Sunday, 24 May 2009

How is it possible to be so stupid?

Suba wins the prize for "Moron Of The Month", by making one post, to which it's possible to reply "No, that's not true" to every single point.

If you have vaccinated your child with the routine vaccines leading up to the MMR your child is at greater risk from suffering seizure if exposed to measles by way of nature or vaccine induced. This is due to the aluminium content of vaccines leading up to the MMR in a child with raised body temperature.

That is why Calpol although an abhorrent pharmaceutical product recommended for fever reduction has not been withdrawn off the market for fever management.

Nature wants children to fever to kill virus and clear toxins through skin exantham.
The big pharma cartel want fever managed pharmaceutically and all there corrupt lackeys want to get away with putting aluminium in vaccines and prevent children from dying by using toxic sedation to artificially control body temperature. For the most part children survive but at what cost in the long term ....diabetes, MS, Chronic fatigue, obesity, reproductive disfunction and of course cancer. When they do fever the aluminium can damage the brain causing autism. Who benefits from all these ailments; big pharma, charities, doctors and lawyers can all feed at the trough of our damaged children.

The MMR has been testified to cause Autism although the vaccine itself has no aluminium content. Children who fever with the MMR and had all their pre MMR vaccine shots are at increased risk of vaccine damage due to aluminium loading in their small bodies from previous vaccinations.

There is less aluminium in a vaccine than in your daily intake of food - unless you eat saucepans for breakfast.

Aluminium has never been shown to cause diabetes, MS, "chronic fatigue", obesity, reproductive disfunction or cancer. Neither has any vaccine.

Suba is utterly, utterly paranoid, sucked into the "big pharma / big charity" conspiracy theories she clearly reads every night before bed.

MMR may have been "testified" to cause autism (ie, someone has claimed it is, with no evidence), but it has never been *shown* to cause autism. Anecdote is not data.

"Aluminium loading" seems to be the latest thing for the anti-vaccine mob since everything else has been systematically shown to not be harmful. Evil morons. If any worried parents, or parents to be are reading this - no. Aluminium in the miniscule amounts present in vaccines is not harmful.

The problem is that the loons at JABS can make ludicrous claims like these, without any kind of comeback. Someone, somewhere will believe them. It should be possible to have them sued, locked up, or shot in the face.

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