Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Inflated sense of self importance

Suba seems to be convinced of the importance of JABS in the grand scheme of things, and flings out one of those regular accusations of "Big Pharma" trolling. But this time (s)he goes a bit further:

Thomas P, the very fact you hog these boards more diligently than any parent with vaccine damaged kid's is proof enough that MMR is damaging our kids. And you get paid to do it that is for sure. You are part of a massive PR campaign of misinformation, lies and deceit of which you think you are some sort of master. Pharmaceuticals spend 60% of their budget on marketing products, you are part of a corporate cancer that is trying to plough a global furrow in a field made infertile by big farma.

No Suba, JABS isn't important enough for Big Pharma to waste money on it. Individuals make a point of looking at JABS, pointing out the real stupidity there, and hopefully discouraging maybe one worried parent to discard it as the dangerous nonsense it is.

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