Sunday, 16 November 2008

With friends like these…

Aobbard is pushing the Budwig Flax Oil Diet as a cure for cancer. Frankly, if she wanted to take it herself, I'd not want to stop her. However, this is what she posts…

I do know of someone with young children who's wife is in late stage cancer who is having chemo. I mentioned this on the Yahoo Iodine Forum I belong to and someone very kindly emailed me to suggest I passed this information on. It is rather a dilemma for me and as yet I have not done so but it is really playing on my mind.
I know its unlikely but could it be that this could possibly save her life?
I can see that in UK since we are not offered any alternatives how easy it is to be sucked into mainstream medicine especially when you are so scared.

So you're taking potentially lethal medical advice from the "Yahoo Iodine Forum", and are considering passing it on to a terminally ill friend?? What kind of heartless bitch are you???

And let me just point out that mainstream medicine is mainstream because it's evidence based, and currently offers the most effective known treatments. Would it not be more accurate to say how easy it is for simple minded fools to be sucked into ludicrous quackery pushed by charlatans and believed by cretins?


John H said...

Thanks Becky

Another hour wasted looking at some crank mumbo-jumbo I had never heard of before. There appears to be no end to this rubbish.

You can tell this stuff is insane when you read:

""""The diet is indicated for all kinds of chronic diseases, especially heart ailments (corony thrombosis), gall disorders, diabetes, arthritis, and malignancies. It improves failing hearing and sight. It is the ideal nutrient for children and infants. It is suggested that this diet be supplemented with lactic acid ferments (4).

"What she (Dr. Johanna Budwig) has demonstrated to my initial disbelief but lately, to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE"""""

There are many of the rules of quackery displayed here:

1) Said quackery cures nearly everything (why limit your market ?)
2) appeal to authority (A doctor said that . . . . )
3) Use of CAPITALS to spread the good news
4) confusion and error - you can have champagne but not sugar. (Should I tell them that honey is only sugar)
5) lack of rigour - you have to use cottage cheese (but you can use yoghurt if you run out)

On the other hand this diet probably won't kill the person using it - other than from boredom.

It certainly will not save their life though.

How come the nutters who post to these sites always seem to know dozens of people dying from every illness known to man.

I really really want to check out the Yahoo Iodine Forum but there is a limit to how much fun a person can have in one day.

John H said...

I couldn't let it go. OK then I admit it. I am an addict. 12 point plan here I come.

Found a great posting which I would love to share:

""""dr abraham emphasizes time and again that we are NOW a nation of zombies due to mercury, fluoride and acute bromism and that soon, we will be creating an entire generation of cretins - people who are of toddler function due to developemental stunting of the brain.

there is a place in india, he said, that had borderline iodination. it was just like the united states, which is barely subclinical for goiter. fluoride was introduced into the drinking water as a health measure(you know the drill). boom! they started having babies with severe mental retardation.

thats what we are frickin up against"""""

I think he is right about the "stunting of the brain" and "mental retardation" though as he is clearly affected by these.

Becky said...

You're a braver soul than I, John...

strummer said...

"How come the nutters who post to these sites always seem to know dozens of people dying from every illness known to man."

Because, John, hypochondriacs like to get together (in self-help groups, in pubs, on t'interweb etc) and play Top-Trumps and no-one wants to lose. 'Oh! You've got kidney-stones too. Well, I caught mine from MUNKEEZ'

Also, other, normal acquaintances desperately avoid them with 'Er..Sorry, I can't come down the pub tonight I've got terminal cancer', 'Oh, we won't be able to come to your dinner party on Saturday, Susan developed Lou Gehrig's disease yesterday'.

millipede said...

Its obvious, having medical problems, some of them imaginary, is the major thing in their lives. Aobbard and her electrosensitivity is a prime example

John H said...


You may well have been here but it would appear that jabbopobes are rife down under:

Becky said...

@john h

Thanks for that Australian link John - I'll have a good look around that later. :-)

John H said...


Your kindred spirit is here:

Brilliant site.

His quotes of the year are priceless:

I reproduce the winner below to indicate the crass insensitive spiteful people these jabbophobes are:

""""""""Have a nice day. Abubakar Tariq Nadama won't be able to do that, because his mother believed anti-vaccination liars like Mary Tocco and now he's dead.

Curtis Tocco's reply to me appears below. The expression "lol" means "laughing out loud". He thought that a child's death was a laughing matter.

lol,Well he probably would have died sooner if he had gotten vaccines."""""""""


John H said...


You might well laugh at the reference to MUNKEEZ but I found the following from a jabbophobe to an anti woo site

""""I have just read your website and was completely dismayed at such utter nonsensical gibberish.

If you had done your research properly you would be aware that vaccinations are extremely dangerous.

The AIDS epidemic is due to the vaccinations.

Vaccines are known to contain monkeys, birds, dogs, mercury, aluminium, the HIV virus and numerous other contaminents. MMR can cause autism and DPT can cause cot death. Stop spreading disinformation. Spread the facts.""""

So whilst you mock in sneering tones vaccines actually DO contain MUNKEEZ - ha, you probably didn't even know that did you. And whole MUNKEEZ (apparently).

Plus birds and dogs.

WHilst I imagine they must be quite small monkeys etc to squeeze through the needle I felt you ought to be aware of this.

strummer said...

Shit, John. Thanks! I had a flu vaccination yesterday. No wonder my arm hurts, it's those tiny monkeys trying to get back out. I'll stick to Arnica from now on.

(Interestingly, my word verification for this comment is 'crock')