Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I hope they take their own advice

That prime arsehole, Truthseeker, has this gem of advice for anyone suffering from 'flu.

They [Tamiflu] do have some nasty side effects and are nowhere near as effective as they are made out to be.
Check out elderberry extract or tincture or make your own at home from dried elderberries and vodka, Safer and lot more more effective.
It can often just abort the Flu in 2 or 3 days.

If you get swine 'flu, please let me come round your house and watch you try and shift it with a spoonful of elderberry jam and a couple of bottles of Smirnoff.

Edit: Gus the Fuss and jennyr are suggesting now would be a good time to book a holiday to Mexico, as Swine 'Flu doesn't exist, and you can probably get cheap tickets right now. Oh please, pleeeeease… I'm tempted to offer to pay for their tickets, provided they take John "Cock" Stone with them.


John H said...

I wonder what killed 150 Mexicans then ?

There was an advert in yesterdays Guardian for Mexicair suggesting now was the time to book a flight there.

I think we can file that in the "triumph of hope over expectation" box.

If anyone wants to trial two bottles of Smirnoff as a cure then I nobly offer myself up for guinea pig status (as long as I don't get the placebo). How would you design that trial ?

Anonymous said...

It's 12.30 AM and Becky, I have just pissed myself laughing, thanks, it's been "one of those days" and the thought of some of the Jabs loonies getting off their faces on Smirnoff, to cure swine flu, is hilarious.

The last time a got a fit of giggles like this was when Sasha Cohen in the guise of his alter ego Ali G, was telling the world, whilst interviwing Buzz Aldridge, that the conspiracy theories about there being no moon were wrong and Buzz supporting that statement!

Oh please, where do I send the vodka??