Saturday, 30 May 2009

JABS still attracting morons. :-(

I had hoped that JABS had ceased having any influence. Jackie "I want children to die" Fletcher has imposed a moderation system, Mark "Cybertiger" Struthers has been sacked from his GP position, and most of the rest of the loons there have been reduced to reposting shit from NaturalNews or Mercola.

However, every now and again, a new member (who may or may not be a sockpuppet) comes along, and has the same question answered…

That question is always "Should I vaccinate?"

That's exactly the question Jackie Fletcher and John "Cock" Stone want asking, so they can provide their stock answer - "No" - and can then repeat their stock arguments, stock canards, stock lies, and stock stupidity. Of course these posters are sockpuppets, but every now and again, some other moron (more moronic than Jackie Fletcher, which, frankly, takes some doing) chimes in.

If you are really worried about measles, I would suggest that you contact a good homeopath and speak to them about boosting your child's immune system and how to treat measles if they catch it. I have an 8 month old son and he is full of allergies and has severe eczema. There is no way that I am getting him vaccinated with the MMR or any other vaccines.

OK. Let's take this apart in the usual way.

A "good homeopath". How is a "good" homeopath any better than any other kind of homeopath? A homeopath will give you water, or sugar pills. Water, or sugar pills will not cure anything. Neither will homeopathic nosodes (homeopathic term for homeopathic vaccines) protect you from anything, because, get this, homeopathic nosodes are… water. Or sugar tablets. They're not going to protect you, or your children from anything. The homeopath that tells you that they will will be going to whatever hell they believe in, because they're charging you money for water. Or sugar pills. That they say will protect your child, but don't. Homeopathic nosodes, homeopathic vaccines are just water (or sugar pills) and they will not provide any kind of protection for your children. In effect, homeopaths are taking your money, and laughing as your children are left open to deadly diseases. But they don't care.

Could I make it any clearer?

Eczema and allergies in small children are conditions that can be treated (in severe cases), or more commonly, they'll be grown out of. You don't need a quack selling you water or sugar pills to assist that "growing out of".

More importantly, if you think that giving your child water or sugar pills is going to protect him/her from measles, pertussis, mumps or anything else, you're fucking deluded, and have clearly been lied to so many times by these quacks that you believe it. If you take their advice, your child could become seriously ill or die.

Measles can kill your child. Do you want your child to be protected against it by water? No. Unless you're a fucking moron.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cybertiger vanishes

Cybertiger appears to have disappeared. Dr Mark Struthers is no longer listed as working at the Flitwick Surgery… I know he used to read this regularly, so, Dr Struthers - would you like to tell us the story? Have you been sacked, or struck off?

Edit: Many, many thanks to Steve on this one. It appears that Cybertiger / Dr Struthers has indeed been sacked for gross misconduct. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

How is it possible to be so stupid?

Suba wins the prize for "Moron Of The Month", by making one post, to which it's possible to reply "No, that's not true" to every single point.

If you have vaccinated your child with the routine vaccines leading up to the MMR your child is at greater risk from suffering seizure if exposed to measles by way of nature or vaccine induced. This is due to the aluminium content of vaccines leading up to the MMR in a child with raised body temperature.

That is why Calpol although an abhorrent pharmaceutical product recommended for fever reduction has not been withdrawn off the market for fever management.

Nature wants children to fever to kill virus and clear toxins through skin exantham.
The big pharma cartel want fever managed pharmaceutically and all there corrupt lackeys want to get away with putting aluminium in vaccines and prevent children from dying by using toxic sedation to artificially control body temperature. For the most part children survive but at what cost in the long term ....diabetes, MS, Chronic fatigue, obesity, reproductive disfunction and of course cancer. When they do fever the aluminium can damage the brain causing autism. Who benefits from all these ailments; big pharma, charities, doctors and lawyers can all feed at the trough of our damaged children.

The MMR has been testified to cause Autism although the vaccine itself has no aluminium content. Children who fever with the MMR and had all their pre MMR vaccine shots are at increased risk of vaccine damage due to aluminium loading in their small bodies from previous vaccinations.

There is less aluminium in a vaccine than in your daily intake of food - unless you eat saucepans for breakfast.

Aluminium has never been shown to cause diabetes, MS, "chronic fatigue", obesity, reproductive disfunction or cancer. Neither has any vaccine.

Suba is utterly, utterly paranoid, sucked into the "big pharma / big charity" conspiracy theories she clearly reads every night before bed.

MMR may have been "testified" to cause autism (ie, someone has claimed it is, with no evidence), but it has never been *shown* to cause autism. Anecdote is not data.

"Aluminium loading" seems to be the latest thing for the anti-vaccine mob since everything else has been systematically shown to not be harmful. Evil morons. If any worried parents, or parents to be are reading this - no. Aluminium in the miniscule amounts present in vaccines is not harmful.

The problem is that the loons at JABS can make ludicrous claims like these, without any kind of comeback. Someone, somewhere will believe them. It should be possible to have them sued, locked up, or shot in the face.

