Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vaccines made from DEAD BABIES!!!

Lola really is a moron. She's now equating vaccines with cannibalism.

I read that some vax's have material from aborted babies Im very very unhappy about that.. whatever the reasons ethically, it cannot be right in this society to push & push these childhood vax's onto an unsuspecting population of new parents who have no idea about this & like me would be truly disgusted (regardless of medical benefits they believe it provides)if they knew

& what does this fetal tissue provide in the vax's anyway???

to my mind its akin to cannabalism but much worse

For what it's worth, rubella vaccine is cultured on human cells, which are a line derived from a legal abortion in the 1960s. There are no aborted foetus cells in MMR. But the JABS crew will do anything to frighten or disgust worried mothers into avoiding vaccines.

Perhaps Lola was making a genuine enquiry, but then Truth Seeker chimes in with an explanation that does nothing to reassure. Evil bastard.

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DT said...

Seeing as how the antivaxers subscribe to wierd theories about medicine in general, and fall over themselves in support of homeopathy in particular, perhaps it is no surprise they feel that the "memory" of the foetus remains so strong even when there are absolutely no detectable remnants of the original source.