Monday, 20 April 2009

There was just hope left at the bottom…

"Emerald" asks:

I have heard that some surgeries have asked for written withdrawal of consent for the child to have a vaccine/vaccines. Has anyone been asked for this and did you provide it?

I hope so. I really do. I hope my surgery asks for written consent, I hope your surgery asks for written consent to not vaccinate children. I hope surgeries take the lists of those who refuse vaccination to the local paper. I hope the local paper print those lists with the headline "THESE PEOPLE WANT CHILDREN TO DIE!". With pictures. I hope the local schools refuse to deal with them. I hope they get run over by other stupid people in 4x4s. I hope their children get taken into care - where they might get some love and proper healthcare, rather than being abused by neglect by their natural parents and used as some kind of trophy to 'prove' their parents' mental anti-science views. They might have a happy, healthy childhood that way, rather than be subjected to fifty year old "healthcare" (be deliberately introduced to carriers of potentially fatal diseases - hey, it's good for them!) , and suffer (and possibly die, get encephalitis, or be made sterile) by/from measles or mumps.

I don't want unnecessarily unvaccinated children at my daughter's school when she starts in September. I want the parents to be outed, shamed, and put in the stocks for public ridicule and humiliation. I want my daughter, and all other children to be safe and healthy, not put at risk by the likes of "Emerald", Jackie Fletcher, John "Cock" Stone or Gus The Fucking Fuss.


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