Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Do the maths

In 2006, laura_c_a complained that:

When I questioned 24 medical staff, none admitted to having had the combined MMR themselves. But still advocated it for my family. mmmmmmm. Hypocrisy?

Hardly. Combined MMR was introduced in the UK in 1988 and the first dose is generally given to babies at around 1 year old. So when Laura was asking her question, the oldest people who'd've had the combined MMR would be 19. So unless she was asking Doogie Howser MD, it's not really surprising.

Monday, 29 September 2008

House prices and mendacious bastards

A recent article in The Times pointed out that while Andrew Wakefield is unlikely to ever practice in this country again, he's currently spreading his anti-vax hysteria in the USA. He lives in a £600,000 house, apparently. John "I don't do Ad Hom" Stone points out;

Usual snivelling cowardice and bullying tactics from the Sunday Times. What is the relevance of the price of Andy Wakefield's house?

The relevance, dickhead, is that he's paid for it with lies and deceit, and the donations of desperate parents, for whom he has nothing concrete to offer but falsehood, invention and bad science. And YOU KEEP SUPPORTING HIM. You COCK. Oh - and don't forget the money he was paid to find a link between MMR and autism. Take your head out of the sand you idiot.

Ooh, so near, but yet…

One thing that amuses me about some of the JABS idiots is that they just don't realise that they can be so close to the truth if you just change one word or phrase in some of their posts.

Get a worried dad who is so easily manipulated by scaremongering and big pharma/Gov corruption and would not know how to research something himself to save his life to do the job for you via the media…

…a minority have been mind controlled into useless worry, they have been manipulated into being scared by the "problem" so "react" themselves and cry out for the "solution" big pharma/Gov had in mind all the time.

Let's just change the phrase "big pharma/Gov" into "hysterical media", and Truth Seeker's name becomes quite apt.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

He's an easy target, but…

…he's an incoherent dickhead. Here are Gus The Fuss's latest words of wisdom:

ANTI-BIOTICS >Occam Ye! all faithful "cheap as chips " same PHARMA trolls that steal the lives of babies through vaccines..thats WHO has the loot!! the baby un-health business PHARMA

Can anyone tell me what the hell he's blathering on about? This man dispenses medical advice to concerned mothers who log on to JABS, worried about vaccines. How have the site administrators not banned him? Can someone not just take him down the vet for that "final visit" before sending him off to "live on a lovely farm in the country"?

Friday, 26 September 2008

You are what you drink…

…and Cybertiger's a bitter man. Not content with the huge salary he earns as a GP, and more than likely four days a week on the golf course after making vast sums of loot pressing pensioners to have 'flu jabs, he's still deeply jealous that there might be more money out there. Money that will go to someone else other than him. In fact, because he can't actually come up with a scientific reason why the HPV jab is a bad idea, or any research showing it to be a bad idea, or even much in the way of "reputable" anecdote, he's falling on one of the last refuges of the wilfully incompetent - "it's bad because it might make money" - and then trying to dress it up as "science". He's a vile, self-serving, lying cockend, looking for approval from the other deluded morons on that site in order to pump up his ego and fawn over his own personal agenda. He's possibly the worst of the bunch. (Argue against that and stay fashionable.)

The only certain fact, medical or otherwise, visible to any scientist or doctor looking deeply into the scientific crystal ball of HPV vaccinatory science ... is that the HPV vaccine is going to bring riches beyond anyones filthiest imagination ... to its cunning, devious and entrepreneurial manufacturers.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Callous, or just stupid

I sometimes wonder whether JABS posters are genuinely vicious, and *want* to see the return of dangerous, potentially lethal diseases, or whether they're just really stupid, and don't think what they're saying. Here, for example, is an exchange between Rosemary and Joan.

Rosemary posts a news story, the first paragraph of which reads:
Hundreds of thousands of American children, including thousands in
Florida, started school this fall without protection from deadly

Joan replies:
Good, we have got our message across.

I suspect "vicious".

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know II

One thing that disgusts me about the JABS loons is that a lot of them are so proud about not vaccinating their children, thus endangering others. Lola even comes out and admits this:

I have chosen not to give my baby son any vax's, please remember that when you talk about outbreaks & responsibility for the "herd" my child is in the front of the queue.

Oh, they're such caring individuals, aren't they?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Let's just make things up

A favoured JABS tactic is to quote celebrities who claim that some aspect of vaccines causes autism. Obviously actors, newsreaders and Playboy centrefolds are uniquely qualified to speak on medical matters. Scotmum claims today:

Jim Carey's son also became autistic after MMR. But of course it's just the long arm of co-incidence.

