Thursday, 28 June 2012

Australian Vaccination Network Seminars

Morning all.

That evil hag Meryl Dorey's at it again, trying to spread her pro-infectious disease, child killing agenda around Australia. This time she's organised a bunch of seminars throughout Central / Western New South Wales in August, mainly at ex-services clubs, where she and some cockend called Greg Beattie (Author of a probably self-published bound together collection of used fucking bog roll entitled "Vaccination, why I'm full of shit" or something - can't be bothered to look up the actual title right now) will bang on for bloody ages about the evils of TEH VACCINES - OH NOES!! Oh - and she's going to charge you fifteen Australian Dollars for the privilege of hearing her fucking whiny, nasal tones for god knows how long.

Now, you and I can laugh at the idea. We all know how fucking wrong and evil Meryl Dorey is. We know she tried to get hold of the medical records of a deceased child just so she could try and show that the child didn't die of pertussis. She's just fucking evil. But for those A$, there may be some nervous, new parents who might just take her message on board. And every parent who does, and so doesn't vaccinate their child, is endangering that child, and all those around him or her.

So, as a public service, here's a list of the places that "That Meryl" will be speaking at in August. There's plenty of time for these sensible clubs and event venues to cancel the booking, perhaps on the basis that she's fucking evil, so should you, my loyal reader, fancy perhaps dropping them a polite email, explaining that Meryl Dorey and her organisation of one is fucking evil, and how she'd like to see children around the world drop dead or become brain damaged due to preventable illnesses - and also possibly how the AVN has some very questionable financial practices (has anyone ever seen a copy of Living Wisdom - or is it just vapourware?) then that might just help.

Here's the itinerary:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'm back - and so's that cock John Stone

Hi all,

Apologies for being away for some time - lots of things have been happening in Becky's World, most of them not so good, but I think things are looking up finally and I'll be able to find a bit more time to post here.

At least, I thought things were looking up, until I saw a post on Age of Autism from John "Cock" Stone, castigating the Leveson Enquiry into press ethics for not investigating Brian Deer's excellent investigations into Andrew Wakefield's scaremongering.

Stone's tactic is simply to repeat a load of lies (Brian Deer making the original complaint to the GMC, illegally obtaining medical records etc), link to a load of his own posts alleging the same thing, link to a court report about something completely unrelated to newspapers or Brian Deer in the hope that it'll make him look clever, and then to accuse everyone involved of a conspiracy.

So far, so cock.

What Stone fails to realise is that, even if everything he alleges were true, it changes one fact not one bit. Wakefield's research was flawed, fraudulent, massively riddled with lies and undeclared conflicts of interest and did not provide a milli-shred of evidence that MMR is in any way related to autism. If his allegations were true, it would not exonerate Wakefield. And on an autism website, that's THE FUCKING POINT.