Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Let's kill people!!

It's tempting to change the URL of this site to "" - especially after this, regarding H1N1 swine 'flu:

Why are we not promoting flu parties?

Because people might die? The same reason that no-one in their right fucking mind organises measles parties any more?

I know, let's have a smallpox party!! And then a syphillis party!!! And an AIDS party. YOU FUCKING MORON!!!


Phew. Thanks.

Oh my god - other morons have had the same idea (BBC News).

Edit again
The Daily Mash has a great take on this: ALL CHILDRENS PARTIES A BAD IDEA, SAY DOCS

…He added: "From what we have been able to determine so far, it does seem to be the same sort of people who believe that MMR jabs will turn their kids into Rain Man.

"You know, arseholes."

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Foam, froth...

Suba has posted this cracking link - a foaming conspiracy rant by a Dr Leonard Horowitz about Swine Flu. Suba clearly believes any piece of shit she sees on the internet, provided it's evidence free, and ideally almost as mad as David Icke.

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Horowitz has previous form in being a FUCKING MENTAL PARANOID IMBECILE:
Some interesting extracts from his Wikipedia biography:

Among Dr. Horowitz's better-known titles are Deadly Innocence: Solving the Greatest Murder Mystery in the History of American Medicine (1994), in which he claims that Kimberly Bergalis' dentist, David J. Acer was a pedophile and a serial killer who used HIV as his murder weapon; and Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional? (1996), which advances the theory that AIDS and Ebola were engineered by the U.S. government with biological warfare and genocide in mind.


Dr. Horowitz works closely with some Web-based vendors of Holistic Health remedies of various kinds, occasionally setting up their websites for them. In the immediate wake of the 2003 SARS outbreak, he and some associates promoted what they claimed was "effective treatment" for the disease, a spectrum of naturopathic products all using the name "Urbani"; Dr. Carlo Urbani, then recently deceased of SARS, had first reported the disease to the World Health Organization (WHO). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Fair Trade Commission (FTC) warned Dr. Horowitz about the products' clear regulatory infringements, but it appears he has never permanently stopped marketing the claimed SARS remedies. As an apparent adjunct to his other health-related businesses, Dr. Horowitz has also attempted to operate a spa in Hawaii, called Steam Vent Inn. It has apparently been shut down by the County of Hawai'i Planning Department since 2006.

So, Horowitz is a scaremongering, lying quack who is trying to flog products on the back of it.

And Suba is a credulous fucking moron - which is about par for the course at JABS.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Can these people not be sued?

Jackie Fletcher has repeated an evidenceless claim found elsewhere on the web, designed purely to create panic about the MMR jab.

In June of 2000, the Center for Disease Control, the World Wealth Organization, the FDA, "leading" scientists and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry got together for a secret meeting.

Their focus was the growing public and scientific awareness that mercury used as a preservative in vaccines for children had unleashed an epidemic of autism.

The participants came to three conclusions:

1. They acknowledged the autism/mercury connection was true (or at least highly plausible)

2. They conspired to create a statistical smokescreen to obscure the science

3. They agreed not to disclose anything that took place at the meeting

This is a completely groundless claim, designed purely to stir up panic and stoke the fires of Fletcher's personal anti-vaccine agenda. It is presented with no evidence, nor any documentation to show that there may be any grain of truth to it.

It is, in short, an outright lie, repeated by Fletcher (who does her level best to come across as the reasonable face of anti-vax frothing). But she (and others) know that they can make and repeat this kind of mental conspiracy theory bollocks until the cows come home, and there's nothing that anyone can do about it.

She's an evil witch and wants locking up.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Simple, pointless lying

Suba, idiot that she is, has penned a rant full of some of the most common crap that the JABS crew throw at worried mothers.

I would not waste my money on single vaccines.

She starts with something we agree on, but, I suspect, not for the same reasons.

There is enough measles being pumped into those children getting the MMR to go around.

This is the "Selfish" gambit, beloved of the evil bastards at JABS - if everyone else is vaccinated, it provides enough herd immunity for their children to be at very little risk. The trouble is, their campaigning has helped lower the levels of MMR cover so that herd immunity is unlikely to protect those genuinely at risk.

Your child/children most likely have antibodies already and you may not even have noticed their exposure to measles.

Bullshit. If your child had measles, you'd've known it. Measles, even if it doesn't leave long lasting damage, is a very unpleasant condition for a child.

Some people known as carriers will carry the measles without ridding their body from it infecting others, there is nothing vaccines can do about that only making it worse.

Um - again, bullshit.

Autistic children have been found to have measles in their gut post vaccination.

No, they haven't. Dr Andrew Wakefield claimed to have found it - no-one unconnected to Wakefield has ever replicated these findings, Wakefield's co-authors retracted the paper, and Wakefields methods were found to be seriously flawed, and in several cases his results were found to be fabricated.

Many children are referred to a doctor if they have measles but they do not get the obvious result from blood tests. Only if their immune system is compromised and they cannot mount a normal response to this benign disease does measles get blamed, included in statistics and heralded to the public in a rather alarmist manner.

I have no clue what she's trying to say here, other than "measles is a benign disease". Measles is not a benign disease - measles is a potential killer, it hospitalises a large proportion of kids who get it, and may leave your child damaged for life.

If your child is over one year old he/she and not under nourished and healthy then their is nothing to worry about because their vitamin C and iodine resources should be adequate.

Suba is a fully paid up member of the "Vitamin C cures everything" brigade, as peddled by John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore. A lack of Vitamin C will cause scurvy, and will leave the body less strong than it should be, but it's not an indicator for Measles.

Why people believe this evidence free crap that they pick up from alt-med or "natural health" websites is beyond me.

Actually, it's not beyond me. It's symptomatic of morons who pick a conclusion, then ignore the evidence against it, but lap up made up shit that supports their chosen point of view. Most mothers, and mothers to be are, I hope, brighter than this.

(Frankly, pigshit is brighter than this...)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Symptomatic of the stupidity that infests our world

A new poster on JABS who, again, may well be a sock puppet asks:

Hi, this is my first post and already i'm wanting something! Basically I would far rather take advice from the wealth of experience that ordinary people can offer than the biased party line stuff you get from the medical profession.

This attitude, while wholly stupid, is, unfortunately rather widespread in this country. It's propagated by the morons at JABS and other alt-med / natural health / scaremonger forums, it's propagated by the Daily Vile and other tabloid rags, it's propagated by CAM practitioners, and all too often it's propagated by the "man in the pub".

*sigh* It's as though the enlightenment never happened. I guess one upside to this attitude may be that the terminally idiotic may rely entirely on homeopathy and acupuncture for their health care, and as a result remove themselves permanently from society. The problem is is that they want to take their children with them - I'd argue that this kind of attitude to health care for children is criminal behaviour (reckless endangerment or something) and should be prosecuted - preferably resulting in jail.