Jim Carrey doesn't have a son.

Monday, 22 September 2008


This is the most mental thing I've seen on JABS in ages. Thanks, "Carolb".

Cybertiger, wish you were my GP, you don't often find such sane ones!

Carol - listen carefully. Would you really want an AIDS denialist as your doctor? The. Man. Is. A. Nutter.

Sunday, 21 September 2008


TruthSeeker - who is anything but, he's a bigoted old anti-vax loon - apparently has a daughter who's due to get her anti-cervical cancer jab at school soon.

Or not. He's been told that intelligent children can make the choice as to whether they want to have the jab for themselves, in situations where the parents are morons. So:

That has made the choice for us, we will be keeping our daughter out of school on jab day. How dare they think they can jab my child against our wishes.

I suspect that may be illegal, Mr T.Seeker. And they're only going against your wishes if your child is deemed competent enough to tell the world that you're a paranoid moron. Which, frankly, is going to happen sooner than later. Your child wants to be protected against killer diseases - you don't want her to be. Who's the stupid one?

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Barefoot1 seems to be denying the existance of bird 'flu now. More paranoia and conspiracy theory when we get it folks…

Well, we dont even know if bird flu is real or a propaganda exercise by the powers that be for mind control, population control or an exuse to declare martial law and vaccinate the entire population with "dirty vaccines" that would be the real killer.

Friday, 19 September 2008

An interesting take on genetics

"Rosemary" is a frequent poster on JABS. She apparently has a seriously disbled son who has a genetic degenerative disease. For that she has everyone's sympathy.

However, she's absolutely convinced that his condition is caused by viruses. Sometimes it's a retrovirus, sometimes it's a "stealth" virus that a nutter in America writes about (and no-one else has ever identified), and sometimes it's Simian SV40 virus (or just Monkey Viruses). They alter DNA, apparently.

She posts great long lists of content - anything that mentions viruses (virii?) makes it onto the page - which frequently shows the opposite of whatever it is she's claiming and/or is full of pseudoscience. What science is in there, she clearly doesn't understand.

She is, in short, quite, quite mad.

Half of all autism cases are caused by 'NEW' MUTATIONS !
NOT inherited from parents !!!!!!!!
So the next step is to look at WHAT EXTERNAL FACTORS are causing these 'NEW' MUTATIONS to occur ?????????????

As I said :Are these 'NEW' mutations caused by chemical mutagens,or parasitic organisms like viruses or bacteria?

Since 'MEASLES' is a VIRUS there is a high probability that a virus can cause a genetic mutation especially a 'NEW'MUTATION !



I don't normally do two in a day, but this was too good to resist. Vote for Jethro Q Bon Wackit Buzzard Stubble Boot Walrus Titty - jennyr says, on the subject of vaccinating young girls against cervical cancer - one of the biggest killers of young women in the UK;

A very silly vaccine


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Not getting it…

Part of the problem with the cockwits at JABS is that they really belive that vaccines only cover minor illnesses. Like measles. They palm off measles as being a disease that only affects those poor people in countries where they're all black. "So - that doesn't matter to me, a nice middle class brain-dead-arsehole living in Gloucestershire-or-somewhere-nice by the name of jennyr."

But who cares about measles? What a tiny little problem compared to all the big problems. Yeah - measles - probably very good to get the child's immune system into full gear. So much better than a bunch of autoimmune problems.

I thought she was just thick, but I'm wanting to type "DIE DIE DIE!!! YOU EVIL FUCKING WITCH!!!". Obviously I wouldn't even *think* such nasty thoughts.

John Stone on "ad hominem" attacks.

John Stone, ceaseless spouter of utter rubbish whenever vaccination is mentioned in any publication, no matter how obscure, has an interesting take on ad hominem attacks - resorting to personal insult rather than carefully arguing the matter to hand. He's ever so happy to accuse others of it… Here are quotes from two posts he made to JABS.

"When Occam loses a point he/she just disappears for a bit, resorts to ad hominem, or starts agitating on another point."

"The reason why you are a toad and a bully is…"

He's a deeply unpleasant man. And a cock. Don't forget that bit. John Stone is a cock. (My bit of ad hom for the morning).

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Genius or arsehole? You decide

GUS THE FUSS has managed to raise one of his pet hates again - antibiotics - and, in one sentence (well, one string of words anyway) has overturned a couple of hundred years of medical knowledge and research. Amazing.


I know which horse I'm backing…

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It's your all-in-one loony...

