Or are the hardcore nutters best left alone while good information campaigns are targeted at the rest of the population?


Bob said...

It would be interesting to know what evidence would be acceptable to 'them' as proof vaccines are safe.

Becky said...

I think for the hardcore anti vaxers - Fletcher, Stone et al, there will never be any kind of evidence that convinces them. As I've said before, even if they were to have doubts about their position, their whole being is tied up in their belief. Stone in particular has invested so much of his time writing pompous letters to every print and internet outlet that to even show a doubt would destroy him.

The likes of DNV on the other hand - well, I suspect that if you were to sit down with her (I assume DNV is female, I could be wrong) and patiently go through the evidence, face to face, in an immediate way, rather than the long drawn out discussions that happen on the internet, I think she'd quite possibly see the light.

The thrust of any public health initiative though (IMO) needs to be informing "everyday people", just reinforcing the sensible message that vaccines save lives, they're safe, and the health "scares" around them are simply lies used to push the agendas of the likes of Stone, Fletcher and Scudamore.