Wednesday, 19 August 2009

An excellent post about H1N1 vaccination issues

Not from JABS this one, funnily enough, but I thought I should post a link to is, given that it's an informed, balanced piece about the relative dangers of Guillain-Barré Syndrome which you might've read a lot about lately, and is used by the nutters at JABS as some kind of catch all evil these days.

The real dangers of h1N1 vaccine, by an actual proper doctor, not a JABS fuckwit.

Please read it.

General update - and Pigfucker

It's been depressingly quiet at JABS HQ lately. The usual probable sock puppet new posters, bleating on; "I've decided not to vaccinate, please use this as a reason to bang on about your personal reasons why you're anti-vaccine", the odd new regular poster (and in the case of one incoherent ranter, the ambiguously named "do not vaccinate", "odd" is the right word. Along with "stupid", "ill-informed", and usually "frothing"), and that arsehole of all arseholes, John "Pigfucker" Scudamore.

Pigfucker is quite clearly seeing a decline in the number of hits to his temple of idiocy, "", and so is back even more regularly, trying to scare the shit out of the new posters and regulars alike with his half-baked theories, quotes from discredited senile ex-intellectuals and lies.

One recent post provides the following crop of shit, all in 300 or so words.

Doctors and nurses are part of Allopathy, and the main med of allopathy is vaccination, so you would expect them to believe in and push vaccination. They don't want to wake up and find out they are the main instigators of autism, and all child disease.

Hmm. So, when you finally suffer from that aneurism, Pigfucker, you will naturally eschew all forms of medical treatment from said doctors and nurses? (Believe me, I hope you have the courage of your convictions and send them away if you survive more than three seconds.)

Let's rephrase that, shall we? "Doctors and nurses believe in science based medicine, rather than ludicrous quackery such as 'zappers' for cancer and vitamin C injections, which you believe can cure all viral illnesses. They train for years to give the best, evidence based care, and while not infallible are your best chance of recovering from serious illness, or preventing said illness in the first place."

Pigfucker has, as ever, omitted any actual evidence for his autism claim, and indeed for any of his other stupidity in this one post. (Yes, this is all one post.)

if they have to admit to vaccine autism it could open Pandora's box--there are 500,000 people in the UK with ASD, just for starters. In my opinion pharma medicine is 98% a hoax, that causes most of the disease on the planet today directly and indirectly.

Ah - now we're getting somewhere. "In my opinion"; The cry of the moron incapable of critical thinking - but blessed with an overactive imagination and a brain like a sponge, who's read far too many wingnut theories on the internet. Pigfucker - provide proper evidence for your ludicrous claims or shut the fuck up and stop trying to scare impressionable teenagers and nervous new parents. If you had all the arcane knowledge you claim to have, you'd be a doctor yourself, feted by your contemporaries, and probably the winner of several Nobel prizes. As it is, you're a pig farmer. What's your next mental hypothesis?

If he said it [Cervarix] was useless he would be out of a job pretty quick, not to mention his income would plummet. See what happened to Wakefield when he said use single jabs instead of triple.

Yes. He was exposed as a fraud and a liar, who fabricated his results, while being paid to produce a specific result, and all the while holding lucrative patents on single vaccines. He was run out of the country like the quack that he is, and will shortly be struck off by the GMC.

You see, Pigfucker? Your feeble claims are shot down at every turn. You're an evil, know-nothing cunt, and I hope you rot in hell.