Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Symptomatic of the stupidity that infests our world

A new poster on JABS who, again, may well be a sock puppet asks:

Hi, this is my first post and already i'm wanting something! Basically I would far rather take advice from the wealth of experience that ordinary people can offer than the biased party line stuff you get from the medical profession.

This attitude, while wholly stupid, is, unfortunately rather widespread in this country. It's propagated by the morons at JABS and other alt-med / natural health / scaremonger forums, it's propagated by the Daily Vile and other tabloid rags, it's propagated by CAM practitioners, and all too often it's propagated by the "man in the pub".

*sigh* It's as though the enlightenment never happened. I guess one upside to this attitude may be that the terminally idiotic may rely entirely on homeopathy and acupuncture for their health care, and as a result remove themselves permanently from society. The problem is is that they want to take their children with them - I'd argue that this kind of attitude to health care for children is criminal behaviour (reckless endangerment or something) and should be prosecuted - preferably resulting in jail.

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millipede said...

I would hope that the medical profession is biased. Biased in favour of effective evidence based treatment.

I think our brains are hard wired to want to believe in magical explanations-to be skeptical goes against our nature, that is why so many people find it difficult.