Monday, 29 September 2008

House prices and mendacious bastards

A recent article in The Times pointed out that while Andrew Wakefield is unlikely to ever practice in this country again, he's currently spreading his anti-vax hysteria in the USA. He lives in a £600,000 house, apparently. John "I don't do Ad Hom" Stone points out;

Usual snivelling cowardice and bullying tactics from the Sunday Times. What is the relevance of the price of Andy Wakefield's house?

The relevance, dickhead, is that he's paid for it with lies and deceit, and the donations of desperate parents, for whom he has nothing concrete to offer but falsehood, invention and bad science. And YOU KEEP SUPPORTING HIM. You COCK. Oh - and don't forget the money he was paid to find a link between MMR and autism. Take your head out of the sand you idiot.


Cybertiger said...

"You COCK."

More empty headed vileness from Becky ... confirming my very first impressions on her blessed arrival at JABS. JABS admin clearly did the right thing in doing a Pierrepoint on the slut.

strummer said...

But of course it can only be bad pharma people who are motivated by money.

Brpwrdnsfrnzy said...

"You COCK."

Harsh, but I think you'll find, fair.

millipede said...

Pope of Jabs thinks that the Gods have rewarded St. Andy with that house because of his steadfast and totally unselfish devotion to the cause.

PaulHill said...

"More empty headed vileness from Becky "

Hmm, no I've read a lot of John Stone's musings and I can concur that he is in fact a cock. It's a technical term, you wouldn't understand.

Cybertiger said...

"It's a technical term, you wouldn't understand."

You TIT, You ARSE.

I believe these are technical terms you do understand.