Monday, 27 April 2009


Since the news that Meningitis cases have fallen massively in the last few years, due to vaccination programmes (BBC News), only one thread has started on JABS on this subject. And it only has two posts, both of which have been today.
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Both the posts have been by "Jackie" - this may be Jackie Fletcher, although she tends to post as "admin" - and both are simple reposts of the BBC story I've just linked to, and a story in the Independent, both of which are overwhelmingly pro-vaccination.

Shall we start a sweepstake to see how long it takes before there are extra posts from the usual JABS morons, pointing out that this simply proves that the vaccinations aren't required, due to naturally falling levels of meningitis.

I reckon someone - John "Cock" Stone, Gus The Fuss, Truth Seeker or John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore - will try and spin it as an anti-vaccine story.

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