Wednesday, 19 November 2008

How normal ill-effects are caused by vaccines - the HORROR!

One common tactic of the JABS crowd is to ascribe ill-effects to vaccines, when there is no evidence to show the connection. Here's a prime example from that egregious bastard Truth Seeker:

And yet it seems if your pre disposed to warts Gardasil may make the problem worse. In the links in my post above some comlained about this, following the vaccine.

"One of the most startling findings is 78 cases of outbreaks of warts
following the vaccine in women already infected without knowing it. Besides
genital warts, some patients experienced massive outbreaks on the face,
hands, or feet, sometimes caused by strains not included in the vaccine"

Sounds nasty, eh? Until you actually read what he's posted: 78 cases of outbreaks of warts among women already infected. So you're infected with the virus that causes warts, and then - horror of horrors - you get some actual, y'know, warts on your skin. Who'd've thought it, eh? But Truth Seeker wants you to believe that the vaccine was in some way responsible - no doubt if he actually reads this, he'd come back crying "but you can't prove that it wasn't the vaccine, can you? Eh? Eh?" - without realising that there's not a shred of evidence to lead anyone but the most strongly agenda-driven moron to suppose that there might be.

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John H said...

I had a BCG in 1969 and 39 years later got onset osteo-arthritis in my knee.

The doctor said it was from falling off my bike and smashing my knee up.

Obviously it was the jabs.