Friday, 22 May 2009

It's all about ME!

Truth Seeker gets viler by the day.

Taking a risk with a vaccine in order to protect third parties is an issue i find personally repugnant and a wonderful sales method.
I take full responsibility for my own health and would never ever ask a third party to risk a vaccine for my benefit or my childrens as i think it morally stinks.

Hmm - yes, asking someone to take a risk that you're not prepared to take, simply to help you is a very selfish way of behaving. However, it's exactly what Truth Seeker and the rest of the non-jabbers are doing. They're relying on herd immunity to protect their children, even though there's no good reason for their children not to be vaccinated.

Unfortunately, due to their crass stupidity and selfishness, that herd immunity can no longer be relied on.

Truth Seeker's argument also falls down when you consider the effect of the MMR vaccine. It protects the recipient directly. It's not a case of "take this to help others" - it's a case of "take this to help yourself"; herd immunity is the natural long term outcome.

Herd immunity protects the weaker members of society - the very young, and those with medical conditions which prevent them being able to take the MMR vaccine themselves. For anyone to state that they're not willing to have that as a side effect of a vaccine that helps them is just vile - the attitude of someone who'd not call 999 for an ambulance for a road accident victim, due to worries about running their credit down.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

There is no autism epidemic

While JABS is a little short on lunacy at the moment - maybe that moderation is having an effect - I thought I'd post this link.

It's something I've argued for a long time (in person, not on this blog, so don't bother looking for it) - that the "autism epidemic" is mainly due to children who were diagnosed (or dismissed) in the 1970s and 1980s as being "slow", "retarded", or "special" are these days referred to as "autistic". It really is a difference in diagnostic criteria.

When I was at school, there were three boys in my classes who (and please - I'm not a physician, clinician, or any other kind of medical professional - this is an opinion) today would more than likely have been diagnosed as "autistic". Then, they were "difficult", "retarded", or just "weird". The descriptions that follow are purely from memory, from primary (2) and secondary (1) school. They're not intended to be insulting, nor are they intended to be clinical diagnoses.

One boy sat rocking in his chair all day, dribbling, hardly able to speak in coherent sentences, while being able to finish maths tests quicker than anyone else in the school.

Another boy was also able to perform the hardest maths problems set him (at age 9), but was unable to write a simple word (say "cat", or "and"), and had a terrible fear of water. Consequently he came to school stinking, but would not be washed by his mother or by teachers - when they tried, he would get extremely violent, attacking teacher with whatever came to hand; scissors, chairs, tables etc.

A third boy had to be (at secondary school) led from class to class by a friend, otherwise he screamed the house down - but he scored good grades in all subjects except English, right the way through school. He just had no social skills - I once sat across the aisle from him in an exam, and watched him spend the whole exam feeding a long, sticky trail of snot from his nose directly into his mouth with the end of a fountain pen. For three hours. He never wrote a word.

Those are children who today would no doubt be labelled "autistic" - and would receive the help they needed and deserved. They'd also become statistics. The statistics that Jackie "Measles" Fletcher and John "Cock" Stone happily quote to show an autism "epidemic". It's not an epidemic - it's a change in diagnosis. It's symptomatic of a society that is far more keen to give someone a proper label, a society that is far less likely to simply discard children like those I've described above, a medical profession which now realises that labelling children as "retards" or "cretins" isn't acceptable.

However, that medical profession that is doing its best to atone for the sins of the past and is trying to help is now vilified by the anti-vaxers like Stone and Fletcher, and accused of all kinds of ills by the alt-med loons (Truthseeker, jennyr, Gus The Fuss) and conspiracy merchants (Minority View, Gus The Fuss (again)).

You all know you're wrong, that there is no "autism epidemic", that the intoduction of MMR hasn't pushed up autism rates, but you've invested so much of your life in pushing your point that you can't admit you're wrong.

I'm still offering an amnesty. Just be big enough to admit you're wrong, and spend your time looking after your children rather than putting all your efforts into apportioning blame (Gus, John and Jackie) - and I'll buy you a drink and shake your hand. How about it?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I hope they take their own advice

That prime arsehole, Truthseeker, has this gem of advice for anyone suffering from 'flu.

They [Tamiflu] do have some nasty side effects and are nowhere near as effective as they are made out to be.
Check out elderberry extract or tincture or make your own at home from dried elderberries and vodka, Safer and lot more more effective.
It can often just abort the Flu in 2 or 3 days.

If you get swine 'flu, please let me come round your house and watch you try and shift it with a spoonful of elderberry jam and a couple of bottles of Smirnoff.

Edit: Gus the Fuss and jennyr are suggesting now would be a good time to book a holiday to Mexico, as Swine 'Flu doesn't exist, and you can probably get cheap tickets right now. Oh please, pleeeeease… I'm tempted to offer to pay for their tickets, provided they take John "Cock" Stone with them.