Monday, 7 December 2009

Age of Autism / Generation Rescue come clean

I figured that while the JABS forum is a bit quiet, I could turn my hand to a couple of other moronic anti-vaccination / pro-lethal disease organisation, and possibly the most active of them is "Age Of Autism" (AoA).

AoA styles itself as a support forum for parents of autistic kids - when actually it's a vocal anti-vax and pro quack therapy lobby group.

It's also heavily linked with Generation Rescue, that organisation fronted by ex-porn star (that's not ad-hom, that's a matter of record) Jenny McCarthy, who these days spends her days campaigning to "Green Our Vaccines".

Now, as anyone with even a passing familiarity with English grammar knows, "green" is not a verb. Still, we'll let that go for the moment.

McCarthy / Generation Rescue's claim is not that they want vaccines banned (although that's clearly their ultimate aim), but they want to "green" them. They want unspecified "toxins" removed. At no point will they ever tell you exactly what changes would make them happy, but it makes them sound less rabid. Or at least, they think it does. Remember that - they don't want to get rid of vaccines, just make them less "toxic".

AoAs claim not to be linked to Generation Rescue, however, their legal editor, Kent Heckenlively has recently been pushing an initiative - "Green Our Vaccines". Now, unless Mr H and the loons at GR are remarkably in tune with each other when it comes to non-comprehension of the English Language, and mysteriously came up with the same nonsensical slogan at around the same time, I'd say there was quite likely a link.

Mr Heckenlively posts today his response to a few criticisms of the "Green Our Vaccines" initiative, including this spectacular own goal:

The Green Vaccines Initiative doesn’t go far enough – I read with great interest an open letter to me from the Natural Solutions Foundation which made the assertion that there is no such thing as a “safe vaccine.” I find myself in sympathy with such a view and am certainly acting as if there is currently no such thing as a safe vaccine by not getting any myself or having them given to my children. I might eventually take such a position. However, it seems to me that to move things forward we need to change public perception from the belief that vaccines are universally safe, to one that they have troublesome components which render them potentially unsafe to a certain subset of the population, as a prelude to a full and objective look at the safety of the entire vaccination program.

He then goes on to post a link to Generation Rescue's donation page.

So, the point of the program is to establish that no vaccines are safe one step at a time.

It's quite clear then, Age Of Autism is linked to Generation Rescue (as made clear by their legal editor), and their joint programme is intended to get rid of all vaccines. (Which, as we all know, will lead to the re-establishment of epidemic diseases and the deaths of thousands, if not millions of children worldwide.)


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