Sunday, 21 September 2008


TruthSeeker - who is anything but, he's a bigoted old anti-vax loon - apparently has a daughter who's due to get her anti-cervical cancer jab at school soon.

Or not. He's been told that intelligent children can make the choice as to whether they want to have the jab for themselves, in situations where the parents are morons. So:

That has made the choice for us, we will be keeping our daughter out of school on jab day. How dare they think they can jab my child against our wishes.

I suspect that may be illegal, Mr T.Seeker. And they're only going against your wishes if your child is deemed competent enough to tell the world that you're a paranoid moron. Which, frankly, is going to happen sooner than later. Your child wants to be protected against killer diseases - you don't want her to be. Who's the stupid one?


puzzlebobble said...

the child will probably be able to give consent as she is likely to be "competent":

"Unlike 16 or 17 year olds, children under 16 are not automatically presumed to be legally competent to make decisions about their healthcare. However, the courts have stated that under 1 6s will be competent to give valid consentto a particular intervention if they have “sufficient understanding andintelligence to enable him or her to understand fully what is proposed” (sometimes known as “Gillick competence”). In other words, there is no
specific age when a child becomes competent to consent to treatment: it depends both on the child and on the seriousness and complexity of the
treatment being proposed."
Department of health guidance in "seeking consent. working with children". 2001.
I'd suggest she's rather more likely to be "competent" than truthseeker.

millipede said...

Dr. Cyber tigger is on record as saying that if anybody tried to vaccinate his 12 or 13 year old daughter without his permission, he would sue.

I have two daughters now aged 18 and 21 and so this dilemma has now passed me by. However, if I had a rebellious daughter between 12 and 13 ... and a school nurse (or a GP) saw fit to apply the Gillick principle over the HPV vaccine to my child ... I would regard the action as child abuse and completely outrageous ... and I would sue the knickers off them ... and would squeeze them till every single pip squeaked.

PS. And I'm a GP myself.

Becky said...

I'd suggest she's rather more likely to be "competent" than truthseeker.

Frankly, a cheese sandwich, a bag of roofing nails or a wet cardboard box is more likely to be "competent" than Truth Seeker.

Cybertiger said...

"Dr. Cyber tigger is on record as saying ... he would sue."

Knickers to you, millipeed!

PhD scientist said...

I suppose "knickers" makes a change from "tits".

Is SnittyKitty's vocabulary expanding?

Andrew said...

Very sad to see such a personal vendetta againt jab members becks. What a bitter anfd twisted person you are wasting your time like this. Ha ha ha you sad sad person. Bitter because you were banned from jabs and getting your own back. Pathetic. Convinced anyone to your point of view yet? or are you still losing as more and more are turning away from jabs and the sickness industy.
Not doing a great job here are you.
Incorrect as usual Becky.
Its not illegal to take your child out of school for the day in order to protect her confidentialy about vaccine choice.
Have you heard of home schooling for a day. I know all the legal loopholes my psycopathic friend.
My daughter is far more intelligent than you becky as she can get her brain around the fact that only 3 out of 100,000 die from cervical cancer while the chances are far higher of being long term damaged by the jab.

Becky loves the sickness industry killing over 1 million each year dont you becky the psychopath she will smile and wish you kind regards as she sticks the knife in.

Andrew said...

Becky cannot think, i have read about at least four girls on the net who dont want the jab but the parents do and asking for advise and if they go against their parents wishes.

See it works both ways, if the parent wants it but the girl does not you cannot force her under gillick testing.

Now how does that fit into your "do as i say" you stuipid, stuipid woman

Anonymous said...

Do go and read Andrew's blog. It is really quite revealing. And watch out for the snakes and satanists.

strummer said...

"Now how does that fit into your "do as i say" you stuipid, stuipid woman"

I know it's obvious to say but how can someone call another person stupid when they haven't even got the brains or education to spell stupid correctly?

And do read Andrew's blog to see how he's counter-acted the 'evils' of the 2012 Olympic logo.