Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mr Whale on Spanish 'flu

John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore has, predictably, chimed in on Swine 'Flu and Spanish 'Flu.

The only serious so called viral attack, Spanish Flu, was a mass vaccine poisoning. The only way they can get you is if you are unwise enough to take a vaccines, but they have to be careful not to make the vaccine look like the cause.

For anyone who's even considering taking some sort of advice from the JABS forum, this must surely be the final nail in its credibility. Given that the Spanish 'Flu virus has been identified, photographed and recreated - and that there's not a shred of evidence to connect all the dead with a common vaccine, "Pig Fucker" has well and truly shot himself in the foot this time.

Unsurprisingly, he has a page on Whale.to about Swine 'Flu, including the usual conspiracy theories and lies.

Woopee, just like the AIDS virus, a so called 'deadly combination or 3 viruses' that turned out to be harmless, assuming it, HIV, even exists! Just a ploy to get people onto deadly AIDS drugs, and stop the proper treatment of the usual African diseases.


Avoid all vaccines, they started the fake AIDS epidemic with a Hepatitis B vaccine. If they cared about viral attack they would be using Vitamin C, Zapper and Ozone, three decades old cures (over no drug cures). But you can't create a panic if no one fears viruses, or sell vaccines and Tamiflu

I hope he gets hit by a bus.


Sean said...

Jesus. How many of Schneider's first-rank symptoms do you think he displays?

John H said...

All of them.

Interesting news on Today about finding a link between autism and genetics causes.

Hopefully it will be the first nail in the coffin for the jabbophobes. I imagine plenty more will follow until the bastard is nailed down completely.

Becky said...

Sadly, they're simply denying it all, over at Age Of Empires or whatever it's called:


Claiming conflicts of interest, prior studies that they think they've found a hole in, yadda, yadda, yadda...

John H said...

That is the sort of response they would come up with.

The exam question is "would you trust Professor Baron-Cohen plus a whole bunch of other researchers and an article published in the peer-reviewed Nature OR would you trust Guss the Fuss, MV or any of the other effing jabbophobes".

HHmmmmmm, let me think now !