Thursday, 18 September 2008

John Stone on "ad hominem" attacks.

John Stone, ceaseless spouter of utter rubbish whenever vaccination is mentioned in any publication, no matter how obscure, has an interesting take on ad hominem attacks - resorting to personal insult rather than carefully arguing the matter to hand. He's ever so happy to accuse others of it… Here are quotes from two posts he made to JABS.

"When Occam loses a point he/she just disappears for a bit, resorts to ad hominem, or starts agitating on another point."

"The reason why you are a toad and a bully is…"

He's a deeply unpleasant man. And a cock. Don't forget that bit. John Stone is a cock. (My bit of ad hom for the morning).


Anonymous said...

The posters on JABS either have a remarkable lack of awareness (of both themselves and others) or they think everyone who reads the forum is too dumb to spot the [incredibly obvious] hypocrisy. John Stone in particular seems to do just about everything he accuses others of. It is very common on there to see abuse posted by the same people who complain about others being rude and abusive.

Hypocritical somehow seems inadequate as a description of their bullshit.

Cybertiger said...

"And a cock. Don't forget that bit ..."

And twitty Becky is an arse ... with two-big-tits on it ...

Becky said...

Oh hurrah. Dr Struthers is back from his holiday… Whoop-i-fucking-doo. Still - at least my number of comments will go up.


millipede said...

I don't know what I like about Pope John Stone best.

His ostentatious tendentious prose style or the fact that in John Stone world black is white, up is down,
and Big Pharma is behind everything.

Oh and welcome back tigger, how was Thailand?

puzzlebobble said...

I really don't think Cybertiger is Dr mark struthers. He's probably just done a quick search on the GMC website and picked a random name/number.
Do you really think cybertiger could get into or get through medical school?

Becky said...

Having been to university and encountered some medical students, yes.

PhD scientist said...

Aha - BattyCatty is back with us. I would say:

""Normal" service is resumed in the Alt.Reality Blogoverse"

- except that "normal" somehow seems the wrong word.