Monday, 8 June 2009

Simple, pointless lying

Suba, idiot that she is, has penned a rant full of some of the most common crap that the JABS crew throw at worried mothers.

I would not waste my money on single vaccines.

She starts with something we agree on, but, I suspect, not for the same reasons.

There is enough measles being pumped into those children getting the MMR to go around.

This is the "Selfish" gambit, beloved of the evil bastards at JABS - if everyone else is vaccinated, it provides enough herd immunity for their children to be at very little risk. The trouble is, their campaigning has helped lower the levels of MMR cover so that herd immunity is unlikely to protect those genuinely at risk.

Your child/children most likely have antibodies already and you may not even have noticed their exposure to measles.

Bullshit. If your child had measles, you'd've known it. Measles, even if it doesn't leave long lasting damage, is a very unpleasant condition for a child.

Some people known as carriers will carry the measles without ridding their body from it infecting others, there is nothing vaccines can do about that only making it worse.

Um - again, bullshit.

Autistic children have been found to have measles in their gut post vaccination.

No, they haven't. Dr Andrew Wakefield claimed to have found it - no-one unconnected to Wakefield has ever replicated these findings, Wakefield's co-authors retracted the paper, and Wakefields methods were found to be seriously flawed, and in several cases his results were found to be fabricated.

Many children are referred to a doctor if they have measles but they do not get the obvious result from blood tests. Only if their immune system is compromised and they cannot mount a normal response to this benign disease does measles get blamed, included in statistics and heralded to the public in a rather alarmist manner.

I have no clue what she's trying to say here, other than "measles is a benign disease". Measles is not a benign disease - measles is a potential killer, it hospitalises a large proportion of kids who get it, and may leave your child damaged for life.

If your child is over one year old he/she and not under nourished and healthy then their is nothing to worry about because their vitamin C and iodine resources should be adequate.

Suba is a fully paid up member of the "Vitamin C cures everything" brigade, as peddled by John "Pig Fucker" Scudamore. A lack of Vitamin C will cause scurvy, and will leave the body less strong than it should be, but it's not an indicator for Measles.

Why people believe this evidence free crap that they pick up from alt-med or "natural health" websites is beyond me.

Actually, it's not beyond me. It's symptomatic of morons who pick a conclusion, then ignore the evidence against it, but lap up made up shit that supports their chosen point of view. Most mothers, and mothers to be are, I hope, brighter than this.

(Frankly, pigshit is brighter than this...)

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