Thursday, 6 November 2008

John Stone and Cybertiger in "No-one likes us and we're going to cry" shock

John Stone likes to present himself as the reasonable face of anti-vax lunacy, but whenever anyone points out compelling evidence why he's wrong, he tends to turn into a shouty ranter, flinging ad-hom attacks left, right and centre.

Cybertiger has been whinging that the majority of posters on OnMedica (other doctors - intelligent, thoughtful people mainly) think he's an arse. He even posts their comments to illustrate this. (I think he's hoping to convince people that he's outsmarting them all with his wit, but he just proves what a cock he is).

It's a long post, so here's the address (I'm not linking to it - you'll need to copy and paste):

John Stone then chimes in with his usual debating tactic:

It is pitiful. The only response to parents who complain about damage is to claim they are lying - even before inspecting the evidence. What a bunch of nauseating toads. The innuendo over the botched colonscopy says it all. The newspaper repeats allegations which have been withdrawn. Innuendo rules.

What a twat.

Since I started this post, the "debate" - or rather, Dr Struthers trying to wriggle out of awkward questions - has raged on, and Anthony Cox has turned up to add a little more sanity. This should be good; CyberStruthers loathes Anthony Cox. :-) So, what happens?

  1. He shoots Cybertiger down in flames:

    So Mark Struthers who routinely makes accusations about other peoples conflicts of interest, usually without any supporting evidence, accepts money from the government to administer vaccines to patients when he believes that those vaccines are both dangerous and unnecessary. What a surprise. No doubt he also prescribes statins despite his view that they are a scam, and anti-retrovirals to HIV patients despite his views on the "mythology of HIV causing AIDS".

  2. He finds the perfect description for Jackie Fletcher and JABS:

    Jackie Fletcher describes her group as a group representing parents of vaccine-damaged children. Certainly vaccines can cause adverse effects, and this is accepted by both the medical profession and government, but the sad fact is, that in the case of the autism-MMR vaccine hypothesis, many of the parents are not parents of vaccine-damaged children, but victims of a terrible hoax that has led them down a desperately sad false trail of anger and despair. Now that every aspect of the Wakefield hypothesis has been undermined or disproved, it is time that we moved on from this debate and that efforts were put into research of treatments and support for autism that work. It is clear that for parents of autistic children, JABS is actually a counterproductive organisation that is undermining research in autism by continually associating autism with pseudoscience and conspiracy theories.

Hurrah for Anthony Cox, laughs all round at Cybertiger who appears to have slunk away with his tail between his legs, and "YOU'RE A COCK, STONE!" for John Stone.


Anonymous said...

Those comments of Anthony's that you've quoted are absolutely superb.

millipede said...

How long before Anthony is banned and his comments removed?

millipede said...

I guess I should have looked at the JABS site before I commented.

Those are Cox's comments in onmedica, and cybertiddles has copied them on to JABS where of course they won't be deleted because they are under Cybertigger's name.

If Cox had made those comments on JABS under his own moniker they would be gone in an instant.

Becky said...

This thread on JABS is the greatest thing I've read. Cybertiger is posting regular updates from OnMedica (which you can simply register for if you like - just say you work in a hospital), all of which make him look like a complete dickhead. Jackie Fletcher (JABS Supremo) and John Stone are chiming in with posts that sound (to me, anyway) like "bleat, bleat, bleat, and possibly bleat".

I'm tempted to start copying and reposting them here.

Dr Mark Struthers should be struck off (Actually, could anyone reading this use this phrase as link text in their blog..?) And John Stone is a cock. (And Jackie Fletcher is a deeply misguided individual.)