Friday, 5 September 2008

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know

Every now and again you'll get a genuinely worried mum asking questions at JABS. A while ago, a new user posted that her child had a high temperature and was feeling unwell a week or so after his MMR jab. It seemed that she'd done the right thing, gone to her doctor, who had diagnosed an ear and throat infection and prescribed antibiotics.

Now Gus the Fuss proves himself not only mental, but capable of handing out genuinely dangerous medical advice.

I would stop the anti biotics as this wipes out his /her immune system…

Get a clinically trained homeopath to give him a remedy there is one I have heard that is good at fighting the vaccine in the early stages.Also any wireless devices baby monitors etc..mobiles radios switch them of or keep them at least 20 feet away from the child as the wireless waves stop detoxification.

He wants locking up.


Anonymous said...

That is a perfect example of someone being dangerously wrong. Advising they stop the antibiotics is bad enough, but to tell them to switch off the baby monitor due to wifi compounds the error. With the monitor off, surely the parents will be less likely to be alerted if the child is in distress?

I blogged about this at the time: Open letter to JABS.

Becky said...

I realise I'm not the first to make a 'blog entry on this particular entry, but hey... It's worth mentioning again. The guy's a dangerous moron.

This is a really, *really* special JABS post.

Kind regards,


Cybertiger said...

I see Becky is enhancing her big-tit reputation with yet more trivial tittering.

millipede said...

This is one of Gus's greatest hits.

So embarrassing that jackie had it deleted from the forum, but not before it was immortalized.

Becky said...

It's still there...

PhD scientist said...

Since our local JABS rep SnittyKitty is rumoured to be a GP, does he have a medical opinion on the idiocy / sensible-ness of Gussy Baby's advice?

It would make a change from the Tourette-tittering.


millipede said...

Becky you are right. It is still there. I gave jackie altogether too much credit.

Anybody who followed the advice of the jabs regulars (not just Gus) would be risking the health of their child.

Interesting that your resident troll and part-time GP appeared to concur with the jabs lunacy.

Anonymous said...

"I realise I'm not the first to make a 'blog entry on this particular entry, but hey... It's worth mentioning again."
Oh, I completely agree. I think it was possibly the worst comment I'd ever seen on JABS and pretty much summed up what is wrong with the forum. I was pleased to see that you had shed more light on it.