Monday, 15 September 2008

Gus The Fuss on electrosensitivity

The title says it all. I imagine he wears a bib.

“electrosensitivity doesn't exist.“

eh well why do people get a soar ear after a while on the phone ?you mean ,the waves don’t exist ,how does the signal get to the phone in Trolls World(as in Wayne’s) does it just go round your brain and cleanly into the phone without entering the human body …of course it dosent Troll talk some sense


Steve said...

I think he should use a better tin-can opener to reduce the jagged bits. He should also remember to keep the line tight to aid hearing - that way he should not have to press the can harder into his ear.

I replied to this on the Jabs site - along the same vein - and guess what, yes it was deleted.

The man is truly a tw@

Becky said...

I suspect him of being his local figure of ridicule, the man who drags a scrubbing brush round the streets and talks to it as though it's the offspring of Elvis, inbetween shouting at invisible monsters and showing the "devil horns" to passers by.

Steve said...

I suspect he is suffering from tertiary syphilis and should see hi homeopath - because they can treat all ills