Saturday, 2 January 2010

This is all over JABS

We are greatly saddened by the sudden death of Harry Horne-Roberts, who died in his sleep last week. It's not hard to imagine the pain, grief and anger they must feel at his passing. Deepest sympathy to his grieving parents.

We're all saddened about this, the death of Harry Horne-Roberts, whose parents believed his autism was caused by MMR - but was shown not to be.

That idiot John Stone (on AoA) is pushing this as a young man made autistic and killed by MMR, but actually, it's a young autistic man who may have received inappropriate treatment for his autism and other health conditions, and has died. There's a very big difference, and Stone (and all those who have reposted his evil, vile vitriol on JABS) know this, but they're co-opting the grief of his parents for their own vile pro-disease agenda.

The original, vile post at Age Of Autism can be found at:

My thoughts, sympathy and best wishes go out to Harry's family, who have been horribly misled by the pro-disease lobby, and I want to throw John Stone into a pit of boiling ordure.

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