Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Religion and Anti-Vax-Nuttery

While I'm not usually one to quote "Worldwide Religious News" as a source, as it's Christmas, I'm going to:

Measles kills children of anti-vaccination sect.

Mind you, they're quoting this article in The Scotsman - and a search for the Joseph Marange Apostolic Church throws up all these results.

Once more, anti vax quackery kills children. Are you reading this, John "Cock" Stone, Jackie Fletcher, Clifford Miller, Meryl "Whoop Whoop Wheeeeeee" Dorey et al?


millipede said...

The jabberwocks will claim that proper nutrition and vitamin D would have saved those Zimbabwean kids.

Anonymous said...

I referred to the outbreak in Zimbabwe in yesterday's blog post about measles - A Deadly Disease.

As millipede says, some who are anti-vaccine may claim that proper nutrition would have saved the lives lost in Zimbabwe. It's worth noting, though, that 89 people died in the UK from measles during the 1980s when vaccination coverage was below 90% - presumably 1980s Britain wasn't short of vitamins or food that provided "proper nutrition".