Saturday, 30 May 2009

JABS still attracting morons. :-(

I had hoped that JABS had ceased having any influence. Jackie "I want children to die" Fletcher has imposed a moderation system, Mark "Cybertiger" Struthers has been sacked from his GP position, and most of the rest of the loons there have been reduced to reposting shit from NaturalNews or Mercola.

However, every now and again, a new member (who may or may not be a sockpuppet) comes along, and has the same question answered…

That question is always "Should I vaccinate?"

That's exactly the question Jackie Fletcher and John "Cock" Stone want asking, so they can provide their stock answer - "No" - and can then repeat their stock arguments, stock canards, stock lies, and stock stupidity. Of course these posters are sockpuppets, but every now and again, some other moron (more moronic than Jackie Fletcher, which, frankly, takes some doing) chimes in.

If you are really worried about measles, I would suggest that you contact a good homeopath and speak to them about boosting your child's immune system and how to treat measles if they catch it. I have an 8 month old son and he is full of allergies and has severe eczema. There is no way that I am getting him vaccinated with the MMR or any other vaccines.

OK. Let's take this apart in the usual way.

A "good homeopath". How is a "good" homeopath any better than any other kind of homeopath? A homeopath will give you water, or sugar pills. Water, or sugar pills will not cure anything. Neither will homeopathic nosodes (homeopathic term for homeopathic vaccines) protect you from anything, because, get this, homeopathic nosodes are… water. Or sugar tablets. They're not going to protect you, or your children from anything. The homeopath that tells you that they will will be going to whatever hell they believe in, because they're charging you money for water. Or sugar pills. That they say will protect your child, but don't. Homeopathic nosodes, homeopathic vaccines are just water (or sugar pills) and they will not provide any kind of protection for your children. In effect, homeopaths are taking your money, and laughing as your children are left open to deadly diseases. But they don't care.

Could I make it any clearer?

Eczema and allergies in small children are conditions that can be treated (in severe cases), or more commonly, they'll be grown out of. You don't need a quack selling you water or sugar pills to assist that "growing out of".

More importantly, if you think that giving your child water or sugar pills is going to protect him/her from measles, pertussis, mumps or anything else, you're fucking deluded, and have clearly been lied to so many times by these quacks that you believe it. If you take their advice, your child could become seriously ill or die.

Measles can kill your child. Do you want your child to be protected against it by water? No. Unless you're a fucking moron.

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John H said...

Well you wouldn't want a bad homeowhatsit would you !

They might do something underhand like sell you diluted medicine.