"justsayno", a JABS poster who appears to have named himself after a Grange Hill song, has managed to cram most of the really dumb traits I've been commenting on on the last few weeks into one post. A bit of context - Tim Berners-Lee has been worrying about the web being used to spread dangerous medical misinformation - the MMR hoax being a cited example.

Sad to see the originator of the web spouting such nonsense. Does he really think that the vast majority of people who use the web can't think critically, and tell when they are on a dodgy site, or reading something that is complete tosh?… Our news media is now effectively controlled by government and corporate influences, and the web is becoming the last refuge for independent thought and free speech.

Let's do another checklist shall we? Complete lack of irony? Check. Paranoia? Check. Conspiracy theory? Check. "Independent thought"? Check. A username that indicates a lack of any willingness to listen to actual evidence? Check. All that in three sentences. At least he can spell.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Gus The Fuss on electrosensitivity

The title says it all. I imagine he wears a bib.

“electrosensitivity doesn't exist.“

eh well why do people get a soar ear after a while on the phone ?you mean ,the waves don’t exist ,how does the signal get to the phone in Trolls World(as in Wayne’s) does it just go round your brain and cleanly into the phone without entering the human body …of course it dosent Troll talk some sense

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Vaccines cause crime

One of the most mind-blowingly dumb sites on the web is Whale.to - a repository for all things mental in the world of stupid. Its curator, one John Scudamore (who infamously claimed to have burned his bum on a ley line) also hangs around JABS, dispensing dangerous medical advice and incessantly linking to his own site. The site has it's own internet law - "Scopie's Law", which states; "In any discussion involving science or medicine, citing Whale.to as a credible source loses you the argument immediately ...and gets you laughed out of the room."

John (as he posts on JABS) really is a very special kind of lunatic, as demonstrated by this - a post which links an increase in the vaccination schedule to rising crime rates. (Yes - really.)

Kids are way way sicker now than when I was a kid, in the 1950's, which I look on as a sort of golden age, which went on into 70's as well. Some 400 robberies then in a year, 20,000 now.

What a moron.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's just words

Some of the posters on JABS appear to have actually evolved to the state where they feel that just typing out random words advances their argument. I return to suba for a prime example;

I think you will find that in many children die protecting the brain from toxic and viral components.

Nope - I haven't the foggiest either.

Friday, 12 September 2008

"I'm taking my bat home"

Electrosensitivity - aobbard claims to suffer from it. It's been pointed out to her (I assume - I don't know why I assume aobbard is a 'she', I just do) that while symptoms may be real, they're not caused by "electrosensitivity". And if they are - how come she can use the computer? At which point she throws a classic strop and "takes her bat home".

I'm not even going to give you the satisfaction of giving you any kind of explanation of how I am affected by ES and why I am able to use the computer.
I think you are a nasty piece of work.

So there you go, it's official. Nur-de-nur-de-nur-nurr.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Pity the fluffy bunny-wunny wabbits...

...that are apparently living inside jennyr's head, doing the driving.

Cruel and pointless animal experiments lead to drugs and vaccines which are then used in human experiments. What a horrible, sick industry....

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Fundamental failure to grasp… well, anything…

AIDS denial is a favourite among the JABS bunch. So is utter stupidity, and a lack of understanding of basic English. elga chimes in with this gem:

Taking a close look at the name, AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, we can see it is a nonsense. Is someone playing a cruel joke on gullible and unsuspecting people? I can go shopping and ‘acquire’ things, or enroll in a course and ‘acquire’ extra skills in say, languages or woodworking. But how does one go about ‘acquiring’ less of something?

It's like primary school in more ways than one.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hitting the nail on the head

In 2006, that prize dickhead John Stone managed to sum his whole personality and reason for existing up in eight words.

I am as paranoid as the next person

There you have it. Nothing more needs to be said. I suggest you quote that back at him every time you see one of his foaming-at-the-mouth rants somewhere else.

Monday, 8 September 2008

More ironic than a bucketful of Alanis Morissette records

Words can not express how ironic this is. From John Stone, a man who could, were he to write his missives on olde fashonede payper, keep a medium size stationery company afloat through his purchase of green ink:

The twin spiritual sister of LCD is probably the serial letter writer Penelope Elphinstone, as reported in Private Eye:

Private Eye, 8th March 2002


Whenever a newspaper reports on the latest development in the in the MMR controversy, concerned mother and GP Dr Penelope Elphinstone seems to enter the debate via the letters page.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Undergraduate at the University of Google

Among the vicious, the mendacious, the incoherent and the deranged who post at JABS is another category. The utterly empty-headed, as exemplified by Jennyr, and her simple minded belief that all medical problems can be solved with a quick question to a search engine.

