Saturday, 6 September 2008

New definition of "informed choice"

Anti-vax nutjobs have an interesting way of interpreting the English language - for example, the phrases "being open minded", "educating yourself" and "making informed choices" seem to acquire a new meaning; that of "believing every unhinged cockend on teh interwebs and then agreeing with me". Rational discussion is to be avoided, shouting down of opponents is to be applauded.

Truth Seeker provides a fine example here at the end of this rant about the perceived evils of AZT.

AZT is a probably the most toxic drug in the world and highly carcinagenic you can read all about here and its horrific history and how its based on very bad corporate science. A poison is a poison and a toxin is a toxin, changing whats its given for does not change this fact,only the the dosage or administration methods change, so it may be a slower poison than when given for chemo.

I would not touch this drug with a bargepole myself and would tell anyone who has been diagnosed HIV positive to educate themselves about AZT before taking it so they can make informed choices.

Hmm. IQ lower than hat size? Check. As a bonus, not only did he skip all his science lessons at school, he appears to have slept through most of his English lessons too.


Cybertiger said...

"IQ lower than hat size?"

Or IQ lower than tit size as in Becky's case.

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