Monday, 8 September 2008

More ironic than a bucketful of Alanis Morissette records

Words can not express how ironic this is. From John Stone, a man who could, were he to write his missives on olde fashonede payper, keep a medium size stationery company afloat through his purchase of green ink:

The twin spiritual sister of LCD is probably the serial letter writer Penelope Elphinstone, as reported in Private Eye:

Private Eye, 8th March 2002


Whenever a newspaper reports on the latest development in the in the MMR controversy, concerned mother and GP Dr Penelope Elphinstone seems to enter the debate via the letters page.


puzzlebobble said...

Equally as amusing is when he an his fellow clowns post links to the BMJ in an attempt to borrow credibility from the journal. Following the link almost always just shows it to be a ranting letter by John Stone they have published. Do they think we don't know how to click on a link or do they genuinely think a letter in a journal is the equivalent of a research article? nutters.

Anonymous said...

Puzzlebobble - given the claims of JennyR that google is a better diagnostician than any doctor (I think that's roughly what she said anyways), I think I'll go for option (b) - they think a green ink letter carries as much weight as any scientific paper. Or more so - after all, it has been written by that impeccable source John Stone.