Monday, 22 September 2014

How soon will Wakefield be wanking for coins again?

Just a quick one here, but I thought you'd all like to hear that the Texas court has told Andrew Wakefield to stick his defamation suit up his arse. Couldn't have happened to a more unpleasant man. It seems he's had costs awarded against him too, so with any luck that big house in Austin will be up for sale again. Either that or he'll be reduced to getting Ed "Loser" Arranga and the rest of his arse lickers (maybe they'll find the remains of his lawsuit up there) to assist him in a new "Wanking for coins" operation.

Predictably, John Stone (who as we know, is a cock) has started banging on in the pages of the internet's equivalent of tomorrow's chip wrapper, Age of Autism, implying that it's all a big stitch up by Big Pharma.

Just leave it, Stone, you twat. If Wakefield was so convinced he had a case, he'd have sued in the UK. He clearly wasn't convinced, and knows he can't get away with bringing a suit and trying to delay it infinitely while his acolytes pour more cash into his bank account. Not again - he's tried that a couple of times and lost.

Wakefield - just fuck off for good please, and take that cock John Stone with you.