Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It's your all-in-one loony...

"justsayno", a JABS poster who appears to have named himself after a Grange Hill song, has managed to cram most of the really dumb traits I've been commenting on on the last few weeks into one post. A bit of context - Tim Berners-Lee has been worrying about the web being used to spread dangerous medical misinformation - the MMR hoax being a cited example.

Sad to see the originator of the web spouting such nonsense. Does he really think that the vast majority of people who use the web can't think critically, and tell when they are on a dodgy site, or reading something that is complete tosh?… Our news media is now effectively controlled by government and corporate influences, and the web is becoming the last refuge for independent thought and free speech.

Let's do another checklist shall we? Complete lack of irony? Check. Paranoia? Check. Conspiracy theory? Check. "Independent thought"? Check. A username that indicates a lack of any willingness to listen to actual evidence? Check. All that in three sentences. At least he can spell.

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