You know, it's no that difficult to avoid drugs and a lot of allopathic medical treatment these days. Google is a wonderful diagnostic tool - more accurate and with a lot less of an ego than the average NHS consultant

"Vacant" just doesn't do her justice.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

New definition of "informed choice"

Anti-vax nutjobs have an interesting way of interpreting the English language - for example, the phrases "being open minded", "educating yourself" and "making informed choices" seem to acquire a new meaning; that of "believing every unhinged cockend on teh interwebs and then agreeing with me". Rational discussion is to be avoided, shouting down of opponents is to be applauded.

Truth Seeker provides a fine example here at the end of this rant about the perceived evils of AZT.

AZT is a probably the most toxic drug in the world and highly carcinagenic you can read all about here and its horrific history and how its based on very bad corporate science. A poison is a poison and a toxin is a toxin, changing whats its given for does not change this fact,only the the dosage or administration methods change, so it may be a slower poison than when given for chemo.

I would not touch this drug with a bargepole myself and would tell anyone who has been diagnosed HIV positive to educate themselves about AZT before taking it so they can make informed choices.

Hmm. IQ lower than hat size? Check. As a bonus, not only did he skip all his science lessons at school, he appears to have slept through most of his English lessons too.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know

Every now and again you'll get a genuinely worried mum asking questions at JABS. A while ago, a new user posted that her child had a high temperature and was feeling unwell a week or so after his MMR jab. It seemed that she'd done the right thing, gone to her doctor, who had diagnosed an ear and throat infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Now Gus the Fuss proves himself not only mental, but capable of handing out genuinely dangerous medical advice.

I would stop the anti biotics as this wipes out his /her immune system…

Get a clinically trained homeopath to give him a remedy there is one I have heard that is good at fighting the vaccine in the early stages.Also any wireless devices baby monitors etc..mobiles radios switch them of or keep them at least 20 feet away from the child as the wireless waves stop detoxification.

He wants locking up.

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Truth Seeker's obsessed by the evils of doctors and "iatrogenic death". You know, those people who are supposed to help you get better.

Its a fact that statisically a Doctor is the most likely person to kill you as proved by iatrogenic death rates.

Um, what can I say, apart from "Err, no."?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

High Priest of Stupid

It's been remarked elsewhere that JABS / anti-vaccination is like a religion; if this is the case, its high priest is a really unpleasant man by the name of John Stone. If you've ever seen any articles on The Guardian's "Comment is Free", the BMJ website or the BBC website you'll have seen his beligerent, hectoring, and frequently science-free comments. His favoured arguing style is to ignore anything that's said, and then to continually bring up more and more irrelevent points until everyone else gets bored and stops posting. The next time he crops up, he then accuses whoever he was arguing with of "running away from the argument".

Having said all that, his posts are usually fairly lucid (if wrong, ill-informed or just plain nasty) - but I've read through this one seven or eight times, and still can make neither head nor tail of it. It's rather long, so I've shrunk the text down.

I only speak for myself but you are not entitled to elide concern about vaccine damage with fantasies about lizards dominating the world. Unfortunately, the US government does and that is bad enough. There are, of course, important vestiges of democracy and accountability left in the US but it is not happy place, and the present CDC and FDA are not properly run institutions. Actually, there is also a history of dotty and perhaps not so dotty secret societies, the American revolution was founded on Masonic Lodges: this is not controversial stuff in itself. Could the society that gave you the Iraq war give this - you bet. I, of course, do not agree with many things "John" says, and I would point out that many of his heroes probably count as "allopaths". Still, this is not my battle and I suggest that you are trying to muddy the waters: the science does not stand up on its own terms - this is my message, and I believe, the message of those who run JABS. Because of profit and laziness, followed by cover up, the fundamental safety of vaccinology has been compromised and ordinary people bear the terrible cost. Error is componded. To perpetuate all this without trying to sort it out does humanity no service.

I think he really does have a messiah complex.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The wonders of aluminium foil

This is an all time classic, courtesy of Gus The Fuss.

Were in the process of making a wooden box and covering it with baco foil two layers required for our son G and anyone to sit in to detox mercury heavy metals etc

From this I can only deduce that he's mental.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Fish = vaccines

"Aasa" is another of the JABS regulars, who has a thing about any internet-fashionable health scare. Again, here it's fluoride…

What does fluoride in toothpaste have to do with fluoride in drinking water? Think about it, man! It's like asking what mercury in fish has to do with mercury in vaccines.

How, exactly, does that work then?