Thursday, 27 November 2008

When is a charity not a charity?

Gus the Fuss is a twat. He posts gibberish at pub kicking out time, and when he might be sober, he just posts rubbish. Now, he's having a go at the National Autistic Society because they pay their staff.

Hidden agenda maybe to put it in a mild as possible way ..and lets not kid ourselves on theNAS aren’t a real charity not in the terms and sense of a real charity, the organisers draw big salaries

Someone should really tell Gus that all charities pay their staff. How do they expect to get competent, experienced and talented staff unless they pay salaries on a par with local government or the private sector? Pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Pay nothing, you might get a moron like Gus.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

MinorityView displays her inner arsehole

Not biologically speaking, you understand.

I generally have a little more time for MinorityView than most of the dickheads on JABS - she sticks to simply misrepresenting facts and twisting studies, rather than actually spouting obviously ludicrous pseudo-science and quack remedies.

Or at least she did.

Now that you have mentioned homeopathy the pro-vaxers will probably give up on you. They regard homeopathy the way vampires look on garlic

No MV - anyone with even a vague understanding of science regards homeopathy as most people regard a constipated mime artist. Utterly pointless, ineffective, and full of shit.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Suba provides advice that will kill you

This is the kind of advice that can kill.

It is also important to note that even once a person contracts meningitis their fate is not sealed, because bacterial meningitis has been treated effectively, bringing people back from death's door, using such support to the immune system as significant doses of intravenous Vitamin C. Please be aware, though, that a hospital will only administer alternative treatments when specifically instructed to by you - otherwise regimens that weaken the immune system are employed, particularly antibiotics, and the consequences can be fatal. You also need to be aware that legally the hospital must administer the Vitamin C if you request it. You are the boss, not them, but most hospital staff seem to need reminding of this! Seek the assistance of a doctor that is learned in nutritional therapies who can give the detailed instructions to the hospital.

For crying out loud - bacterial meningitis can, ond often will kill, without prompt treatment with antibiotics. If you follow this advice, YOU MAY WELL DIE.

Remember that if you even consider taking medical advice from any of the nutters of JABS. Suba wants prosecuting.

Vaccines made from DEAD BABIES!!!

Lola really is a moron. She's now equating vaccines with cannibalism.

I read that some vax's have material from aborted babies Im very very unhappy about that.. whatever the reasons ethically, it cannot be right in this society to push & push these childhood vax's onto an unsuspecting population of new parents who have no idea about this & like me would be truly disgusted (regardless of medical benefits they believe it provides)if they knew

& what does this fetal tissue provide in the vax's anyway???

to my mind its akin to cannabalism but much worse

For what it's worth, rubella vaccine is cultured on human cells, which are a line derived from a legal abortion in the 1960s. There are no aborted foetus cells in MMR. But the JABS crew will do anything to frighten or disgust worried mothers into avoiding vaccines.

Perhaps Lola was making a genuine enquiry, but then Truth Seeker chimes in with an explanation that does nothing to reassure. Evil bastard.

Friday, 21 November 2008

The dose is the poison

Having failed to find any real connection between anti-cervical cancer vaccinations and ill-health of any kind, Seonaid is using the "Green Our Vaccines" argument and claiming Gardasil is actually rat poison. Apparently there's sodium borate listed as an ingredient.

What do rat poison and the HPV vaccine have in common? The answer is a hazardous chemical known as sodium borate. Savvy readers may wonder what a toxin that is commonly used to kill rats is doing in the ingredient list for the HPV vaccine that is currently being pushed on girls as young as nine and is even being considered for men and boys.

Hmm. While it's used as an insecticide, Wikipedia doesn't list it being used as a rodenticide. According to Wikipedia (I know - not exactly the world's most accurate of sources, but good enough to counter this kind of shit), the median lethal dose in rats (which is probably where the "Rat Poison" line comes from) is 2.66g/kg. So, if, for the sake of argument, we assume a similar figure for humans… Let's take a ten stone human being. That's about 63.5kg. The lethal dose would therefore be (63.5 * 2.66g) - about 169 grams. Getting on for half a pound.

How much is there in a Gardasil injection? Well, a Gardasil dose is 0.5ml. If we consider the vaccine to have the same density as water, that's a total mass of 0.5 grams. The Gardasil leaflet doesn't list the actual mass of sodium borate, but it does list the mass of other ingredients up to 20 micrograms, so we can assume that the amount of sodium borate is less than 20 micrograms. (In fact it's likely to be trace, but I'm giving the nutters the benefit of the doubt here). 20 micrograms. 0.00002 grams. Or, at maximum, about one eight-and-a-half-millionth of a lethal dose - probably far less.

Why not check how much is in your favourite cosmetics?

