Monday, 13 April 2009


Back in the 1980s, there was a popular rôle playing game, called "Tunnels and Trolls". It had a spin off wargame, called "Monsters! Monsters!", which was apparently named from the cries of rôle players when swarms of, um, monsters turned up.

Hence the title of this blog post.

I cry it, every time I read the shit that's posted at JABS, or Childhealthsafety, or AgeOfAutism, or, frankly, anywhere…

The JABSers are crowing over the über-brainless-twat Jenny McCarthy's appearance on the Larry King Show (which I believe is quite popular in the US of A).

The JABS crew are claiming some kind of twisted victory:

See for yourself this remarkable US TV coverage of this issue in full - five parts - many more videos too.

Unfortunately for the likes of Clifford "Big Red Cockend" Miller, John "Cock" Stone, Jackie "I want to kill children" Fletcher and the rest of the JABS crew, McCarthy and her cock-end of a boyfriend Jim Carrey managed to make a complete arse of themselves.

Here's a pretty good deconstruction of what was actually said.

Fletcher, Stone, Miller - you can just fuck right off - your USA poster girl has made you all look really, REALLY stupid.

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John H said...

I think the problem lies in the celebrity culture that pervades western society.

Morons would rather believe a gurning twat and his porn star consort than a doctor.

So as ever with your pithy comments "Morons! Morons!" seems apt.