Friday, 29 January 2010

No - Wakefield's findings not replicated.

That moron Seonaid has posted a link to an abstract of a paper on Age Of Autism:

Wakefield's Science Proven Valid Again In New Study That Replicates Findings

Here's the piece.

It doesn't show anything of the sort.

What it does show is that people on the autistic spectrum who have chronic gastrointestinal symptoms, erm, have chronic gastrointestinal symptoms.

I'm going to produce a study with the same methodology. I'm going to recruit 100 people with ginger hair, and look at them. Then I'll publish a report proving that people with ginger hair have ginger hair.

It's the same fucking principle.

Wakefield confirmed as Nasty Piece Of Work by GMC

OK, I paraphrase. "Dishonest", "misleading", "irresponsible".

Nine hundred plus allegations found "proved" against ninety odd "not proved".

No doubt there will be a foaming, frothing at the mouth backlash from the JABS loons, but at the moment they're all rather quiet.

Alternatively, they may realise they've been lead up the garden path for all these years and quietly accept my offer of an amnesty.

Pigs fuelled and ready for takeoff.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Doing the maths for JABS

"Gandalf" asks:

Wouldn't it be interesting if someone (not me) could work out the odds for being vaccine damaged verses actually contracting the disease and then being damaged by it.

OK, lets have a go, for the recent Swine Flu vaccination campaign.

Vaccinations handed out - many hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Credible reports of serious (long lasting) adverse effects or death due to vaccine, none.

Deaths from Swine Flu - around 360.

You do the comparison.

As an aside, it's interesting that the anti-vaxxers and the usual suspects in the press have been crowing, saying the swine flu outbreak wasn't as bad as predicted. None of them have mentioned that part of the reason for this is likely to be the vaccination of many thousands of people in high risk groups. There's no way of knowing for sure, obviously, but it strikes me that there could well have been many more fatalities without vaccination. Just a thought.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Jackie Fletcher gets legal aid, hires 'eminent scientist'

According to, JABS' Jackie Fletcher has "…become the first person in the UK to be granted a form of legal aid to help take a claim to a Vaccine Damage Payment Unit tribunal."

This will be her second attempt to claim damages for her disabled son, whom she claims was damaged by his MMR shot - the first claim collapsed when it turned out she was trying to sue the wrong pharmaceutical company. then goes on:

And while the majority of the medical establishment remains set against links between the measles, mumps and rubella jab and conditions such as autism and Crohn's disease, the Fletchers now have the backing of an eminent American scientist who will testify for them.

And who's this eminent scientist you may well ask?

Dr Marcel Kinsbourne. Autism Diva has an interesting post on him and his performance at the autism omnibus hearings. Please read it - it's most amusing. He claims not to know the difference between an indexed and a non-indexed publication, it turns out he's not treated any children for 17 years (at the time of the hearing), and admits that if gut biopsy had not found measles, he would would no longer hold the opinion that this was a case of MMR causing ASD - it was shown that it was impossible for measles to have shown up in the gut biopsies.

So, hardly the expert that WiganToday claims. Presumably they're simply repeating what the Fletchers have told them.

I have every sympathy for Jackie Fletcher having to care for a severely disabled child for eighteen years or so, but hopefully when this is thrown out again she'll be able to admit she's wrong about the cause of that disability.

Edit: Kinsbourne's a favourite of John Scudamore's repository of all things anti-science, Whale.To. I think that says quite a lot about him… :-)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

This is all over JABS

We are greatly saddened by the sudden death of Harry Horne-Roberts, who died in his sleep last week. It's not hard to imagine the pain, grief and anger they must feel at his passing. Deepest sympathy to his grieving parents.

We're all saddened about this, the death of Harry Horne-Roberts, whose parents believed his autism was caused by MMR - but was shown not to be.

That idiot John Stone (on AoA) is pushing this as a young man made autistic and killed by MMR, but actually, it's a young autistic man who may have received inappropriate treatment for his autism and other health conditions, and has died. There's a very big difference, and Stone (and all those who have reposted his evil, vile vitriol on JABS) know this, but they're co-opting the grief of his parents for their own vile pro-disease agenda.

The original, vile post at Age Of Autism can be found at:

My thoughts, sympathy and best wishes go out to Harry's family, who have been horribly misled by the pro-disease lobby, and I want to throw John Stone into a pit of boiling ordure.