Friday, 12 September 2008

"I'm taking my bat home"

Electrosensitivity - aobbard claims to suffer from it. It's been pointed out to her (I assume - I don't know why I assume aobbard is a 'she', I just do) that while symptoms may be real, they're not caused by "electrosensitivity". And if they are - how come she can use the computer? At which point she throws a classic strop and "takes her bat home".

I'm not even going to give you the satisfaction of giving you any kind of explanation of how I am affected by ES and why I am able to use the computer.
I think you are a nasty piece of work.

So there you go, it's official. Nur-de-nur-de-nur-nurr.


millipede said...

I'm a big fan of aobbard, she posts on other forums as well, including wddty.

She has had a hard life afflicted as she is with electrosensitivity, hypothyroidism and mercury and fluoride poisoning.

I don't know why she posts on jabs, she hasn't claimed to be vaccine damaged, at least not yet.

Homeopathy and iodine supplements as well as a special apron she wears whilst working on the computer, has made it possible for her to live a normal life, and enlighten us with her hard won wisdom on jabs.

Becky said...

"A special apron"? ACE!! I want a special apron to protect me from nutters! Does it have a pair of comedy breasts and half a French maid's outfit on it?

(Amusingly, the word verification thing on this post is "urgod" - John "I AM YOUR GOD" Stone would appreciate that, I'm sure.)

strummer said...

Sorry Becky, they aren't as pretty as that. However they are cheap at only $60 (You have to reassign the meaning of the word 'cheap' but that's not hard for people who change the meaning of 'facts', 'logic', 'truth' and 'open-minded'.

millipede said...

Every time I read a word of wisdom from aobbard I will imagine her wearing her special apron complete with comedy breasts and a French maid's outfit.