Sodium Borate in Wikipedia

More on abuse

They've really picked up on this new topic - and it's getting worse. Jabba is now claiming (without citing a shred of evidence - because there isn't any) that:

If you look at the number of deaths from SIDS, abuse, etc, and realize that most of them are due to vaccinations plus the chance of getting autism or encepalitis, no sensible parent would opt for the vaccination.

So most child abuse is actually caused by vaccines is it? Why doesn't JABS adopt a new strapline? "JABS - Defending Child Abuse"

It's just appalling.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Suba's being a twat again

Proof that anti-vaxxers really are slowly slipping off the fringes of reality, Suba is now trying to tell parents who've been scared by the MMR hoax that everything wrong with the body is down to it being too acidic. Does it need saying that this is just utter, utter bollocks?

We were all taught in human biology that immunity comes from white blood cells protecting us from some invading germ or virus. White blood cells provide NO immunity. White blood cells do not destroy germs. White blood cells are glorified janitors that swim around in our blood and lymphatic plasma picking up the garbage we create from an acidic lifestyle and diet. White blood cells are NOT soldiers, destroying some invading germ coming in from the outside world that would make us sick. True immunity comes to each of us by maintaining the alkaline fluids of the body. That is where true immunity is found. The first line of defense against sickness and disease is an alkaline internal environment. As soon as you put something acidic into your mind, into your mouth, into your lungs, your alkaline buffering system is engaged to neutralizing or buffer any acidic food, drink, or thought that might be present. That's true immunity. It is found in the alkaline reserves for your body. When you have an alkaline lifestyle and diet you are able to defend off environmental, dietary or metabolic acids that would make you sick, tired and/or fat. Germs DO NOT cause disease. Acids cause pain, sickness and disease.

So, all modern medicine is wrong, and this fucking wingnut is the saviour of humankind? I think not. Mind you, that's par for the course at JABS.

Cybertiger's support of child killers

Cybertiger makes no secret of his loathing of Prof Sir Roy Meadow and other "expert witnesses" in "shaken baby" cases - preferring to blame those child deaths on vaccines. As we've seen, that appears to be down to defending the family honour. However, he seems to be taking this support for child killers to the extreme:

Imagine your baby dying and the struggle to save him. Imagine being arrested for shaking him to death. Imagine going to prison for life without possibility of parole for a murder you did not commit, for a crime that hadn't happened. Remember Alan Yurko? That nightmare happened to him.

Alan Yurko's name perhaps isn't as well known (certainly in the UK) as Sally Clark, but Wikipedia summarises his case as:

"Alan Yurko, born December 11, 1969 (1969-12-11) (age 38), was sentenced to life in prison + 10 years (in 1998) without parole for the murder of his son, due to shaken baby syndrome".

Cybertiger is a staunch supporter of the "Alan Yurko is innocent" campaign, despite the fact that the autopsy report stated:

"Post-Mortem Findings included minor contusions of both temporal areas of the head, small ecchymosis of the right lower eyelid, fresh subdural hemorrhages of the right and left cerebral hemispheres and at base of brain and some areas of spinal cord, and retinal bleeding. The brain was grossly edematous. In addition there were several old, healing fractures of the 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th ribs, all posterior and on the left."

So, Dr Struthers - are you going to explain how all those injuries can be caused by vaccination?

There's a far more in-depth discussion of this case at the most excellent Millenium Project. I just find it interesting the disgusting lengths a GP is prepared to go to to suck up to the anti-vaccination lobby.

Coincidentally, Rosemary has posted more on this today (and Cybertiger's chimed in too) - a great long rambling essay by that vile anti-vaxer F. Edward Yazbak, full of feeble assertions, all attempting to show that vaccines were to blame for a baby who was beaten to death.

It is interesting to note that when Yurko's verdict was changed to one of manslaughter, the judge specifically announced that there was no indication that vaccines were in any way to blame for baby Alan's death.

They get viler and viler at JABS. By the day.

How normal ill-effects are caused by vaccines - the HORROR!

One common tactic of the JABS crowd is to ascribe ill-effects to vaccines, when there is no evidence to show the connection. Here's a prime example from that egregious bastard Truth Seeker:

And yet it seems if your pre disposed to warts Gardasil may make the problem worse. In the links in my post above some comlained about this, following the vaccine.

