Saturday, 27 September 2008

He's an easy target, but…

…he's an incoherent dickhead. Here are Gus The Fuss's latest words of wisdom:

ANTI-BIOTICS >Occam Ye! all faithful "cheap as chips " same PHARMA trolls that steal the lives of babies through vaccines..thats WHO has the loot!! the baby un-health business PHARMA

Can anyone tell me what the hell he's blathering on about? This man dispenses medical advice to concerned mothers who log on to JABS, worried about vaccines. How have the site administrators not banned him? Can someone not just take him down the vet for that "final visit" before sending him off to "live on a lovely farm in the country"?

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Cybertiger said...

There is something of 'Irma Grese' about Becky Fizzo. And just for the sin of following orders, it was she who kept that final appointment with Albert Pierrepoint on 13 December 1945.