Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The wonders of aluminium foil

This is an all time classic, courtesy of Gus The Fuss.

Were in the process of making a wooden box and covering it with baco foil two layers required for our son G and anyone to sit in to detox mercury heavy metals etc

From this I can only deduce that he's mental.


troubledjoe said...

[cybertiger]hhhnnnn ! gurrrk ! beccys tits ! UUrguurguurgurgurrghh! wab wab ! boobs ! [/cybertiger]

thought we might as well get it out of teh way.

Seriously tho; doesnt Gus realise that BACOFOIL is teh problem ? It leaches into the christmas turkey which he then feeds to da kidz ! He is just a shill for Big Groca !

Cybertiger said...

"gurrrk ! beccys tits ! UUrguurguurgurgurrghh! wab wab ! boobs !"

It's very early in the day but I see Becky has already got her tits out.