Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Spin something negative...

...for your campaign, into something that supports your cause.

Rosemary, that inveterate cut-and-paster with the son who in the past has suffered from every syndrome under the sun, has posted this:

GPs to be paid £100m for giving swine flu jabs to high-risk groups

Family doctors will be paid more than £100 million to give swine flu vaccines this winter after a deal was brokered with the Government worth £5.25 for every dose.

She fails to point out that most years, doctors are paid around seven pounds per patient for seasonal 'flu vaccines. So, they're actually getting paid less than usual. (Oh - and there's nothing like implying that doctors are going to be claiming up to £100 million each, is there..?)

You evil bitch - making out that teh nasteh doktorz are making evil ££££ by giving teh nasti vaxxines (probably contaminated with teh munki virusez) - when actually, they're taking a pay cut to protect the population from a virus which may still end up killing thousands.

Evil, evil fucking cow. Or maybe just blinded by fucking ignorance. You decide.


Anonymous said...

Most interesting. You have certainly demonstrated your stunningly adroit mastery of the english language. It has been my overwhelming experience that those who so rapidly degrade to name-calling rarely, if ever, have anything meaningful to contribute, so please just discuss issues, and experiment with a thesaurus.

It is also clear from your writings that you are neither chemist nor physician. Your opinions are nothing more than just that, so please do not confuse your personal beliefs with fact. Had you any actual knowledge in the field, you would understand that issues of public health, by definition, must weigh the benefit to the global populace against the inevitable risk to the individual. Every vaccine has caused medical complications and death to some who have received it. The dilemma of public health is determining what percentage represents an acceptable loss. While 1 death per 1 million inoculations may be statistically insignificant, it is still a very real death, and meaningful to the families of the deceased.

I would therefore counsel you not to minimize or belittle those who have suffered. Their grief, and their burden is real and it behoves us all not to add to it. Likewise, their intention to prevent anyone else from suffering is laudable, even when their methods are in question. It is the sworn oath of every physician to "do no harm". That is why questions of public health are so difficult.

If you are truly intent on learning about "vaccine damaged" children, I would recommend changing your strategy from visiting grief-counseling sites and move instead to reviewing medical and scientific literature. Since most of these sites on the internet are subscription-based, you may have only limited success online. I believe a good university library will provide you with ample evidence of the long history of vaccine-related problems.

These issues are also well understood from a public policy standpoint. That is why such programs as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) - USA 1988, and the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979 Order 2002 S.I. 2002/1592 in the UK exist. Again, I would recommend avoiding the popular press' treatises of these laws and focus, instead, on the testimony and evidence presented to each of these legislative bodies that resulted in their passage.

I close with one last point: there does not exist consensus on the efficacy of vaccines or the minimization of their risks, even within the medical community. Recently the State of New York, USA mandated H1N1 vaccinations for all health-care workers. This resulted in walk-out protests by doctors, nurses, and technical staff - all of whom understood the need, but were uncomfortable with the personal risks.

Becky said...

Dear Pleiadesadmin,

Not sure what you're admin of - your link to a blog has no posts on it. Perhaps you're admin of "writing pompous comments on blogs", or "being a pointless arse"?

Still - to address your points;

You haven't really got the point of this blog, have you? This blog is to point out the willful disinformation and ludicrous non-scientific/alt med assertions bandied about by anti-vax loons on (primarily) the JABS forum.

It is not to mock parents for having ill children whom they believe to be vaccine-damaged. It's to counter the vicious and dangerous lies pushed by the anti-vax zealots (most of whom do not have ill children - they're just half-witted conspiracy theorists) to (understandably, given the stupidity of most mainstream media outlets when it comes to vaccines) worried parents. It's to counter those pushing dangerous treatments on children. And, as of today, it's to counter pompous dickheads like you who appear to have some ridiculous notion that every viewpoint has equal merit.

Now piss off, and administrate your Pleiades somewhere else.

Kind regards,