"One of the most startling findings is 78 cases of outbreaks of warts
following the vaccine in women already infected without knowing it. Besides
genital warts, some patients experienced massive outbreaks on the face,
hands, or feet, sometimes caused by strains not included in the vaccine"

Sounds nasty, eh? Until you actually read what he's posted: 78 cases of outbreaks of warts among women already infected. So you're infected with the virus that causes warts, and then - horror of horrors - you get some actual, y'know, warts on your skin. Who'd've thought it, eh? But Truth Seeker wants you to believe that the vaccine was in some way responsible - no doubt if he actually reads this, he'd come back crying "but you can't prove that it wasn't the vaccine, can you? Eh? Eh?" - without realising that there's not a shred of evidence to lead anyone but the most strongly agenda-driven moron to suppose that there might be.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

With friends like these…

Aobbard is pushing the Budwig Flax Oil Diet as a cure for cancer. Frankly, if she wanted to take it herself, I'd not want to stop her. However, this is what she posts…

I do know of someone with young children who's wife is in late stage cancer who is having chemo. I mentioned this on the Yahoo Iodine Forum I belong to and someone very kindly emailed me to suggest I passed this information on. It is rather a dilemma for me and as yet I have not done so but it is really playing on my mind.
I know its unlikely but could it be that this could possibly save her life?
I can see that in UK since we are not offered any alternatives how easy it is to be sucked into mainstream medicine especially when you are so scared.

So you're taking potentially lethal medical advice from the "Yahoo Iodine Forum", and are considering passing it on to a terminally ill friend?? What kind of heartless bitch are you???

And let me just point out that mainstream medicine is mainstream because it's evidence based, and currently offers the most effective known treatments. Would it not be more accurate to say how easy it is for simple minded fools to be sucked into ludicrous quackery pushed by charlatans and believed by cretins?

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Inflated sense of self importance

Suba seems to be convinced of the importance of JABS in the grand scheme of things, and flings out one of those regular accusations of "Big Pharma" trolling. But this time (s)he goes a bit further:

Thomas P, the very fact you hog these boards more diligently than any parent with vaccine damaged kid's is proof enough that MMR is damaging our kids. And you get paid to do it that is for sure. You are part of a massive PR campaign of misinformation, lies and deceit of which you think you are some sort of master. Pharmaceuticals spend 60% of their budget on marketing products, you are part of a corporate cancer that is trying to plough a global furrow in a field made infertile by big farma.

No Suba, JABS isn't important enough for Big Pharma to waste money on it. Individuals make a point of looking at JABS, pointing out the real stupidity there, and hopefully discouraging maybe one worried parent to discard it as the dangerous nonsense it is.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I really don't know why…

…but Cybertiger is still posting the exchange from I have no idea why - it just makes him look like a complete twat. Judge for yourself… (not a clickable link, as ever)

Monday, 10 November 2008

Burden of proof

Truth Seeker uses the "burden of proof" argument fairly frequently. His (her?) argument goes like this:

The onus to prove vaccinations do not suppress immunity and do not make one more suscetable to chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases lies with the makers, the DOH and people who licence them which they have not done.

Actually, Truth Seeker, all the available evidence does suggest that vaccinations do not suppress immunity, and don't make one more susceptible to chronic diseases. The problem lies with cretins like you who have an agenda to pursue, and are well aware that it's logically impossible to prove a negative. For example, it's impossible to prove that vaccinations don't leave you more likely to be attacked by tigers. There's no evidence that suggests you are more likely to be - just as there's no evidence to suggest that vaccinations make you more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. When all the evidence (and there's a hell of a lot of it) points to there being no connection, and there's no evidence to suggest that there is a connection - if you come up with a theory, the onus is on you. But you're trying to convince worried mothers that there might be a connection. You evil, evil bastard. I hope you get attacked by tigers.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

New favourite phrase

Cybertiger has a new favourite phrase, which he's using to insult any medical professional who doesn't agree with his potty views of the world, or who he doesn't like. (So - pretty much everyone). It's "scientifically incurious".

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick has rubbished that idiot John Briffa's (who Cybertiger worships) support of a hypothesis that rain causes autism.

Dr Fitzpatrick doesn't know the cause of autism or why its prevalence has increased: he seems not to care. He doesn't understand how genetic vulnerability might interact with a variety of possible environmental triggers, including vaccines. Fitzpatrick is scientifically incurious. And he absurdly dismisses a higher rainfall association without giving it another thought. Fitzpatrick and his ilk are a manifest disappointment.

Anthony Cox has also pointed out the flaws in the study; he too is "scienfically incurious".

Dr Anthony Cox PhD has hilariously covered the rainfall story with his own brand of scientific incuriosity,

Cybertiger thinks that using long words makes him look clever and important, when actually, he just looks like a twat. You see, all he's doing is using the "open minded", "can think for myself" argument that morons like Truth Seeker use, when people don't agree with him. Just with fancier words. He's trying to imply that his fellow medical professionals are so jaded that they no longer care about cutting edge investigation into new science - when actually, he's just trying to pick petty fights with people who know where to draw the line between clever and stupid. Cybertiger clearly doesn't.

