Monday, 7 December 2009

John Stone and friends lying again

While we're on the subject of mendacious bastards, there's a fairly recent post over at John Stone and Clifford Miller's ludicrous "Timecube" inspired blog "ChildHealthSafety". It's simply propagating a vaccine myth that was recently punted round the internet.

See the story [video just below] of previously healthy Desiree Jennings horrifically crippled only days ago by the flu vaccine and just 10 days after getting the shot. Desiree was a cheerleader and led an active life until now.

They then embed the "Desiree Jennings staggers around" video and cite it as clear evidence that the 'flu vaccine causes irreversible neurological damage. Under the title "Flu Vaccine Cripples Healthy US Cheerleader for Life".

Every neurologist asked about this case, and major dystonia charities have come to the conclusion that this is not dystonia, and that the symptoms are psychological, and as John Stone and Clifford Miller like to position themselves as the educated and rational face of anti-vax lunacy, you'd have thought that they'd at least have the decency to issue an apology saying "we were taken in too - sorry", or at the very least, to quietly remove the post. But no, they're keeping it there as "evidence".

John, Clifford - why not read this?

Fortunately, and frankly unsurprisingly, Desiree Jennings has now been "cured" of her condition by a quack. So that's all right then.

C'mon John - I'll accept it's an oversight - apologise, feel a bit ashamed and remove the post, or at least remove the insinuation that this poor girl's condition was caused by a vaccine.

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