Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Home education, the JABS way

There's a thread on the JABS forum (I say "thread", but until today it's just been one person posting) about home education. Perfectly reasonable really, Janet has been reposting stories about home education and autism / Aspergers. No mention of vaccines, and interesting.

Today, a fairly new poster ("lordboult")posted this:

We had to remove emily from special needs pt of school after spending a year encouraging her,autism via mmr.have home ed for 9 years she has improved in a fantastic way,but,LA hve been rude sarcastic and downright intrusive when each state ment is due,we have had to engage a specialist lawyer as emily is sixteen the la are having a final push!As for badman he is being monitered also he has a vague past and is connected to microsoft,the plot thickens! mike.

While I have no strong opinions on the benefits of home schooling of autistic children, I really hope this bloke is employing tutors… Hardly the way to gain support for home schooling, is it?

Edit: A quick search through the forum reveals some interesting conspiracy nuttery posted by lordboult:

the ghouls are at work again! they obviously have not replicated it correctly! do not move to porton down! In the 60' a man ran into the woods and died of bubonnic plague,shucks another failure.

Flouride has interesting history,I believe developed by farben and co
in germany in the thirties used to 'calm' prisoners etc in experiments(nothing about teeth!)but of course check foryourself,mike.

(I love that mis-spelling of "fluoride" - it seems to act as a flag for advanced frothing)

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Anonymous said...

(I love that mis-spelling of "fluoride" - it seems to act as a flag for advanced frothing)

Still laughing at this one. Priceless - you should have your own show!