Friday, 7 November 2008

It's a conspiracy, stupid

According to laura_c_a, the only reason doctors and nurses are so keen on giving children the MMR jab is because they get paid for doing so:

In my opinion, and don't take this as medical advice - I am not a qualified doctor - and if I were you, I would not take your daughter back.

When the nurse said, "the individual injections she had as a baby didn't 'count'", I think the nurse meant in terms of staff bonuses.

The GP surgery and its staff get ££,£££ of bonuses if they meet their immunisation targets, so of course, the nurse wants your daughter to return!

That's obviously it. Nothing to do with actually wanting children to stay healthy, is it? Oh no. And doctors are either stupid becuase they don't know that *insert quack remedy of choice* cures *insert ailment of choice*, despite it being all over the internet - especially here, on *insert quack-website-du-jour*, or, if they're not stupid, they must be actively suppressing it, because they don't get paid for *ludicrous quack remedy*. That's it! Conspiracy! Obviously. Sigh.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

John Stone and Cybertiger in "No-one likes us and we're going to cry" shock

John Stone likes to present himself as the reasonable face of anti-vax lunacy, but whenever anyone points out compelling evidence why he's wrong, he tends to turn into a shouty ranter, flinging ad-hom attacks left, right and centre.

Cybertiger has been whinging that the majority of posters on OnMedica (other doctors - intelligent, thoughtful people mainly) think he's an arse. He even posts their comments to illustrate this. (I think he's hoping to convince people that he's outsmarting them all with his wit, but he just proves what a cock he is).

It's a long post, so here's the address (I'm not linking to it - you'll need to copy and paste):

John Stone then chimes in with his usual debating tactic:

It is pitiful. The only response to parents who complain about damage is to claim they are lying - even before inspecting the evidence. What a bunch of nauseating toads. The innuendo over the botched colonscopy says it all. The newspaper repeats allegations which have been withdrawn. Innuendo rules.

What a twat.

Since I started this post, the "debate" - or rather, Dr Struthers trying to wriggle out of awkward questions - has raged on, and Anthony Cox has turned up to add a little more sanity. This should be good; CyberStruthers loathes Anthony Cox. :-) So, what happens?

  1. He shoots Cybertiger down in flames:

    So Mark Struthers who routinely makes accusations about other peoples conflicts of interest, usually without any supporting evidence, accepts money from the government to administer vaccines to patients when he believes that those vaccines are both dangerous and unnecessary. What a surprise. No doubt he also prescribes statins despite his view that they are a scam, and anti-retrovirals to HIV patients despite his views on the "mythology of HIV causing AIDS".

  2. He finds the perfect description for Jackie Fletcher and JABS:

    Jackie Fletcher describes her group as a group representing parents of vaccine-damaged children. Certainly vaccines can cause adverse effects, and this is accepted by both the medical profession and government, but the sad fact is, that in the case of the autism-MMR vaccine hypothesis, many of the parents are not parents of vaccine-damaged children, but victims of a terrible hoax that has led them down a desperately sad false trail of anger and despair. Now that every aspect of the Wakefield hypothesis has been undermined or disproved, it is time that we moved on from this debate and that efforts were put into research of treatments and support for autism that work. It is clear that for parents of autistic children, JABS is actually a counterproductive organisation that is undermining research in autism by continually associating autism with pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

Hurrah for Anthony Cox, laughs all round at Cybertiger who appears to have slunk away with his tail between his legs, and "YOU'RE A COCK, STONE!" for John Stone.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Cybertiger continues to be a hypocritical cock

He's reposted something he posted on OnMedica:

Few operations or investigative procedures are without risk and risks always have to be balanced with potential therapeutic and diagnostic benefit.

Very true Dr Struthers. Why do you take a completely different view when it comes to vaccination?

I'm all right Jack

This is a prime example of the "me me me" attitude of the JABS posters. Aquamarine smugly posts:

Think I'll stick to the good old-fashioned things that have got humanity through the last hundred thousand years or so... good wholesome organic food, sunlight, clean water, exercise, hygiene. Somehow we survived that long without vaccines and without the toxic potions we smear all over ourselves every day, so I think I'll just fall back on our collective experience and take my chances.

While wholesome food, clean water, hygiene etc are all extremely good ideas, and presumably things that Aquamarine has easy access to, there are plenty people in the world who don't have these advantages, for whom measles is far more likely to be fatal. In addition, if everyone healthy with these advantages eschews vaccination, we're going to see more outbreaks of potentially fatal diseases - and for those of the population who for whatever reason can't be vaccinated, with suppressed immune systems - that could be disastrous.

Perhaps there's no malice here, unlike some JABS posters, but there's just a serious lack of rational thought.

As an afterthought, is Aquamarine thinking of relying on wholesome food for protection if he/she ever travels to a country where malaria is endemic?